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Summary: When Atlantis' only prince, Garth, turns of age, a special gift is in order: his first human slave. Not just any human though, but famous archer, Roy Harper. Very AU. Slash. Rated for language, sex-type things, mentions of drugs and slavery.

Note: Very AU. Garth lives under-water is Atlantis, Starfire on Tamoran and Raven in Azarath and so forth. Tamoran, Azarath and Atlantis know about each other, I'm not sure if this would ever happen in the comic/cartoon but whatever. There are no Titans and no super villains. Not all the Titans will be in this fic, but there may be cameos. Yo, Roy is a 'bad boy' in my mind so he shall be swearing and making dirty jokes.

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Chapter 6: If no one will listen.

No one can take you where you alone must go
There's no telling what you will find there
And, God, I know the fear that eats away at your bones
It's screaming every step, "Just stay here"

The whole kingdom knew their prince. They could all agree that Garth was a reasonable man with nothing but good intentions. They all knew that he was sensible and firm in what he believed in if not a bit shy. He had a good heart and a good head on his shoulders. He had had enough training and mock simulations to know what to do in which situation; he knew how to stand back and take stock and make the right situation. He knew when to stay and fight and when to flee.

He knew when he was in over his head.

Which is why, when he felt Roy's hands pushing up his shirts and stroking happily at the skin they found there, his eyes snapped open and he pushed his pet back away from him.

Roy Harper did not know the prince. He didn't know how stubborn he was; how righteous and traditional he had been bought up to be. He didn't know, with Garth's protective and sheltered upbringing, how when feeling threatened Garth had been taught to call for guards or to what it takes to protect himself.

Which might be why Roy just frowned when pushed back, and instead of allowing the man his space, he moved forwards, determined, and pulled Garth's face to his to kiss him again.

He never saw Garth's fist, reacting on instinct, fly towards him until it was slamming into his face.

Roy pulled back with a yell, hands flying from Garth's face to his own.

"Ow! What the fuck!?"

Garth immediately gasped, horror filling him before guilt took over.

"Oh my god; oh my god! I'm sorry-" He moved towards the boy, who bent over and turned away.

"Aw, shit, I'm bleeding!" Roy looked over his hunched shoulder to stare at the prince, bewildered and annoyed. "What the hell was that for?"

Garth winced and stepped towards Roy again, this time getting close enough to reach out and touch him. "I- I'm sorry; you- you startled me and-"

"I startled you?" Roy turned now, so confused he forgot to tip his head back to stop the blood dripping from his nose. "You're the one who came in and started kissing me with no explanation; you're the one who pulled back; you're the one who hit me!"

Garth scowled, flushing, and pulled his over-shirt off, leaving him in the thin plain under-shirt. He quickly balled it up, hastily putting a sleeve on top and, hesitating only a little, pressed the fabric to Roy's nose gently.

"I'm sorry," He said again, softer his time now he was sure that Roy, stunned into stillness by the gesture of Garth taking care of him, wasn't going to interrupt him. "I came here... not quite knowing what would happen and- and it was all happening so fast – I've never been kissed before; and certainly not so... so passionately! When I realised... I tried to- to pull myself together but," he frowned now, pushing a little harder and making Roy wince. "But you didn't pull back." Realisation that Roy had been going too fast and not respecting Garth's boundaries made Garth smack his pet on the shoulder. "How dare you!"

Roy sputtered, amazed how the blame had been shifted to him. "Sorry," He said, sarcasm seeping his voice. "I'm not used to people stopping the middle of activities."

Garth frowned at the obvious mock, but glanced up at Roy with unsure eyes as he moved the shirt under Roy's nose to a cleaner part of the sleeve. "But you are used to people... k-kissing you randomly?"

The boy snorted, voice sounding muffled. "Well I am kind of famous up there," His eyes motioned upwards. "And people like sex, Garth. I like sex – very much. So yeah; it happens."

Garth swallowed, looking down. "I see." There was something welling up inside him now; something like when he saw Roy flirting with those maids. Jealousy. More powerful this time, almost possessive.

He was taken from his musings as Roy grabbed his wrist and pulled his gently from his nose, which had thankfully stopped bleeding. "It's not what it sounds like. I mean, it is, kinda. But it's not like it wasn't mutual. No one was forced, you know? ...Have you ever had sex?"

Cheeks burning red, Garth shook his head fast.

"No. Well, you can't really understand till you try it." He shrugged and released Garth's hand to allow the boy to dab away the remaining drops of blood from his face. There was a long pause. "...Would you like to understand it?"

Garth dropped his shirt. "Wha- what?!" He looked at Roy's face for signs of teasing but found the boy surprisingly serious looking. "No! What, are you insane?! You can't just- just ask that!"

"Sure I can. Why not?"

Chocking, Garth stared. "Because it's not polite conversation! It's crude-"

"No." Roy frowned, shifting his weight and tilting his head. "I meant why not? Why don't you want to; you seemed happy enough a minute ago."

Flushing to his ears, Garth looked away at the floor. "People expect their prince to be pure. It's... it's a quality other kingdoms look for when finding suitors for their daughters."

"Daughters?" Roy echoed, blinking. "You like girls!? I though you said-"

"I haven't had sex!" Garth cut him off before the boy could say it. "And yes, I guess I do." Garth paused, looking confused. "D-dont I?"

Roy snorted. "The fact that you're questioning it speaks volume; sorry, princey."

Garth paled, a horrified look taking over his face. "Oh no." Legs going weak, Garth stumbled over to Roy's bed and sat down hard on it. "Oh no."

Roy rolled his eyes. He hoped he wasn't this dramatic when he realised he liked guys. Coughing, he walked over to pat the prince awkwardly on the shoulder. "There, there. It's not all bad! Alot of the time I prefer boys anyway." Kissing and other activities were generally more fun with boys, Roy had decided; girls were usually more subdued (Jade so not included) while boys almost always fighting for dominance – and usually more open to kinky pastimes (again, Jade not included), and Roy liked it when his partners put up a bit of a fight.

But Garth was shaking his head. "You don't understand," He whispered, swallowed. "I have to marry and provide an heir for my kingdom."

"Oh." Roy rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, that complicates things I guess." Not that Roy knew anything about the rules.

Moaning, Garth put his head in his hands. "Great, another problem in my way to be king." Moving his hands to look down at the floor, he sighed shakily. "I hate this." He whispered.

Roy frowned. "Hate what?"

"Everything," Garth's whole voice was shaking now. "I hate the lessons, the training, the rules. I hate what I'll have to enforce, what I'll have to demand, what I'll have to become."

Realisation dawned on Roy's face. "You don't want to be king, do you?"

Garth closed his eyes. "No. I never wanted to rule Atlantis." Eyes opening, Garth sighed. "And now my secret is out."

Kneeling down on the cold floor in front of the prince and leaning back on his heels, Roy looked up to meet his eyes. "If you hate it so much, why don't you just tell your parents?"

Laughing, Garth shook his head. "I don't have a choice. I don't know how it works in your world, but here, you do as you're ordered. I've been trained to be king all my life; even if I could somehow get out of it, who else would take over? Who else could my father trust to take care of the kingdom?"

"But that's not your problem!" Roy was so confused. "Surely what this kingdom needs is someone who wants the best for it, who wants to rule it?"

Garth scowled briefly down at him. "I want the best for my kingdom; which is why I am not a good candidate for king. If all I can think about is running away and living... just living, then how can I rule correctly? If my dreams of being free are always in the back of my mind then how can I be a good king?" Garth's voice had taken a soft, longing tone, which quickly turned sad and flat. "It doesn't matter though, I have no choice, no future outside of the throne room."

Silence rang through the room. Garth, with wet eyes, stared at the floor and Roy, stunned, stared up at him. Then Roy pushed up to just under Garth's sitting-down height, the movement making Garth's eyes dart up to meet his own.

"Maybe you need to think of what's best for you." He murmured and, before Garth could speak again, he slipped his arms round the prince's waist and kissed him.

Garth stiffened as Roy lent up to push their lips harder together, he hesitated before wrapping his arms round the shoulders in front of him and sunk gratefully into the warmth offered, not even noticing when the wetness in his fluttering-closed eyes spilled down his face.

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