Yay! New story! The title comes from a song called Ironic by Alanis Morissett(?). Pairing are... Deidara&Sasori, Neji&Gaara, and I don't know what other characters I might add...


Chapter One

He knew why he was here, and it wasn't for the fake reasons Temari had fed him. Gaara growled as he unwillingly walked the stairs up to the third floor.

"Gaara you never know… it might be fun!" Temari said smiling as she picked up his laptop case.

"Yeah Konoha is loads bigger than Sungakure." Kankuro said grabbing one of Gaara's bags.

"You remember how much fun we had with Sasori when we were little?" Temari said smiling. Gaara rolled his eyes at his sister and grabbed his duffle bag off the floor and walked out his bedroom.

Gaara finally walked down the hallway of floor and stopped at a door with an 'Apartment 4B' plaque beside it.

Gaara quickly rapped on the door with his knuckles. He heard loud shuffling inside and someone walking quickly towards the door.

The door was flung open by a pissed off looking blond woman.

"SASORI DO YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND IN YOUR POCKET-" The woman yelled in his face. "Oh… I apologize… who are you?"

"Um… Gaara." The blonde she-he still looked confused. "Is Sasori home?"

"Not at the moment, un. Are you here to see him?"

"Um… sort of, yeah."

"Well come on in I guess. I'll just go call him." The she-male opened the door wider and Gaara walked in.

The apartment was larger than most Gaara had seen. The hallway he was in was beautiful decorated with different portraits of people Gaara didn't know. Not what Gaara would decorate with but whatever floated Sasori's boat, and his girl-boyfriends.

Just down there is the living room, make yourself at home, I be right there in the kitchen." The blonde said smiling.

The living room was decorated in much the same way at the opening hallway. The furniture was all leather and if Gaara wasn't so pissed at being thrown away here he would have worried about messing it up.

"You know this would have been nice to know before hand!" Deidara said irritably.

"Deidara I am at work, I do not have time to deal with your shit."

"I don't care, un!"

"This is what you're going to do-"

"Where do you get off telling me-"

"Your going to clean out your studio for Gaara-"

"But-" Deidara whine.

"I don't care Deidara!"

"But I do!"

"Well get over it!" Sasori said the sighed and calmed himself. "We will talk about this when I get home."

"Hell yes we will! We also need to talk about what I found in your fucking pocket!" Deidara slammed the phone back down to its cradle. He rested his head in his hand for a few seconds, then remembering Gaara he looked at him self out with a knife from the sink and the walked into the living room.

"Well you've seen the living room so let me show you where you'll be sleeping." Blondie said leading him down a hallway that held four doors.

"This is the bathroom, its right across from your room. And this is your room, well once I get my stuff out."

Gaara walked into the room the blonde was speaking of. It was a complete mess, so different from this rest of the apartment. There were clay figurines mostly of birds and spiders, some painted and some still drying.

"Would you mind helping me get all this stuff down the hall?" Gaara really should have said no. There was clay everywhere! The window sill was full; the floor held many broken shards of clay and on one of the walls tote boxes were stacked to the ceiling.

Gaara seriously regretted helping Deidara, who had finally informed him of his name. Yes, Deidara was a male. That meant that Sasori was gay and Gaara knew he wouldn't have to hide his own sexual orientation.

Gaara's entire body hurt from lifting the clay filled totes. Deidara had taken care of everything else from sweeping to transporting the figurines.

Now they were sitting at the dine-in kitchen table eating a sandwich.

"Sorry about not having anything to eat, un. Today is normally food shopping day." Deidara said sheepishly smiling. "Sasori didn't tell me you were coming or I would have already moved out my stuff and got you a bed."

They continued to eat in silence until they were both finished with their food. Deidara cleaned up the crumbs and napkin and sat back down at the table. "You wouldn't mind going shopping with me would you?"

Gaara new deep in his mind that this 'shopping' would turn out just like moving Deidara's things out.


So what do ya think?? Just in case anyone got confused its a 3 bedroom apartment so Deidara just moved his stuff into the next room ... whinch would be Sasori's studio.. theres gonna be t-r-o-u-b-l-e there! Please review.