Sue approached him, this man, this monster she'd once thought she could love.


She had asked herself that question for months, from the first night that she and Victor had come together, and the months since that night in the city. She had done her part in destroying him the first time. He had cared for her, in his way- he might have wanted to marry her once, but the man she had known was gone. Devoured by his own greed and the power that the accident had given him, Victor was gone.

He was Doom now, only Doom.

Sue watched him for a moment as he tinkered with whatever gadget he'd developed. He was a genius with machines. He was so in love with technology.

Technology and power and himself. Sue frowned as she approached him. He turned to her, his eyes were as cold as she remembered. Cold, steely ice.

He stood to greet her. He taunted her, he made a show of intimidation.

But this was not the Sue Storm that he had once known. The cloud had changed them both.

She glared at him, angered by his arrogance. "Did you know that I could make a force field inside of someone, and expand it until they explode?" She challanged.

Victor did not allow his reserve to falter, though inside he was surprised. She had been his woman for a time, this beautiful, petite blonde woman. He could see now, after seeing her with Reed, after seeing how happy she was, that it had all been an act. With him she had been nothing but chic sophistication, the polished picture of an elegant mistress. But he had seen her laugh with Reed, something she had never done with him. Perhaps the only thing.

And now she was threatening him, when before she had never so much as raised her voice.

Who was the true liar here?

She truly was beautiful. She was charming and pleasing to his every sense. He had wanted her once, but no longer. She had taken his proposal and thrown it back at him. No, he didn't want her any longer. In fact, he suddenly realized that he despised her. Hated her for having made him feel something alien, something almost close to trust.

Victor blinked first. "You're a strong woman, Sue. But you're not a killer." He brushed past her and walked away, leaving her to stand alone.

Sue stared after Victor as he left, angry that he was right, but more angry with her own weakness against him.