Don't own TT or DP, and i know it is an incredibly short epilogue and I'm not completely decided if i want to write a sequel, i'll have to see more of the episodes, but if i do it will be more Titan centered since this was mainly Danny centered, but i hope you enjoyed this fic, now on with the incredibly short epilogue!

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The next morning Danny woke up feeling refreshed. He slowly sat up and caught site of a small package by his bed. Slowly he opened it and read the letter in it.

Dear Danny,

Hope you get feeling better soon, we kinda had to bail, our city needs protecting too.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know we all had a blast meeting you, and of course

Meeting the all powerful Danny Phantom! Maybe we can work together in the

Future? You can help against one of our villains! Anyways, contact us if you need help.


Then Danny looked at the little package and picked up the small device that was in it.

He smiled widely "No way! My own Titan's communicator?" he said.

He smiled as he put it somewhere safe.

Then he turned to look out the window at the shining sun where the people walked calmly and a bit peacefully around outside, it was truly a new day…