A Second Chance ch.47

"Eternal Love"

A week passed since the engagement and Anette was back to song writing. She finished the song she had been working on for three years. It was recorded and made into a video. Anette was beautiful in it. She showed her perfect body and got a ton of attention in the US for it. She was named one of the top ten gorgeous women alive. She and Vlad were laughing at what the people said about her. "Her fiancee is one of the luckiest men alive." said one actor and another said, "I had never seen a Romanian woman before but if they all look like her I'm going to live there." They laughed hysterically. "Her fiancee is the descendant of Vlad the impaler so I'm wondering if she really loves him or if she's just a bit obsessed." said one woman. They laughed again at the comment. "These people are so odd." Vlad said with a chuckle. Anette giggled. "Well at least I'm getting attention and they mentioned our engagement!" she said. He smiled. "So men will stay away from you." he teased. She laughed. "True." she giggled.

Things were going smoothly. They were happy together and Anette's book hit the new york time's best seller list. She was being recognized around the world for her talent. Vlad was proud of her and so were the vampires. They couldn't wait for her to be one of their own. They were pressuring Vlad to turn her and marry her as soon as possible. He was going to turn her anyway but he wanted her to be ready for it. As they watched TV one night Vlad couldn't take his eyes off of Anette's neck. Anette noticed. "Are you hungry?" she asked a little anxiously. "I need to turn you some time soon.." he answered. "You can turn me now.." she said softly. "Are you sure?" he asked. "It can never be undone." "I want to be with you forever..." she whispered. Vlad took off his shirt and took Anette into his arms. "I will be as gentle as I can.." he assured her.

He leaned into her neck and licked her flesh slowly, savoring her taste. He could feel her jugular beating against his tongue. He nibbled her skin slightly with his fangs to show her what it felt like. She shuddered slightly at the sensation. "Are you sure?" he asked once more to make sure. "Yes.. I don't want you to lose me again.." she whispered. He smiled and slowly and as gently as he could sank his fangs into her neck. She whimpered loudly in pain as she felt his fangs penetrate her skin and open her vein. He began to drink slowly and as gently as he could. Her blood was so sweet and exhilarating. Anette was growing dizzy and was feeling weak. Vlad pulled away from her neck and held his shirt to the wound to keep it from staining her clothes or the sheets. He ran a fang across his wrist causing blood to surface and held it to her mouth. She latched onto the cut and drank his black blood. It tasted metallic and of herbs and spices with a slightly sweet flavor to it. She drank for a few minutes then Vlad pulled his wrist away. He took his shirt away from her wound and sank his fangs back into the holes. He kept drinking and could hear her heartbeat slowing and her moans of pain. The fact that he was causing her pain nearly brought tears to his eyes. Eventually her heartbeat was weak and slow, she was dying. She moaned so softly and weakly one last time as her heart pounded a weak last pulse.. then it stopped completely..

Anette went limp in Vlad's arms. She was dead. He pulled away from her neck and licked her neck clean and healed the wound. He held her head to his shoulder and cradled her in his arms, slowly rocking her back and forth. "Please live.." he whispered. Anette was going through her journey. Her soul was floating around waiting to be sent back to her body. Her soul saw Vlad holding her body. Her soul dived into her body and went straight into her dead heart. She moaned weakly and opened her undead eyes. They were still the same beautiful aqua blue. Vlad smiled and hugged her to him as he cradled her. "Welcome to your new life my bride.." he said softly. She smiled weakly and went limp against his chest. "You are so weak my bride.." he cooed. She whimpered and nodded weakly. He held her head next to his neck. "Drink from me Anette.." he said softly. She nuzzled his neck weakly and licked the skin. She felt her fangs lengthen and she sank her fangs into his neck. He groaned and held her close and tight. Anette drank his delicious blood from his neck until she felt strong. She pulled away and licked his skin clean and his wound healed. "Good.." he said as he hugged her. "You are my vampire bride now.. at last.." Vlad said. Anette smiled and kissed him and he kissed back.

Anette awoke the next night and felt odd that she didn't have to eat food anymore. Vlad was in the room with her drinking blood nearby. He smiled. "Good evening my vampiress." he said. She smiled and got out of bed. She walked to him and took the glass of blood from his hand and downed it in a single gulp. He chuckled and poured himself another glass since she took his. Anette sat down on Vlad's lap and he held her close. "How do you feel?" he asked. "Powerful.." she said with a smile. "That is normal. You are powerful now." he answered. She smiled.

Two weeks later Anette was being dressed in a red satin wedding dress with black lace sleeves and a black lace veil. Vlad was dressed as he was at their first wedding. When she was finally ready Anette went down to the great hall and the doors opened for her. Everyone turned to see the vampire bride. Vlad was stunned at her beauty. She was more beautiful than she was at their first wedding. She walked down the aisle like any bride would but with more grace and beauty. Vlad smiled at his bride as she walked down the aisle to him. She reached him and took his hand that he held out to her. A vampire stood before the couple and read the vows. "I do.." they said together in unison. "I now pronounce you man and wife, king and queen." the vampire said. Vlad and Anette leaned into each other and kissed passionately. The vampires applauded and the king and queen pulled away from their kiss. Vlad carried his wife to their bedroom for their wedding night.

3 Months Later.

Anette was moaning and whimpering and crying out in pain as she gave birth. Vlad paced outside and he heard a baby's scream and then another. She had given birth to twin boys. Anette was holding her baby boys in her arms as Vlad came in. He smiled as he saw his newborn boys. She smiled weakly at him. "They are so beautiful.." he said as he sat next to her. The babies were still crying for food. "They must feed from you." Vlad said. Anette looked up at him. "Ummm.." she said. "They need blood.." he said. "Oh.." she said as she took her shirt off. The babies instantly grew tiny little fangs and bit into her breasts. She squeaked in surprise. Vlad chuckled and watched his boys feed on their mother's blood. "What should their names be?" Anette asked. "Mercia and Radu." Vlad said. Anette smiled. "They're perfect for them." she said.

It was a hassle raising two young boys. But they grew up to be smart and they resembled their father. A little girl soon followed. She was named Elizabeta and she looked like her mother. Elizabeta was very smart and would keep her brothers out of trouble the best she could. But mainly they would ignore her and get in trouble and would receive a, "I told you so." afterwords. The children grew up to be powerful and beautiful. When the kids moved out Vlad and Anette (who hadn't aged a day) would keep having children. And through some of Vlad's power Kiki, Lenore, and Aleera would never die or age and would be forever their companions.

The vampire king and queen still live in the castle. Some have been their food, some have gotten too close, and some have just seen them. They will remain forever young and forever happy and in love.

The End.