That fucking guy. Was pissing Dean off.

He was looking at Sam. Specifically, Sam's ass. And that belongs to Dean.

Dean glared at their dark-haired waiter, the one who was staring at Sam's-Ass-Which-Belongs-To-Dean, before ordering a burger and fries.

And if Dean growled a little, it wasn't really noticeable.

"Dean," Sam all but snarled, "What is your fucking problem?"


Sam rolled his eyes. "Bullshit. You just growled at our waiter. And you were glaring at him like he totaled the Impala."

"Yeah, well."

"Eloquent, Dean. Really." Sam sighed. "Just, dude. What's your fucking problem?"

Dean avoided Sam's gaze, "Hezlokngtyuras."


Dean looked resolutely at the ceiling, "He was fucking looking at your ass, okay?"

"Dean, are you really? Jesus, Dean, are you jealous?"

Yeah, Sam was enjoying this way to much.


"Pfft, okay. You totally are." Sam and his stupid grin and puppy eyes and floppy hair and dimples and just shit.

"Shut up Sammy." Dean said. Then the waiter came back carrying their food.

"Excuse me?" Sam said to the waiter who looked entirely too pleased to be receiving attention from Sam.


"Can we got some boxes, we're gonna have to take our food to go." Sam explained sending a mischievous look at Dean.

The waiter kind of wilted at Sam's announcement. "Sure, I'll bring some boxes right over."

"Can we get the check, too?" Sam added just as the waiter turned to get the boxes.

"'Course." The waiter sighed.

"Sammy, why are we leaving?" Dean did not have a good feeling about this. At all.

Sam just sent his brother a smug smile.

"Sammy." Dean said warningly.

With the smile Sammy was currently showing off, Dean had a feeling his ass was going to hurt. A lot.

"Shut up, Dean." Sam said. Then he kissed him gently just as the waiter came back with two boxes and a check.

"'M not fucking jealous, Sam."Dean muttered against Sam's lips.

"Sure." Sam said before turning to pack up their food.

Yeah, Dean definitely wouldn't be walking right for a couple of days.