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Sasuke's eyes widened at his name beginning weakly spoken, by the blond in his arms. "Sasuke I'm sorry." Naruto mumbled through tears, this was all his fault.

"Why are you sorry?"

The only thing he could think to say, really Sasuke… No, Naruto I was so worried about oh no… Sasuke had to ask why are you sorry… "This is all my fault, if I had…" "No it's my fault for going to you in the first place; it's Sakura and Ino's faults for saying those nasty things. None of this was your fault."

Why was he doing this? His heart was racing and he could feel the tears again, why was he being so emotional? The silence filled the room again and it was a couple more minutes before Sasuke spoke again. "I'm Sorry… Naruto…I-I I love you so much." And more tears fell. Naruto's eyes widened Sasuke was crying, Naruto smiled at that thought. Then sat up and put his arms around Sasuke's neck, and kissed him. Blushing he mumbled against Sasuke's lips, "love you too Happy Valentines Day."

"Yeah Happy Valentine's day Naruto."

On the other side of Konoha

Sakura looked at Ino… "I've already apologized to him." Ino folded her arms and shook her head. Slap. "Okay Okay I'll do it!"