Note to Readers of Accident

I wanted to let you know I will start posting on a follow-up to this one-shot. Accident will remain a one-shot, aside from this note.

The follow-up has already been written and is in the beginning stages of editing. I will begin posting by Friday or Saturday, after I'm comfortable enough to post the first chapter. I'm looking at the possibility of at least 3-4 chapters to knock this one out.

No guarantees on other projects at this time, but I will admit to a few more plot bunnies. For those of you interested in further writings, you can check out my Livejournal: .com though I warn you I don't know that there's much there I haven't yet posted here except one more short fic I'm in the process of finishing. My lag in updating proves just how horrible I am at it - :-) - though I will be trying harder, I swear!

Encouragement is greatly appreciated as are comments *wink* and I sure hope you folks are okay with the sequel to this one-shot. I only fiddled with the idea because of repeated requests, so it's all on you guys.