Anna was running through a forest with her black hair and white dress flowing behind her. She turned her head to see a human-sized bat chasing after her angrily. She turned back to the path quick enough to jump over a fallen log. She heard her breathing become faster and she felt her heart beating faster and faster and faster still.

Suddenly she heard the bat utter a blood chilling screech. Soon afterwards she heard the beating of wings... bat wings. Anna screamed and ran faster and faster desperately trying to escape from the bat. But it was for naught. The bat grabbed her by the waist as she let out a desperate and fearful scream. Desperately she struggled with the creature and she passed out from shock. "Anna! Anna! Wake up!!" she sat up and screamed. "GEEZ! ANNA! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!" a woman's voice said.

Anna looked up to see three women covering their ears. "Sorry Alex." she replied. "You're forgiven... BUT only if you don't scare us like that ever again." replied Alex. "Deal." she said back. "So what were you screaming about this time?" asked the long dirty blonde haired girl named Sam. "Well... I was running through a forest in a white dress with this hell bat chasing me." "Did it catch you?" said the long red haired girl now sitting next to Anna. "Sadly Tori, it did." she answered. Sam was now deep in thought. She specializes in dreams. "What is it Sam?" asked Alex with worry in her voice. "That's one pretty strange dream you have there Anna." Sam said still thinking. "You've got that right." Tori answered while staring at Sam. Sam perked up and said "Anna your dream says that you're running from something and that God wants you to face it." She looked at her puzzeled. "What could I be running from that God wants me to face?" Anna asked.

"Maybe your past." Tori said turning towards her. "Think about it. You don't know anything about your past and I have yet to see you try to find any information on it." said Alex walking toward the bed. "I guess you guys are right. I really need to find out about my past." Anna said. "Great!" Alex said. "But now you need to get dressed so you can go to class with us." She jumped out of bed, got behind the changing screen, and changed into your 'school girl uniform' as they called it. A long sleeve black shirt with a matching black skirt and black shoes.

"Ok let's go!" Anna said as she walked outside of the room into the halls of the abbey.