" Today i tell Naruto how I feel." Sasuke said to himself. He walked to the door and
opened it. A group of girls lead by Ino and Sakura stood in front of his door.

"Sasuke-kun happy Valentines day."

The girls said to him at the same time. He tried to get passed the
girls, he crawled through the girls and got out.

He ran through Konaha and looked for a place to hide out. ' Where can I go to get away from them.' Sasuke thought.

He notice Naruto's place.' Naruto's place.' He thought running to it. He banged on the door and
Naruto opened it. He rammed in to Naruto and knocked him down.
He slammed the door shut and leaned up against it. " Sasuke What the hell." Naruto yelled.

"Naruto please let me stay here until those girls leave."

He said out of breath."Why should I?" Naruto quickly asked him. "Because they'll kill me if you don't."
Sasuke answered him. "Fine because if that happens then I can't kill you myself." Naruto
said getting up and locking his door. Sasuke smirked as Naruto sat down.

"What are you smiling about?" Naruto asked him.


Sasuke answered as stuck up as he could. "God i can't stand you Sasuke." Naruto said to him.' Why didn't I throw him to those girls?' Naruto thought.

"Hey Naruto you do know what today is right?" Sasuke asked him."Yeah Valentines Day, why?" Naruto answered him.

"Have you gotten anything?"

Sasuke asked him."No why?" Naruto answered. Suddenly the door flew open and the girls
following Sasuke walked in.

"Naruto what were you thinking?"

Sakura asked him." Just cause you didn't get a Valentine doesn't mean you can take Sasuke." Ino yelled. "Yeah Naruto it just means no one likes you." Sakura added. Naruto looked down and ran off .

' I can't stand Sasuke he gets me in trouble for something he did.'

Naruto thought crying. Sasuke starred blankly and then turned to the girls."You should be ashamed of yourselves." Sasuke yelled then ran off after Naruto.

Naruto through the dark cold streets of Konaha, when he found an empty alley he looked behind himself to make sure no one was behind him it wasn't like any one would care about him. He sat down in the darkest conner of it and tried to forget the cold but he couldn't't't. Sighing he laid his head against the alley wall then closed his eyes, to only see a picture of Sasuke.'Damn you Sasuke." He thought then kicked the dirt, he sat there in the silence which seemed like forever (Which was only four minutes.)the silence was broken by some yelling "Naruto." and it sounded a lot like Sasuke.

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