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Your voice of Reason.

"What are you doing with Samehada?" Itachi asked, looking at Kisame. They were all in the common room. All meaning the whole Akatsuki.

Sasori was banging his head against the wall, Deidara was punching the chair he was sitting on, Kakuzu was sitting in a pile of money, Hidan was contemplating making Tobi another sacrifice, Tobi was talking to Zetsu about how he was a 'good boy', Konan was making origami swans, Pein was reading a book, Itachi was sitting there, glaring at the world for all he was worth, and Kisame was cutting cheese with Samehada.

"I'm hungry!" He replied, cutting another small chunk off and popping it into his mouth.

This made Tobi curious. "Kisame-san? How many rows of teeth do you have?" He asked, staring at Kisame.

"Just 'cause I'm blue and have gills makes you think I have more than one row of teeth?!" Tobi nodded happily. Kisame sighed, "Three."

Tobi turned his attention eleswhere. "Leader-sama?"

"Yes, Tobi?"

"What are you reading?"

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

"Nani? Huckleberry Finn?"


"Kisame-san, are you related to this 'Huckleberry Finn?"

"Damnit all! Stop making cracks about sharks!"

"Gomennasai! Umm.. Kisame-san?"


"Do you have a fin?"


Nara : Yeah, I know. That one was a bit pathetic. I was bored though, and still hyper off of Halloween candy! Yes, me and my friends still go trick-or-treating. But our costumes are so scary, we make little kids cry when they see us on the street. Anyway, sorry for the bad chapter.

Tobi : Tobi doesn't think it was so bad.

Kisame : That's because she didn't let me run you through with Samehada!

Sasori : Why am I banging my head against the wall?

Nara : It was either that or swallowing viles of poison. Next time I'll ask you.

Deidara : Why am I punching my chair?

Nara : Because your hand-mouths were being bad boys.

Tobi : Tobi's a good boy!

Itachi : If you're such a good boy then why did we find bloody rabbit corpses in your room?

Tobi : ... Tobi gets hungry sometimes.

Nara : Okaaay then... That's enough of that! Bai Bai!

Konan : Who wants an origami swan?


I am there, but you don't see me.
I give you advice, but you don't know me.
And I will drop by to see you again.
For I am Your voice of Reason.