JUNE 1,1944

"The Germans are getting closer.." Anna said looking out the window sensing the vampire Nazi army slowly coming closer to her and her husband's territory. "How long will it take them to get here?" her husband Vlad asked. She closed her eyes to concentrate harder. "Seven days." she said after a few minutes. He nodded. "Hitler has gone too far.." she said. "The genocide of the Jews is one thing but trying to take over Romania... He doesn't know what he's getting himself into.." Vlad said standing behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders. "If only he could use his intelligence for good.." he finished. Anna nodded in agreement. "He's torturing the gypsies as well... He's putting them into concentration camps along with the Jews and homosexuals.." she said. Vlad shook his head in disgust. "I hope the Americans are having better luck than us.." he said. "I do as well my love.." she whispered still staring out the window.

The Romanian vampires were becoming more and more involved in the World War. They fought against humans and vampires and they helped plan ambushes, missions, and battle strategies. Anna desperately tried to protect her children Mary and Tuomas from the reality of the war. It worried her that they knew words that no creature human or vampire, should ever know. They knew what Genocide, Concentration Camps, Holocaust, and Auschwitz meant. Mary knew exactly what was happening around her. She often saw Jews and gypsies that had fled to Romania being dragged into trucks to be sent to concentration camps. She never saw them come back alive again. She knew that they were tortured to death or thrown into a gas chamber to die. She knew that she couldn't do anything to stop the Nazis. But she still had hope that Hitler would be stopped. Tuomas knew more about the battle plans. He often heard his father discussing them with the other vampire lords and army commanders. He had heard them discussing a new battle plan. A plan they called "Operation Overlord". He didn't know much but all he knew was it was an attack on the Germans at Normandy. The men mentioned a man named Eisenhower several times. Tuomas had never heard of him but he could guess that Eisenhower was important. Anna knew so much more than her children. She wished that she knew nothing at all about the war. She knew that Auschwitz was the worst concentration camp in all of Europe, she knew that thousands of Jews have already died from the concentration camps, she knew that the war wouldn't be ending soon, and she knew that thousands more would die. Jews and non-jews.

JUNE 6,1944

D-Day had begun. Anna was sitting in Vlad's lap. They were both awaiting any news of the invasion of Normandy. They like the rest of the world wanted the war to end. Vlad held his beloved wife closer and tighter to him. He was worried as well. Their children Mary and Tuomas were asleep on their parents bed. Anna kept glancing over at her children. Vlad sensed her worry. "It's alright my dear.. We have two more days to ready our defenses." he said to her. "I know.. But.. I just can't stop my worrying. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you or the children.." she said watching the window as if the Germans were already outside preparing to attack. He held her closer and tighter. "As would I.. But perhaps the Nazis won't look for a battle.." he said. "What?" she asked confused. "Perhaps they are looking for a surrender. Perhaps they think we are weak.." he explained. "We are not weak!" Anna said determination gleaming in her eyes. Vlad smiled. "Exactly my darling." he said kissing her.

JUNE 8,1944

The Vampire Nazi army had finally arrived. They were beginning to plan something. Anna tried to hack into their minds but she couldn't get in. Then she got a fool proof idea. "Vlad.. I will have to go frighten them out.." she said. Vlad looked at her worriedly. "Anna I don't want to lose you." he said. "I won't be killed.. They wouldn't kill a female vampire.." she said as she crouched in the window sill opening the window. Anna kissed him and jumped out of the window. She landed and ran into the forest. He watched her intently.

Anna found the Vampire Nazi army. They were torturing a gypsy woman. "Let her go." Anna said. The Nazis looked up. A soldier stepped forward. "And by who's orders?" he said. "Mine." she said. The woman looked up at Anna pleadingly. "And who are you?" he asked. "The queen of the vampires." she said. Instantly the Nazis dropped the gypsy. "Run." Anna told her in Romanian. The woman got up and ran. "So sorry to release your i toy /i but you are not welcome on Dracula territory." Anna said to the Nazis. "We were commanded by Hitler to capture this territory." a soldier said. "My husband and I do not care what your corrupt leader says. Unlike you Romania is against Totaltiranitism and genocide." she answered. The soldiers were eyeing her. Anna gave them a warning glare. "The commander would surely love a new toy.." one soldier said. "Especially since she let his old toy escape.." another soldier said. Anna unsheathed her claws ready to fight. But a soldier grabbed her from behind and knocked her out. Her vision faded to black as the Nazis laughed.

Anna regained consciousness and opened her eyes. Her wrists were tied behind her back and there was a rope around her neck to serve as a 'leash'. A soldier grabbed the rope and tugged on it telling her to get up and follow him. He led her through the Nazi camp. The soldiers would stop what they were doing and stare at her. Several whistled at her and yelled something in German at her. She was led into a tent. "On your knees!" the soldier commanded pushing her down. She fell to the ground on her knees. She hissed at the soldier. The soldier was about to kick her when a voice stopped him. "You hurt her and I will kill you." a male voice said. The soldier nodded and left the tent. "Well well well... Look at what my men have captured.." a vampire dressed in a Nazi commander uniform said. He had pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. He fit Hitler's stereotype of a German perfectly. His eyes were staring right at her. "The Queen of the Nosferatu in my clutches.." he said mockingly as his eyes took in every detail of her. She glared at him. He got up and walked to her. He grabbed her leash and pulled her up. He led her to the chair he was sitting in previously and sat down in it. He tried to pull her into his lap but she sat on the floor next to his chair. He pulled on the rope but she continued sitting. He reached down to grab her. In response Anna growled and tried to bite his hand with her fangs. He laughed. "Feisty little thing.." he said. "You will lead your husband directly to us.. And when we kill him you will become mine!" he said evilly. Anna glared up at him. She hid her worry and he wasn't strong enough to sense it. "You will join me in my bed!!" he said his eyes on fire with lust. "Judging by your feisty nature you would be very fun to have in bed.." he purred trying to seduce her. "I will kill you if you try to rape me." she said coldly. "Do not disrespect me my pet." he said grabbing her leash. "I am not your pet." she said harshly. "It seems I will have to punish you.." he hissed standing up and pulling on the rope roughly. She stood up and he tried to grapple her. She put her foot to his chest to keep him away from her. "Clever my dear.." he said. He tried to push her foot down but she pushed him back. He let go of the rope and tried to grab her again. She kicked him in the ribs with a round kick. "Feisty.." he said holding a hand to his sore side. She hissed at him and used her claw to cut the rope binding her wrists behind her back. She untied the rope from around her neck and tossed it aside. "So disrespectful... I will enjoy punishing you!" he said with a lusty grin. Anna teleported behind him and kicked him in the back hard. He hissed in pain and turned to face her. She raised her foot to kick him in the face. He grabbed her leg and wrapped it around his waist. She kicked him in the back again. He growled and pinned her to a metal post holding the tent up. He grabbed her other leg and wrapped it around his waist. She struggled and tried to kick him again. He held her feet to his back with one hand while the other hiked up her dress skirt. She squealed and struggled as his hand rubbed her thigh. He grinned evilly as he continued rubbing her thigh. She kept squealing and fidgeting against the pole. "You son of a bitch!" she said inbetween squeals. "Do not disrespect me." he said as his hand rested on her rump. She jumped as she unhooked her leg from his waist. He smirked and squeezed it. She yelped and kicked him in the crotch. He howled in pain and dropped her. She fell to the ground and ran out of the tent. She ran out of the camp and into the forest. Anna was grabbed by something and she screamed as it dragged her behind a tree. Her captor covered her mouth. "Shh.. my darling it's me!" Vlad whispered. She stopped squealing and he uncovered her mouth. She turned around and hugged him. They could hear the soldiers yelling to each other in German. "We must fly my dear." he said. Anna nodded and they turned into hellbeasts. They flew back to the castle and landed in their bedroom. They changed back and hurried to their bedroom.

Anna ran into the room and fell down on the bed clearly tired from fighting against the Nazi commander. "What are we going to do?" she asked staring up at the ceiling desperately trying to think of a plan. "I have no idea.." Vlad said looking out the window. "This war needs to end..." she said still thinking desperately. Anna hacked into the Nazi commander's mind. He was planning on coming to the castle and capturing her. And to celebrate his victory of claiming Romania for Germany he would rape her. She shuddered at his thoughts. Then she perked up. He was thinking his plan through... Anna quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. She smiled as she wrote down his plans exactly as he thought them. Vlad looked from the window to his wife as she wrote. She stood up and walked to him handing him the paper. He smiled as he read it. He kissed her. "Well done my darling!" he said praising her for her cunning. She smiled in response.

With Mary and Tuomas's help the vampire family figured out a plan. They were going to trick the Nazis. And Mary had some good ideas that her mother just couldn't ignore. Mary with her brother Tuomas along side her ran to the werewolves. The werewolves and the Dracula family had a very strong bond. The werewolves were no longer servants but friends. The werewolves pricked their ears and their noses caught the vampire children's scent. They wagged their tails in excitement. Mary and Tuomas ran down the hill to the werewolves and the werewolves on all fours ran up to them and nuzzled and licked their faces. The children laughed and then told them the plan. The werewolves' eyes shown with intelligence as they understood what the two children told them. The werewolves like everyone else despised the Nazis. Especially the vampire Nazis. The children looked into the werewolves' minds and saw they had some ideas of their own.. And they were very clever ideas.

Anna was in the closet changing into a outfit she normally would never wear. It was similar to the outfits Vlad's last brides wore except it was black and red. It fit her perfectly and the top was separated from the skirt. She opened the door and walked out. Her husband stared at her. "The Nazis are pretty much outside our door could you not give me that aroused look?" she said. "I'm sorry my love but you look so beautiful in it.." he said still staring. "My eyes are up here Vlad.." she said. He moved his eyes from her cleavage up to her face. Then their children ran in. "The werewolves are waiting for the Nazis!" Tuomas said. "Are you ready mother?" Mary asked. "Yes Mary." Anna said. She kissed Vlad quickly and then jumped out the window her children following behind closely.

The Nazis were walking through the forest to the castle. The commander could imagine the great Count Dracula's wife in his bed. She was the most beautiful vampiress he had ever seen.. She was strong and seductive the perfect combination. He smiled as he imagined her sitting in his lap nuzzling his neck as she purred to him seductively begging him for attention. The castle was coming more and more into view. They were getting closer to claiming Romania. And closer to him claiming the Countess.

Anna and her two children were hiding in the trees and they masked their auras and their scents. Not even the commander would be able to sense them. The werewolves hid amongst the trees behind their vampire queen. She could see the Nazis getting closer. She smiled as she prepared to launch the first part of the plan. Anna nodded to her children and her children nodded in response. She gracefully jumped from the tree to another tree limb. The Nazis didn't hear her. She smiled at their cluelessness. She giggled and the Nazis stopped marching and looked around. She smiled and jumped to a different tree giggling as she landed. The commander looked around trying to find the source of the sound. She noticed that some of the soldiers were humans. "Perfect.." she thought. She was a little hungry after fighting off the commander.. She could use something to eat. She could smell the humans and vampires fear. Anna jumped down from the branch and landed in front of the army. They stared in shock. The commander stared at her in awe. She was even more beautiful than she was earlier. She looked like a goddess. His aura showed his arousal. "Did I not warn you to leave this land before it was too late?" she said coldly. "We will not leave until Romania is under Germany's control and.. when you are in my posession.." the commander said running his eyes on her figure. Right on cue Mary and Tuomas jumped down from the tree branch and landed in front of their mother. They hissed and growled at the Nazi commander menacingly. The commander was caught off guard at the vampire children appearing so suddenly and trying to frighten him away from the Countess. "Stay away from our mother!!" the little girl hissed. Her brother growled and bared his fangs. The commander laughed. "So Count Dracula has children? So bothersome they will be.." he said as his fangs lengthened and his eyes glared at the children. The children ran behind their mother and clung to her skirt. He laughed once more and walked closer to Anna. She told Mary and Tuomas to hide with the werewolves mentally and they obeyed. With her children out of the way she could finally deal with the troublesome Nazis.

The commander ordered his troops to continue on to the castle. When his troops had left he teleported behind her and held her to him by her waist. Then Anna formed a plan in her head. She would regret it but it was fool proof. "You are so beautiful my goddess.." he purred in her ear attempting to seduce her as his fingers gently brushed her cheek and moved across her jawbone. Her eyes closed and her head fell back slightly as she moaned softly. The commander chuckled. "You will stand by my side as I lead Hitler's troops to victory.." he purred rubbing her sides slowly. She emitted a beautiful moan. "You will reward me when I come back from battle victorious.." he said as he leaned in closer to her face. "By screaming my name as I make hard passionate love to you.." he purred in her ear. She shivered in delight. "Now my dear.. In celebration of claiming Romania and you.. I will make love to you.. It will be better than anything you have had with your husband..." he purred bent on seducing her completely. "Yes.." she whispered softly. "I will ride your lap if you wish it..." she whispered as her breathing grew faster with 'arousal'. The commander smiled completely pleased. Whenever he made love which was usually rape he was always dominant. It would be a very nice change to have his goddess pleasure him. She moaned as his hands traveled down her torso. He rubbed her perfect curves slowly causing her to moan louder. Lust began to devour his mind. He manuevered the Countess against a tree and pressed his solid body against her thin perfect body. She gasped at how strong he actually was for a younger vampire. He purred as he grasped her chin. She moaned and he kissed her passionately. She fought back the urge to squeal and instead she moaned. She kissed back.

Vlad could sense what Anna was doing. It enraged him but he knew that she was tricking the commander. He took a deep breath of useless air and breathed out slowly to control his anger. The commander kissed her harder and Anna kicked him hard causing him to pull away backing away from her. "You little minx.." he growled. The Nazis appeared once more surrounding her. She looked at the Nazis and identified the humans. She launched herself at the nearest one and bit him drinking quickly. The man died instantly. She pulled away and dropped the dead soldier. She looked at the other soldiers. They were staring at her fangs which were dripping with their comrade's blood. She licked her lips. "So delicious.." she purred. She bared her fangs and leaped at another human biting him and drinking all of his blood. The Nazis panicked. They didn't expect her to be this aggressive! She killed the rest of the humans and even some of the vampires. They tried to shoot at her but she was too fast. Then she disappeared. The Nazis were completely confused. She escaped!

Mary and Tuomas were hiding with the werewolves. The werewolves were keeping a close eye on the Nazis. The two children teleported to their bedroom. They noticed that there were fewer Nazis. Their mother had undoubtedly killed them. The werewolves stalked the Nazis cleverly using the surroundings to their complete and total advantage. Anna appeared behind Vlad. Vlad turned around and saw his wife standing before him with blood dripping from her fangs. "Hungry my dear?" he asked teasingly. She blushed slightly causing him to chuckle in response. He walked over to her and picked her up bridal style. He sat in a chair and set her on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her passionately and she kissed back. His tongue traced over her fangs licking the blood off of them. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer. The werewolves decided that it was time to act. Growling and snarling they leapt out of their hiding spots and ambushed the Nazis. All hell broke loose during the ambush.Bullets and debris flew through the air causing chaos and confusion amongst the Nazis. The werewolves leapt onto several of the vampires and started verociously attacking them. The commander took five of his men with him to head onto the castle. They had a mission to finish. Vlad pulled away from the kiss and busied himself licking the blood off of Anna's neck. She moaned and bared her neck for him. He kept licking the blood off of her neck as she kept moaning in pleasure. The Nazi commander and his five men reached the castle. Little did they know that Mary and Tuomas were waiting for them ready to launch a plan they came up with. Tuomas opened the doors of the castle and the Nazis were hesitant to enter. "Cowards.." Mary and Tuomas thought. But the Nazis entered. Little did they know they were going to receive the shock of their lives.

Vlad stopped licking the blood from Anna's neck and purred in her ear. She shivered in delight and moaned as her body started heating up. Anna sensed the Nazi commander enter the castle. She placed her trust in her children. They were very intelligent and would come up with something. The commander and his soldiers walked around the castle. "Are you ready?" Tuomas whispered to Marco a vampire lord. "Let's send these bastards running..." the Finnish lord whispered determined. "What should we do first?" Mary asked him. Marco sensed that the Count and his Countess would do a pretty good job of frightening the Nazis. He smiled devilishly. "Children... Follow my lead.." he whispered. The children smiled and nodded. Marco began to follow behind the Nazis being careful to stay out of notice. "Vlad.. Let's give the Nazis a welcome they will never forget before they die.." Anna purred to her husband. "Yes my dear.. Let's..." he purred back. He picked her up and manuevered her against the wall. He continued licking the blood from her neck as she moaned in pleasure. The Nazis heard a woman's moaning. It had to be the Countess. They followed them. Anna wrapped her legs around Vlad's waist and her arms wrapped around his neck.

The Nazis approached a majestic black door. The moans were coming from the other side. The commander cautiously opened it and the Nazis stared at the sight that greeted them. Count Dracula was licking blood off of the Countess' neck as she was pressed against the wall with her arms and legs wrapped around him. "So bloody you are Anna.." he purred. "Oh Vlad..." she moaned. "Should I make love to you my Countess?" he asked purring. "Oh yes Vlad yes!" she said excited. "How should it be my dear?" he asked purring. "Long, hard, and passionate.." she purred.. "As you wish my goddess.." he purred. She leaned into his neck nuzzling and licking it. He growled in bliss as she licked and purred. Marco saw his chance to scare the Nazis. "My Lord there are intruders!" he yelled standing behind the Nazis. The Count and Countess looked at the Nazis. Anna pretended to gasp in shock and Vlad glared at them. The Nazis stared in shock and fear at the vampire royalty. They were truly fearsome. "My dear.. Should we kill these pests and then have love afterwards?" the Count purred. "Oh yes my love!" the Countess answered. He set her on her feet and she unwrapped her arms. Their eyes turned blood red as they stared at their prey. "Marco would you care to help?" Anna asked stepping closer towards the Nazis. "Of course Countess Anna. I would be delighted." He said his eyes turning red as well. Mary and Tuomas came out as well. They were hungry for blood as well. The vampire family and lord leapt onto the Nazis killing them.

Marco took the two children to bed and retired as well leaving Vlad and Anna alone. "Now my dear... Where were we?" he purred. Anna giggled. She laid down on the bed and he perched over her.

They awoke the next day and quickly dressed. Marco thankfully came in after they were fully dressed. "Count! There is wonderful news!!!" he said clearly excited and happy. "What is it?" Vlad asked. "THE WAR IS OVER!!!" Marco yelled estatic. Anna gasped in happiness and flung her arms around her husband's neck hugging him tight. "YES! THERE IS HOPE FOR THE JEWS AND THE GYPSIES AT LAST!!!" she yelled excited and happy. He hugged his wife tight and kissed her. "Yes my darling! Finally there will be less trouble and worries for us!!" he said. Marco smiled at the Count and Countess. He bowed and left them alone.

And so it went on. Hitler committed suicide and the Nazi party was eliminated. The world felt some peace at last. The vampires felt some weight lift off of their shoulders as well. The Count and Countess raised their children and ruled the vampires into co-existing with the humans in peace. The Count and Countess are still rumored to be living in the old castle even to this very day. There have been reports of lighted candles in the old castle and even sightings of a man and a woman in the castle windows. Some have even been fortunate enough to see them face to face. They live their lives happily and filled with the love for each other and their subjects.