Summary: After the scare of Mikira, Kim Possible must fight for her life in a hospital. She must also fight against her parents, her classmates, and others for they disapprove of Shego. While trying to help her friend, Mercy must hide from the mob and protect her own family while balancing the love for Monty. And Ron…let's just say nothing is what it seems to be.

This is the sequel to "An Evil Confusing Love Triangle" so you might understand this one better if you read the first one. All I can say is that I hope the readers who viewed my first story will view and love this one too!

There was a steady beep echoing in a huge white room. It was a sign that life was still there, sitting in that bed. The sound of life being there bounced off the walls and through the door, making a muffled sound to all of those who wait outside.

It seemed that not only the people in the hospital building sat quietly with worry, but all of Middleton did as well. Inside that overly white hospital laid Kim Possible, the teenage hero.

It had been three days since they traveled to the North Pole. They being Mercy, Ron, Shego, Kim, and Monkey Fist. When they came back Kim was near death, Mercy was injured, Shego suffered hypothermia, and Ron…well Ron was ice cold. He no longer moved. He was dead.

Monkey Fist did the honors of making the arraignments of the funeral. Although Stoppable had been an 'imposter', he had grown on him…like a thorn in his side. His parents, after seeing them break down into tears, were unfit and unable to decide where and when the funeral would be. They couldn't even look at the body twice. They seemed to want to shove him in the ground and forget about him.

Mercy, thanks to Mrs. Possible, was able to move around freely after a few hours. The wound on her head, the cut that Monty made on accident, was stitched up and had bandages wrapped around her entire head. Although she hadn't said anything to Monty about it, she forgave him for harming her. After all, she had given him several bruises and cuts so it was only fair.

Shego had to stay in a hospital bed for a whole day. She was supposed to stay for two but the way the nurses and doctors treated her, she left only after one. However Dr. Possible found out, she knew that she was the one that got her daughter to fall in love. Despite saving Kimmie from that weird spirit zombie, the mother of Kim hated Shego with a passion now. After all, she was Catholic and the idea of her own daughter with another girl, a woman, set her off.

Monkey Fist had spent just a few hours getting ointment and such on his wounds. It annoyed him to think that a thin frail girl such as Mercy Manor did all that damage. He found out that when she had kicked him, she fractured two ribs. However, he had to admit; she had grown quite a lot since the first time he met her. The first time they met on that temple where she shivered like a leaf in a hurricane, clinging onto the jewel. Now she knew how to fight, she knew how to defend, and she knew that he loved her.

Kim didn't move nor did she talk. She was not ice cold, but rather warm. She was not dead…oh no, she was alive. If it were not for the tubes, needles, and machines she was hooked up to, she would have died much sooner. She wasn't in a coma but somewhat of a deep sleep, unable to move except the occasional twitch.

When she had leaned over the coffin, she felt something whisper to pull away. She felt as though she were in danger. But after all, the body she saw was just a skeleton with spider web like skin.

When she placed her hand on the edge, just centimeters away, she gasped to see the body moving. It grabbed her and it felt like all the energy was being sucked from her body. While she seemed to grow old and into bones, the body grew stronger. She had stayed awake long enough to see Ron walk in. Oh how guilty she felt!

How bad she would feel when she found out that he was dead.
Even though Ron had defeated Mikira, the energy that had been stolen from Kim wasn't returned. It was weird to see that Mercy, who had suffered almost the same thing, was back to normal while Kim was near death.

That brought up the question; was Mikira really dead?

No one dared to voice that question but everyone thought it. The idea of them having to fight and destroy that spiritual Queen was scary. They needed Ron, who somehow came back from the freezing cold pit of water, to defeat her once. Without Ron this time, would they be able to stop her again?

Another question that no one dared voice was what if Kim never awoke? What if she never went back to be normal and healthy? What if she lay in that bed, living off machines? Looking like a half conscious skeleton?

On the third day, Dr. Possible went over to her daughter's old friend and smiled. Mercy's head rested on Monkey Fist's shoulder. He looked annoyed and embarrassed but part of him liked the feel of being the pillar for someone. He felt like he owed her that much to let her rest on him.

"Mercy?" Dr. Possible called out, shaking the girl out of her light slumber. Fist said nothing, having the feel that after holding her husband hostage at the rocket place, she'd ignore him.

"Hm? Oh, hello. Is Kim awake?" Mercy smiled weakly, sitting up and stretching in hopes of getting the crick out of her back. It was an accident that she had fallen asleep for the first time in three days. It wasn't, however, an accident that she fell upon her secret crush. Then again, it wasn't really a secret anymore. Anyone who looked at them could tell she was smitten with him.

"Mercy, Kim should be alright but staying here till your health is down to the ground won't help her. Why don't you go home and rest? Isn't your aunt and uncle back?" Dr. Possible spoke softly; knowing the stitches in the girls head caused headaches at any loud sound. It was obvious what had happened which made her frown. Monty had hurt Mercy, she concluded, but decided to believe Mercy's lie of sliding on the ice.

There was a look of discomfort and fear that flashed on the girls face. "I suppose you're right…after all, I think I need some real food and a bed…and maybe a shower." She muttered, thinking of what needed to be done.

Monty said as they stood up, "You smell like it."

Glaring, she stomped her foot, "Look who's talking! At least I don't reek of fleas and dirt! And at least my hair isn't wild and messed up." Mercy crossed her arms defiantly.

He blushed and looked away, silently ordering himself to shower soon as well. As they walked out of the hospital, leaving Shego behind, they grew silent. Shego of course wouldn't leave the hospital even if she was forced to. She loved Kim and she'd be damned if she had to leave her alone. Plus, she didn't have anywhere to go to.

As Manor and Fist walked down the sidewalk, she suddenly asked, "Would you like to stay over for a little bit? I'll explain to my uncle and aunt about you and all. Halima has missed you."

Halima was the baby white faced monkey she had found on the first mission she was on. When she, Kim, and Ron had scouted the forest to find the jewel, she found the animal. Thinking it was working for Fist, she took it in but soon realized it was normal and innocent. Since then, they had developed a strong friendship. It was weird but Mercy felt like the little monkey was a sister or something. That made her grin.

"I suppose I could, just to make sure you're taking care of Halima." He said smugly. There was no way in hell that he would admit to her that he wanted to stay with her. Although both suspected each others love for one another, they still had yet to voice it.

Come to think of it, Mercy told herself, Aunt and Uncle haven't seen me since they left. That was like, what, two weeks ago? They were probably worried. Her aunt was probably casting good luck and protection spells while her uncle paced back and forth, questioning her whereabouts.

The house looked small and cozy just like before. The fence was still white and slightly torn down. The grass was a grayish orange, covered with leaves from the trees. That was Mother Nature's way of saying it was winter.

Slowly opening the door, she slid in and hesitated. Without being told to, Fist slowly closed the door and grinned; it wasn't the first time he had ever snuck back into a house.

The house looked normal. There were no broken vases or glass, there were no stains on the walls, and there were no rats or anything in the kitchen. As they walked into the living room, Mercy remembered what had happened the day Fist found out about the mob.

When she had walked into her living room with an unopened soda and a banana nut muffin in hand, she screamed to see Monkey Fist sitting on the couch. He wanted the jewel, but she ran. He cornered her but she managed to slip away outside. That, however, was a mistake.

A dark car slowly passed by, holding men with guns and knives. She recognized it as the mob and gasped, trying to escape and hide. Monkey Fist, ignorant to her fears, pinned her to the fence and threatened to let her get shot if she didn't give him the jewels. When she had lost control and begged him to let go, he kissed her; to make the mob think it was only a couple making out. That kiss meant more than a distraction; it meant something deeper. After the car had passed, he grabbed the jewel and ran.

Mercy felt her cheeks heat up. That's when she slapped her forehead; she hadn't worn any long sleeved clothing or even her sunglasses! For three days straight people saw her scars! She shivered, feeling embarrassed.

Fist seemed to have been thinking about the same memory, for there was a small smile on his lips. After all that time, he still did not know why he did it. He still didn't know why he kissed her to protect her. There were other options to hide her from the killers; shove her into a bush, stand before her, or even leave her alone and defenseless. He could have taken the jewel, turned, and ran off while the sounds of guns going off echoed behind him.

But he didn't.


He did not know. Subconsciously he knew it was because she grew on him, that he liked her. But then again, she was many years younger and not exactly beautiful with her scarred skin. She was pretty compared to Mary Jane across the street. But that was it.

As she walked through the house calling out for her guardians, she shivered and felt her cheek. She had been grazed by a bullet, making Monty take care of her. Perhaps the reason why her uncle and aunt weren't there was because…the mob had them.

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