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The Experiment

Chapter One: The Absconder and the Unlucky Girl

Glass broke as people frantically yelled from one end of the lab to the other, though it was all in vain. Sirens released their high-pitched alarms throughout the building signaling something, or rather someone, had escaped. How often did this happen? Not very, which is why it was such a big deal.

The one escaping didn't bother to let himself be held back by the scientists, though not very many bothered to approach either. He was still in the stages of 'instability', and therefore the others feared him. And quite frankly, he felt they should suffer his wrath – it served them all right.

"Stop, Inuyasha!" A woman's voice yelled, one that made Inuyasha skid to a halt. He whirled around menacingly, baring his fangs to the woman. She didn't seem fazed.

"You fucking lied to me!" He spat, his body trembling with rage. The woman didn't bat an eye, though some sort of remorse floated by in her dark brown eyes. Her lips were set into a firm line, one that didn't seem ready to waver in any sort of fashion.

"It had to be this way, Inuyasha. Try to understand…this will help you in the future. Well…if not you, then more of your kind." She finished, starting to walk over to him. He growled with every step she came closer when another scientist hastily ran up to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Miss Kikyou! Don't go near him! He's clearly unstable…" the man yelped, terrified of every movement that Inuyasha made. Suddenly, Inuyasha lunged at Kikyou with every intent to rip out her throat and feed it to the rats. His golden eyes were bursting with hatred and fervent desire to bring her pain like she did him.

The man yelped before running away for help, leaving Kikyou to deal with the monster. Inuyasha lunged at her again before letting one of his long claws make contact with her cheek. She gasped lightly before stumbling away. "Inuyasha, you allowed the situation to become this way…had you cooperated –"

"– all you bastards did was torture me, you lying bitch!" His voice was growing hoarse with all the pain and raw emotion going into it.

Inuyasha spun around and proceeded to run, not stopping once at Kikyou's commands to stop. Most of the other scientists (torturers to Inuyasha's mind) had already run out in mass panic, afraid of what potential he had. His eyes darted around this way and that, ears swiveling to catch signs for other people. There were those who did not fear him…mainly those who had brought him here, Kikyou being one of them.

God, every time he thought about her, he wanted to rip something to shreds and then revive it just to do so again. She lied to him…and for her own personal gain. How someone could do that was beyond him…but he was used to it by now. No longer was he naïve to the people who worked here. They all had intentions, and all of them were bad ones.

"She can never save me…" He whispered, vanishing out into the starless sky.


Kagome tried desperately to keep her mouth from opening wide and displaying everything inside it to the customers seated nearby. She was working the late-shift…again. Glancing at the clock, she was sorely disappointed to find that it was only ten…meaning she still had until one in the morning before she could go.

"Excuse me!" A lady called, her eyes snapping on Kagome. She jolted from her stupor and immediately rushed to her side, plastering a wide, fake smile on her face. The woman sniffed, not at all amused. "I've been asking for a refill on my water, and no one's been listening!"

Mentally, Kagome could only wonder why, but she kept her thoughts to herself and assured the woman she'd have the job done right away. After filling the lady's glass and giving it back to her, somewhat grudgingly, she returned to her post, though this time she had a rag in hand to make it look as if she were being productive.

It's not that Kagome was some lazy girl who was looking to be paid just for standing around, but after working one-too-many late-shifts and dealing with pretty snippy people, she had just about enough.

"Do you ever wonder why people always seem to decide to come eat at ten? As if there's no better time to eat dinner…or breakfast," Sango added. Kagome looked up and smiled tiredly. She could only agree with her best friend's statement.

"I wonder if they've ever heard of grocery-shopping and cooking?" Kagome asked sarcastically earning a laugh from Sango. "That too."

"You know…I know I always say this…but sometimes I wish there was a little more something in my life. I know I'm only a student and that this is only a job to pay the bills…but seriously." Kagome mused like she often did during her uneventful work hours. Sango nodded in agreement.

"I can't help but feel the same way…but on the bright side, I'm thinking we'll be out of this job soon enough. We'll actually be doing something productive with our lives."

"Mm." was the only response Kagome could supply.

As the two girls stood there, each lost in their own thoughts and daydreams, an old woman hobbled over to them, an eye patch situated over her left eye. Her long gray hair was swept into a ponytail and her face was covered in so many wrinkles that Kagome sometimes felt as if she couldn't even see her real face.

"Oh great…" She murmured to Sango without trying to move her lips too much.

"What?!" Kaede snapped, looking somewhat dazed. "Speak louder!"

Kagome mentally rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, I'm not paying you two to stand around like mannequins! Get out there and do your job!" She spat before hobbling away on her worn-out legs. Sango had once quipped that it must be a peg leg…Kagome wouldn't be too surprised if that were to be true…


The night air clung to his skin, and he reveled in it. How long had it been since he had run like this? He took in a deep breath, almost forgetting to let it out, it was that good.

His white hair stuck out like a sore thumb in the middle of the darkened city. Suddenly, he pulled to a stop, sniffing the air.

Kouga. That damn wolf demon had been sent to follow him. However, Inuyasha knew with a few good turns and some careful evasiveness, he could escape the mangy wolf. If there was one thing he knew, it was that Kouga, although a full-blooded demon, was not as good when it came to Inuyasha's heightened senses. Not to say that Kouga wasn't a formidable adversary (not that Inuyasha would ever admit to it), but he still wasn't up to par with Inuyasha, despite him being a half-demon.

And he hated Kouga just as much as Kikyou. The only difference being that he never hated Kikyou from the start like he did Kouga. Something about Kouga's attitude set him off…they were very alike when it came to ego and their incorrigibility, but there was always that theory of not liking someone who was too much like you to begin with…

"Keep running, you mutt!" Kouga yelled, not too far behind him. "I'll still be running while you're struggling to walk!" Kouga had a very high endurance level though, something Inuyasha didn't like too much.

"Going to have to do it the hard way…" Inuyasha mumbled before scaling a building and reaching the roof. He wasted no time in jumping from rooftop to rooftop in an effort to evade Kouga. Suddenly, his ears perked when the sound of a gunshot reached him. Soon enough, the bullet came and hit him straight in the right shoulder. He let out a gasp of pain as he stumbled to keep balance on the rooftops. If he fell, there was the possibility of killing himself, though his healing abilities were much more than that of a human.

Keeping the thought of escaping his personal hell in mind, he continued to stagger over the rooftops, just barely jumping across each one before he finally touched the ground and collapsed near some garbage bins.


Kouga paused, the other men behind him coming to a stop as well. They cast each other questioning looks, wondering why after the heated pursuit they had stopped all so suddenly. "Kouga, sir…" one man began hesitantly. He was either the brave one, or the foolish one, to interrupt Kouga's train of thought like that.

"What?" He snapped, barely looking at the man who immediately shut up. Letting out a sigh, he faced the men behind him and began to walk past them. "Forget it now. We'll find him later. I'm sure one of you shot him, and as long as he's injured, he won't be too willing to move."

"But can't we just finish the job…"

"No!" Kouga whirled on the man behind him, his ice blue eyes boring into him. "If we go make a scene in front of the public, what do you think will happen?" As much as he wanted to punch the mutt shitless, he'd have to wait. He'd get his opportune moment soon enough…that he'd make sure of.


"Here's the last of it," Sango said, handing Kagome a huge trash bag filled with all sorts of junk. Kagome was amazed at how effortlessly the woman in front of her lifted them with one hand. She had to struggle just to drag them outside with both hands.

"Thanks," she muttered. This was the part of her job she hated the most. Working as cleaning crew. How…gross. She couldn't imagine some of the things she found in the garbage. Sometimes gross things…sometimes odd things, such as a necklace. She wasn't sure if that was purposely thrown in or what…but she can't say she wasn't tempted to at least try it on. That's disgusting…taking someone else's trash and digging through it…She berated herself.

With another huge heave, she managed to get the garbage bag outside the doorway and into the back alley where all the other garbage bags and dumpsters lay.

However, she didn't expect to stumble across a bloodied, half-dead-looking boy. At first, she stood their, eyes wide in shock as her mouth hung open like a gaping fish. Then, she dropped the trash bag and screamed.

On hindsight, it may have been a silly thing to do, but she was so overwhelmed, and she certainly wasn't expecting it either. A million questions rushed through her mind, especially when she caught sight of the blood. It soaked his shirt and his odd, snow-colored hair. And while gazing upon his hair, she saw two, fuzzy dog ears situated on top, and had absent-mindedly thought they were adorable.

Sango came rushing out, her brown eyes wide in shock before landing on Kagome and the bedraggled boy. "Oh my god!" She yelped, rushing over to Kagome. "He's…he's a demon!" She gasped, squatting down on the ground to get a closer look. If the long, white hair didn't give him away, it was certainly the two dog ears perched atop his head along with his claws that did.

"What do you think happened?" Kagome whispered, afraid he'd wake up any minute.

"I have no clue…but something very bad…bad enough that he was shot."

"We should call the police or something. He's in bad shape." Kagome supplied, staring at the boy's bloody shoulder. Blood still seemed to leak out.

"I don't think that's such a good idea…Don't you know how prejudice people are towards demons?"

"True…But we can't leave him like this. It's almost strange though…how he ended up here…"

"Yeah…" Sango muttered in agreement.

Suddenly, she jumped back when his eyes snapped open. They were golden and as intense as the sun. "He's awake!" She hissed, standing up and moving a few feet away from him. She wasn't about to sit there and let him rip her apart.

Kagome however, merely gasped a little and stumbled backwards. Inuyasha growled at her, and through his muddled sense of thought, could only think of one name: Kikyou.

"You little bitch! As if it wasn't enough for you to go around torturing me, now you have to shoot me too?! And where's Kouga, huh?!" He snapped, struggling to get to his feet. "I'll kill you!" He screeched, before lunging at Kagome, claws aimed straight for her throat.

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