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A small boy sat in a large window, in his room. The boy was about 7 ½ by the looks of it. He had light hair that was a mixture of blue and silver. He was very short for his age, but very wise and smart. His eyes were a bright, pure blue. Around his pupils were white thin ovals, that pointed outward, so it looked like his eyes were the sky and his pupils were the sun. He was wearing odd clothes for most worlds, but for this one it was completely normal. He was wearing a half- white half- black long sleeved shirt that exposed his thin stomach. The right side was white, the other black. His pants were the same way, only on opposite sides. On his stomach were two markings, a crescent moon and a sun. The markings were blue & yellow. The moon was facing with the points to the left, so the sun looked as if it were sitting on it. He was also very pale.

The boy was sitting on a window sill, looking out onto the creatures below. He sighed. He was going to miss this place, but he wanted to leave for years and that is what he was going to do. He never wanted this life. Sure it was pretty good, being a prince & all, but he always wanted to be normal. That's what he was going to do, but not here. They'd find him too quickly. He was going to another world; some place small called Radiant Garden.

Only a few people knew he was leaving, people he loved and trusted with his life. His brother Nicky and his friends Alex & Kevin. They understood, they supported him. They would never tell, even if their life was threatened. His best friend, on the other hand, was furious. He thought he was deserting him, he wasn't. He thought his best friend would understand. How wrong was he?

There was a knock on the door. "Come in." he said softly. He already knew who it was. His voice was barley over a whisper, but yet so comforting at the same time. One glance told you everything about him, yet at the same time nothing at all. It was like a maze where the walls changed every time you blinked, and you couldn't stop it.

In came a boy, about 8, who had jet black hair and was a few inches taller than the other. His eyes were an odd, yet beautiful shade of violet. They told every emotion he was feeling, when ever he was feeling it. He was wearing the same thing as the younger, but in dark blue and his shirt didn't expose his stomach. On his face were to markings of the same thing. Stars. These were brown, like it was a scar yet colored in with blood that dried. His skin was fair.

"Hey." It was the blunette who spoke. He seemed uncomfortable.

"Hi." The other spoke with no emotion as the younger of the two go off the sill. Usually vibrant eyes were dull, like his body shut down. This time, you couldn't tell what he was thinking. That is what scared him.

"We need to talk." The blue – haired boy said. He walked over to his bed and sat down. He patted the seat next to him. "Sit down. It's just a talk." The black haired boy gave a polite smile, still no emotion showing in his eyes, and walked over. The 7 ½ year old just stared blankly back at him. Like he was looking through him. 'Why am I here any way?' the younger thought. 'Where'd I go wrong?.'

"What do you want to talk about?" he asks

"Sky, you know I know best, so listen to me when I say this. I love you like a brother but here's what's wrong. Leaving is my choice, and I was hoping you would understand. You didn't, so now our friendship is in pieces. I care about you so much. You're my best friend, and right now I need your support. I'm leaving tomorrow night." 'Please, hear me out.' The boy thought.

"So, that's it? You're leaving tomorrow?" Sky was starting to raise his voice. "After all we've been through; you're going to just walk out! I thought we were friends!"

"We were." The lily haired boy's voice was put is a whisper now. "I'm giving you a choice. You can either come with me or you can stay here. What'll it be?" 'Now, he'll either do one of two things. He'll admit to everything, or He'll say it's not the same. I know which one Sky will say. I wonder why I'm asking?' he thought.

"I'm… staying." He gave a sigh. "It's not the same as before between us." He looked downward, ashamed to face his once friend. It was quiet for awhile, so when Sky heard shuffling his head shot up. In front of him, he saw the younger backing out the door. Only did he speak when he was in the door frame.

"If that's your answer then I guess this is the last time we'll see each other. Good-bye."

'The last time we'll see each other? I don't want that!'

"Wait!" Sky called out. But it was too late, that was the last time he spoke to his best friend.


Boom! Crash! Bang!

It was a stormy night. The night the boy was supposed to leave. Thunder & lightning sounded every 60 seconds. It was a nightmare to be out there, but this was his only chance. It was somewhere around midnight, and there was no moon. Almost pitch black. Tonight was his best chance to leave without getting caught.

His was in his room again. He came back when Sky left. He sighed, and then opened the large window. He looked down. The ground was over 100 feet down; he was still going to jump. The boy closed his eyes, focused, and suddenly small angel wings appeared on his back.

Why does he have angel wings you ask? You see, he wasn't any normal prince. His mom was an angel, she's dead now though. His dad was the devil himself, he lived with him. They didn't know what he would be. An angel or demon. He was both, a half breed. He could have angel wings or demon wings. Angel wings cam naturally. Demon wings only showed when he was extremely angry. Another kind of wings was an angel wing on his right and a demon wing on his left. He had some powers too. I'll get to that another time.

The wings weren't very big. Being so young made it so he couldn't fly very well. He was going to try any way. He stepped onto the edge, taking a quick glance backwards. He sighed, he really was going o miss this place. Standing on the edge, he took a step forward. He started to fall. About 40 feet from the bottom, he spread his wings out and glided a good 200 yards. Once on the ground, he started to run. After about who- knows- how- long he came to the edge of a forest.

Around his neck was a necklace in the shape of the marking on his stomach. A crescent moon, point to the left, with a sun sitting on it colored in. He fumbled with getting it off for a minute. Once it was off, he held it high in the air and chanted a few words in an ancient language. A few seconds later, it floated in the air hovering. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, then the necklace was around his neck again & in its place was a white portal.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" The boy heard yelling behind him. Turning around he saw his brother & friends running to him. His brother, Nicky, was a red- head. He had lots of freckles dotting his face, along with a pair of angel wings on his left cheek, demon on his right. It was to dark to make out what he was wearing. His eyes were dark blue. Really dark. He was 14.

Alex was a brunette. You couldn't tell what he was wearing, but his skin was dark. There were also clumps of something hanging on his face. Probably mud. On his cheeks were moons, again brown. His eyes were a mixture of green & gold. He was about 13. Going to turn 14 in a month.

Kevin had sandy hair. Other wise dirty blond. Again, you couldn't tell what he was wearing. On his cheeks were suns. His skin was pale, only lightly tan. His eyes were brown. He was about 14.

They were in front of him within seconds. "Hey, Bro! Before you left we-" He was cut off by Alex.

"Wanted to say good- bye, because-" He was cut off by Kevin.

"We all love you in our own way & will miss you when you go!"

"I'll miss you too. I'm leaving everything here in your hands."

They heard a sniff. Turning around they saw Nicky crying. "Don't cry Nicky." Nicky stopped. Instead, he hugged everyone. Once that was over, he let his brother go.

"You have to leave now. Go on, go."

"Good-bye everyone." And with that he stepped through the portal. It closed. Everyone started to leave. As they were doing so, they failed to notice the black haired boy crying in the shadows.


It was pouring rain there too. He was running. He didn't know how long, but he was pretty sure it was over 2 hours. A long time for a 7 1/2 year old to run. Ahead, he saw a house. He started speeding up. He didn't get very far before he passed out.

Two men heard the thud. One was about 25 with blond hair. Probably about 5'2. The other looked very old. But also wise. He wore a long blue cloak & a pointed hat with stars on it. He had gray hair & a long beard.

They didn't exchange words, only glances. Next thing that happened the 25 year old picked up the child & carried him inside.

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