As a newly realized Teen Titan's fan i decided to do a cross over with it, but be warned because their is major OOc in it, and OC's as well. don't own DP or TT!

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Vlad Masters, Mayor of Amity Park, stared at his new office in pride. He had it rebuilt after the 'Vortex' incident.

He sighed comfortably and picked up his mocha latte and took a sip. Outside he heard a crash but briefly ignored it, figuring it was another ghost attack.

Suddenly without warning Danny Phantom came crashing through, followed closely by Skulker. In five seconds they were gone but the office was in dismay.

Vlad pushed a button to summon his secretary. Quickly she came in, gasping at the sight. Vlad squeezed his hands "Get me the Teen Titans, I want Danny Phantom destroyed!" he snarled.

The woman looked at him nervously "But surely they'll be…" Vlad crushed the coffee. The hot liquid rolled down his hands and didn't affect him "Get them now, or else" he threatened.

The woman hurried out of the room. Angrily Vlad walked to the window, just in time to see Danny capture Skulker.

Vlad grinned "Soon Daniel you will meet your doom" he said as his eyes began to glow an eerie red color.

Line break

Meanwhile at the Titan's tower the phone rang and echoed throughout the commons. Instantly four of the five Titan's eagerly ran towards the phone.

They fought over until Robin pushed the speaker button "Titan's Tower, Robin speaking" he said.

They heard some one take a deep breath "We have a paranormal 'problem' in our town and the mayor was wondering if you could come to Amity Park and help" a woman said desperately.

Robin looked at the team who was staring at him. Defeated Robin sighed "I guess so, but may we ask this persons name who is causing trouble" he asked.

Beastboy tossed his hand in the air in triumph "His name is Invisobill or Danny Phantom, nobody really knows anymore" she said in a tired voice.

Robin nodded "We can be there tomorrow" he said. They hung up and Robin turned to the group "Pack your bags, we're on our way to Amity Park" he said.

Line break

The next day the Teen Titans pulled up in front of city hall in the T car.

As they stretched Vlad came walking out "Ah the Teen Titans, so glad you could make it, did you have a pleasant trip" he asked.

The teens froze in mid stretch. Quickly they lined up "Yes, quite comfortable" Robin said.

Then he motioned to his team "That's Raven, Beastboy, Cyborg, Starfire, and I'm Robin" he introduced.

Vlad got an annoyed expression as he flicked off some invisible dust "Yes and I am Vlad Masters, billionaire, mayor of Amity Park, I am the one who had my secretary contact you" he said.

Robin shifted uneasily "Is there any way we can find out more on Invisobill, or at least sleep" he asked. Vlad thought for a second before writing something down on a piece of paper.

He handed it to Robin "I have a friend, wonderful scientist, and she can tell you all you need to know on Invisobill, along with a place to sleep, ask for Maddie Fenton" he said.

Robin hesitantly took the paper and turned to his team mates as Vlad left "Okay we'll split up, Raven and Starfire will come with me to scout the town while Beastboy and Cyborg will check up with this Fenton lady" he said.

Quickly they split into different directions.