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"Hey, Sasori, un." Deidara said crawling onto Sasori's lap (who was seated on the couch) and pushing the newspaper he was reading away. "Guess who's not home?"


"That's right, un." Deidara straddled Sasori's lap. "It means we have a whole apartment to ourselves, un." The blonde rolled his hips against Sasori's.

"Yes," Sasori smirked. "Yes, we do."


"Is Neji home?" Sasuke asked the lobby worker as he strolled into the Hyuga building.

"Yes, he is in his room."

Sasuke boarded the elevator and smirked sexily at a maid carrying towels. Once at Neji's floor he went to Neji's room and went in without asking.

"I don't want to see you right now." Neji growled from his couch.

"After I came all this way?" Sasuke faked hurt. "I just dropped by after spending the night with Gaara."

"You son of a bitch."

"Please, I like blondes."

Neji seemed to relax slightly. "Don't tell Sakura that."

"Never. So did you leave an extra CD?"

Neji laughed. "You know it."

"Already playing dirty? My, my Neji, isn't it a little early for that?"

"I like him." Neji grunted uncharacteristically.

"You're going to love me for this." Sasuke smirked.


"I invited your little redhead on the ski trip."

"Your right, I do love you."

"Thought so."


"What the hell is this?!" Zabuza yelled as soon as Haku stepped into the apartment. He was holding the CD.

"You watched it?" Haku asked pathetically.

"Yes, I watched it." He growled.

"I'm sorry." Haku whimpered putting his face in his hands.

"I cannot believe you let people video you. It's sick."

"I didn't know!" Haku sobbed.

"Which is why you have a copy of it." Zabuza snarled throwing the CD across the room.

"It wasn't me, Neji put it here!"

"Neji? Great! How long before the cops come to take me away again?! Huh?!"

Haku sat down in the middle of the floor and cried harder.

"I can't deal with this any longer, Haku." Zabuza pulled on his coat and walked to the door. "Go back to your parents."

"No! Zabuza don't leave me!" Haku grabbed his boyfriends arm. "Please."

"I'm sorry Haku." Zabuza pried Haku's fingers from his jacket sleeve. Then left the apartment, leaving a hysterical Haku behind.


Gaara (after dropping Naruto off at his apartment) decided to drop by and see Haku to see if he was alright. Knocking on the door he heard Haku crying.

"Zabuza?" Haku cried flinging open the door.

"No, Gaara."

Haku's face was wet with tears as he clung to Gaara for dear life. "H-he left me!"

"Err… it's gonna be okay, Haku." He said patting Haku's back.

"No it won't!" Haku sobbed. "He's not coming home!"

Gaara took a deep breath. "Why don't I take you to your parents?"

"I guess it's the only place left for me." Haku pulled away from Gaara and wiped his face.

"You want me to help you pack?"

Haku shook his head. "C-can we just leave?"

"Um, sure."


Haku's parents lived in a brownstone townhouse on the very edge of the business side of Konoha. It was in center of what was obviously a ritzy neighborhood. Gaara rang the doorbell and a waif like women answered. She looked almost identical to Haku but somehow more feminine.

"Haku, my baby!" She cried throwing her arms around his neck. "You've been gone so long! I'm so happy your home!"

"Hey mom." Haku said hugging her back. "Where's dad?"

"At work, dear." She held Haku's face in her hands. "I've missed you so much."

"I-I missed you too mom."

"Come in, Come in! Let's get you on some better clothes! And bring your friend!"

They hurried into the house and out of the cold.


"Gaara's been gone for awhile now." Sasori said running his hands through Deidara's hair.

"He might have stopped by Haku's house, un? He left upset." Deidara said enjoying the after sex feeling.

"You know Gaara better than I do."

"I'm a people person, un."

"I supposed to be taking care of him. Instead you are."

"He's like the little brother I never had, un."

"I practically kicked him out while you were gone." Sasori confessed.

"Well he's still here isn't he, un?"

"Yeah." Sasori smiled. "I feel like we're playing house. He's the kid, you're the mom, and I'm the dad."

Deidara giggled. "We can always…"


"Your mom called us." Sasuke said as he sat down on Haku's bed.

Neji sat down on the other side of Haku. "We told you he was bad news."

"Go 'way!" Haku mumbled.

"We were only tying to protect you." Neji continued.

"We're your friends after all." Sasuke whispered rubbing Haku's back.

"What will make you feel better?"


"How about you tell your old friends about it over coffee?" Neji offered.


1. haku is a dependant person. neji and sasuke are playing on that. and haku will fall for it because he needs... people. understand?

2. deidara and sasori can either

adopt...or...male preg

you choose!

3. if you can think up any drama for haku TELL ME! i don't know what to do with him...

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