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"…Mercy." Monkey Fist walked over to her slowly, stunned at both the fact that she shot someone and she wasn't looking the least bit troubled. He found himself speechless and only a few people managed to do that over the years.

Snapping out of her own thoughts, she looked up at him. Licking her suddenly parched lips, she whispered, "It's over."

"You killed him." He pointed out though he had to admit he had done far worse in his life.

"Who will shed a tear over his cold body?" She scowled, trying to look brave. Although she put up a nice façade, her legs did not fool anyone as they gave out. Her body fell against his, lucky to be caught. "No one will notice." She proclaimed, trembling like a leaf in the wind.

"No one will." He promised. "You're safe though…you're safe." He kissed her temple, then her lips, grateful she wasn't crying. He helped her stand but still held her, unsure if she would be able to support herself.

"I wonder how I'm going to tell Aunt and Uncle…" She whispered, the new problem consuming her mind.

When Ron opened his eyes, he stared at the ceiling for a long moment. By the looks of it, it was already dark. Quietly he sat up and looked over, startled to see Shego holding Kim in her arms, both fast asleep.

All his memories were back and he knew he had lost Kim to Shego. Holding back a heavy sigh, he sat and watched his dear friend and secret crush rest for a while. It had to be just before dawn when he grabbed a piece of paper.

After scribbling on it, he silently took his leave.

On the note read,


You've been a wonderful friend; I don't think anyone else could have put up with me like you do. I remember everything but no, I'm not mad. After watching you sleep this morning, I decided to leave the country for a few months, go explore the world and see what comes my way.

I'll always love you,