Reverse of a Dark Future

Current summary: Epilogue.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does. She is a wonderful author and I love her Harry Potter books. I do not own any of the persons in this fic except for Morin Black, Anemone Poena, Fiona and her mother. They're mine, I created them! Oh, and I own the two house-elves Miela and Pather as well.

Spoilers: Um, book four and five. Only a bit though in the fourth book, and book five does not happen in this fic except that I mention some things and some creatures you should be aware about. Good if you have read up to book five. Book six or seven does not happen at all.

It's not spoilers, but I will warn you that all of the characters will be a bit different. The most major ones are Snape, Draco, the Weasley twins, Percy and Voldemort. Oh, and Harry will be a bit different, and I warn you it will be a bit mental abuse from the Dursleys directed to our little Harry.

And beware, because I am an evil girl and I have changed Voldemort's past!

Not everything will center on Harry, but most of the time it will together with Morin. Morin is involved in Harry's whole life and they will get close to each other. Some parts will be all Morin, but I will not make this fic so it will only be about Morin, don't worry.

Pairings: Voldemort(Tom)/Morin

Warning for this chapter: Nothing much actually.


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Year 2015

Harry Potter, age thirty-five, sat and stirred his tea without really paying attention. Many had expected Harry to look exactly like James, but that had not been the case. He still had the unruly hair, and the classic glasses, but other than that he looked more like his mother, Lily. At the moment, he was dressed in an emerald-coloured robe to match his eyes and was staring at the tea.


The raven-haired man looked up at Hermione, who smiled and sat down carefully. She was eight month pregnant, but still insisted on going outside the house, against her husband, Draco's, wishes.

"Where is your husband?" Harry asked.

"He took Scorpius to Honeydukes," the woman said. "By the way, where is your son?"

"Out with Sirius," Harry said with a small sigh. "They wanted a fresh batch of Fred and George's pranking stuff."

His son was eleven years old and he was going to start at Hogwarts at September the first. Scorpius was in the same age, and they were best friends.

"Do you think Morinius will end up in Slytherin?" Hermione asked.

"Nah," the man said and stretched. "I bet on Ravenclaw; he's so much smarter than me."

"Don't say that," the brunette said with a laugh. "You're smart."

"He's more like Morin."

"No, he's not," Hermione said. "You maybe named your son after Morin, but they are still quite different."


Harry turned around and Morinius came running. He had his father's wild hair but the colour of the hair was of his mother's, deep brown. She had died giving birth to Morinius, and Harry had been there to see it. At first Morinius had not breathed and the healers could not get an ounce of life in the child. They gave up, and had prepared to lead Harry out of the room. But as if a miracle, the infant had begun breathing and screaming just as they turned their backs to him. The boy had opened his eyes to reveal glittering emeralds.

Said boy almost jumped onto his father, and giggled. Harry hugged him and said:

"Did you find something good?"

"We bought everything!" Morinius replied, which meant they had bought samples of all the products. Harry groaned; Morinius was a lot like Sirius… a bit too much perhaps.

"If you even try them at me…" the man said warningly.

"I'm not out to get killed, dad," the boy said. "No, we were thinking of trying it on Sev."

"He won't appreciate it either."

"Yeah, we know," Sirius said from behind. "That's why we're going to do it."

"Sirius, have you even grown up the tiniest bit?" Harry asked, looking up as his godfather came to stand beside him.


Hermione shook her head fondly at the man, and the emerald-eyed man sighed. Morinius snuggled up to his father and the Black sat down.

Draco and Scorpius joined them a few minutes later. Scorpius was a living copy of his father, but had the more rational thinking inherited from Hermione. Morinius jumped down and the two boys hugged. Draco sat down next to his wife and said:

"What's with the depressed look, Harry?"

"Nothing," the man sighed. "Just thinking."

"Do you have to look depressed because of it?" the blonde man said and arched his eyebrow.

"Maybe not."

The raven-haired man looked on as the two boys talked. They were seated at a newly opened café at the center of Hogsmeade, a very popular place to meet and relax.

"Hi guys."

They turned and greeted Ron and Padma. Ron was holding his daughter's hand, a shy-looking eight-year old. She greeted them quietly while Padma gave them all hugs.

"Are we going to have a meeting here or what?" Hermione asked as Fred and George showed up. "Aren't you supposed to handle the shop?"

"Co-workers," the twins replied simultaneously. "We saw you guys, and thought we should join you."

"May as well enlarge the table," Harry said. Soon they were all seated and chatted away as they ordered drinks and some light food.

They saw some old classmates and said hello to everyone. The children watched their parents greet people they had no idea who it was, but just as interesting in any case. Dean came with his wife and three children. He was in a hurry, but flashed them a smile and a greeting. Blaise came in a slower pace and even stopped for a few minutes. His wife was shopping clothes to their daughter, and he preferred not to be there. Understandable, since they knew his wife; Pansy. She could get quite wild at some times and when she was shopping even Hermione knew to stay out of her way.

Severus came by, but did not stop for long. He had to restock his layer of ingredients before the next sea of brats came to Hogwarts. The potions master was less than amused, and told Morinius:

"If you're not better than your father at potions, Merlin help us all."

"Hey, I wasn't that bad!" Harry complained. "Besides, I'm a potions master now!"

"Now, yes. In your teens? No. Not a chance."

Morinius giggled at their banter, and the rest smiled. Harry had not been all that good in potions when he was younger, but he had gotten better when he got older. Severus soon disappeared into the crowds, hunting down what he needed. They continued talking.

And was never aware they were watched.


They had lunch but in the middle of it Harry felt a shiver going up his spine. The man shifted and looked over his shoulder. Nothing. But he had been certain someone was watching him.

"Harry, you alright?" Ron asked.

"Yeah," he replied absently. "It's nothing. Just overreacting."

He turned back and continued to pick on the food. They had all complained that he got more and more like Morin for each passing day; eating less, smiling fake smiles, working until he collapsed… But Harry had not been able to change, and now they were all used to it. Besides, having Morinius made the raven-haired man more like himself.

The eyes continued to watch. They shifted over to Morinius and a bit of amusement came into the depths of them.

"Why are we standing here?"

The eyes turned to another set.

"Just watching. Don't want to give them all heart-attacks."

"They're young; they can handle it. You're just too nervous."

"Perhaps that too…"


After lunch, Harry was convinced someone was watching. He had no idea who, but it was someone. They all said their goodbyes and moved to get home. Harry took Morinius' hand and they walked down the street.

"Dad, what's wrong?" the boy asked after a while.

"What do you mean?" Harry replied.

"You're tense," Morinius said.

"I just have a feeling, don't worry about it."

The boy looked at him, doubt in his eyes. But the raven-haired man tried to convince himself of that sentence. It was just a feeling, nothing more.

They reached the Apparation spot, and Morinius hugged the man around the waist. He placed an arm around Morinius' thin shoulders and moved to Apparate.

At the last moment, emerald eyes met emerald eyes. Harry's eyes widened. The other pair just smiled. Ancient, old… a pain deeply buried within the depths of a new happiness.


Then Harry vanished.


Morinius looked up at his father as they stopped. His eyes were wide, and to the boy's surprise tears had begun to form.

"Dad?" he asked but go no reaction. He backed away a bit and the man blinked. "Dad, what's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Harry replied, swiping at his eyes quickly. "Just thought I saw an old friend."

"Where? Who?" Morinius turned and had a look but he saw no one.

"It's nothing important," the raven-haired man said. "If it was who I think it was, I'm sure I'll hear from him."

Morinius had the feeling that his father tried to be calm while he was actually panicking.


Later that night
Light's Manor

Harry was reading a book when a house-elf came in. The man looked at it.

"Someone is at the door, wishing to see master," the house-elf said.

The raven-haired man rose up and walked out from the living room to the hall. As he saw who it was, he froze. Raven hair framed the pale face. Emerald eyes blinked. A simple black robe, two pendants. Harry noticed them and tried to swallow the lump in his throat. All those things Morin Black wanted into a special vault… now the man understood.

Morin smiled and said:

"Well, is this the way you treat a man who came back from the dead?"

This was what he had been waiting on. Harry slowly started to grin, a smile he had not shown since his second godfather died. He almost ran forward and wrapped his arms around the older man. Morin hugged him back, smiling. He saw another man a few steps back and his eyes widened. Clear red eyes looked down at the ground for a moment, all until Morin detangled himself from Harry, moved back and yanked Tom to stand beside him.

"Harry, this is Tom. Tom, you know Harry," he said and shooed the former Dark Lord inside the house before entering himself, closing the door behind them.

"Tom," Harry said and nodded.

"Harry," Tom replied. He had the looks of a thirty-something old man with short and spiky brown hair, pale skin, those red eyes and dressed in dark red robes. He still wore the pendant. "He insisted I'd come. Something about scaring the shit out of the others."

"Of course, why am I not surprised?" Harry asked. "And you, Morin… you better tell me everything or else…"

"Wouldn't dream of leaving anything out," the man said, waving his hand with a smile even as he removed his outer robe. "But how about we get some of our friends here? I'm in the mood for a prank. Should I say hi or boo?"

Typical Morin. Only he could turn the thoughts of death into a joke.

The end

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The final ending of this story. I thank all of those who have stuck to this story.

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