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AN: Hey everyone! I'm back with the second story in the Forever Destined vignette series. Imperial Underground had such a huge response and I'm really excited about this one too. So, sit back and enjoy, as we begin Binary Sunset. This vignette takes place eight months after Imperial Underground.

Binary Sunset: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 1/?

Tatooine. It was without a doubt an unfortunate place to live. Slavery was rampant and all was controlled by the Hutts, a slug like race of gangsters, vile and filthy creatures. Indeed, Shmi Skywalker had been unfortunate enough to be a slave there, before she met Qui-Gon and fell in love. The cities were full of villainy and scum. You could trust no one. Its Cantinas were some of the most dangerous places in the galaxy. The thieving, murdering, brawling, and prostitution in Mos Eisley alone was enough to put all of Bespin or Coruscant's most vulgar establishments to shame. If you were fortunate enough not to be a shop owner in one of the cities, selling a variety of things and were fortunate enough not to be a slave, then you most likely lived in the desert, making a sparse living as a moisture farmer. Beyond the cities or the moisture farms, the dangers of the planet increased even more. The Jundland Wastes were free roaming territory to a savage race of nomadic beings known as Sand People or Tuskan Raiders. The Jundland Wastes made a perfect place for exile if someone chose such a life. The night air on Tatooine was quite chilly, but that always changed drastically when the planet's binary suns rose over the horizon. Inside a small hovel, in the barren Jundland Wastes, lived an occupant, who had chosen this place as her punishment for sins she had committed against the galaxy. She had been redeemed and forgiven, but she had chosen this fate for herself. She made it her life's work to help the unfortunate souls of this Force forsaken planet as much as she could. It had been too painful for her to remain on Coruscant. She still loved him and probably always would. She was glad he was happy, but she couldn't bare to watch him from a distance. The things she had done still haunted her. Darth Xana still haunted her, prodding her to return to the dark side for another taste of power. With the dark side, she could have it all. But she knew that Xana's philosophies were untrue; but that did not stop the Sith persona from haunting her thoughts. Serra Keto tossed and turned violently in her bed, sweat pouring down her face, as another frequent nightmare assaulted her.

Siri Tachi lay dead at her feet in the hot sand, a look of acceptance on her attractive face.

"You slaughtered the fool and showed her the power of the dark side. Yet...you stopped there," Xana hissed, as Padme Skywalker appeared before her.

"You had her...you could have slit her pretty throat. But you spared her and lost him forever!" Xana screamed, as Anakin appeared before her. She was forced to watch him take Padme in his arms and kiss her.

"You could have made him yours, you weakling! Yet, now you have nothing, you filth! You might as well curl up in your little sand hole and die!" Xana screamed.

"No one wants damaged goods! Your little Golden Boy doesn't want a stupid slut like you! No one will ever want you..." but this time, it wasn't Xana speaking. Siri was the one staring up at her, saying those words now.

"I'm sorry Siri...I'm sorry for killing you!" Serra cried out.

"Too late, you little tramp. Anakin should have let you commit suicide that day. Everyone would have been better off without you," Siri sneered.

"No...I've changed! I follow the light again! Darth Xana is dead!" Serra screamed.

"No Serra...she lives inside you...always," Anakin said.

"No...Anakin!" she reached out to him. But he smacked her hand away.

"Don't you get it, Serra? I don't want you. No one wants you!" he yelled.

"He's right. Why would he want you when he has me?" Padme said.

"Please...I'm sorry for everything! Please forgive me!" she screamed.

"Not until you forgive yourself, young one," a male voice said. Serra whirled around to find Cin Dralig, her former Master.

"Master..." she sobbed.

"No one can help you, Serra, until you help yourself," he said.

"Master...I need you!" Serra cried out. But he disappeared and melted into the cackling visage of the late former Chancellor Palpatine.

"Young fool...you'll never truly be free of the dark side. I'll see you in Sith hell!" Palpatine cackled.

"NOOOO!" Serra screamed, as the dream faded and she shot up in bed. She was panting and sweating profusely. She got out of bed and quickly headed for the shower. She stood under the hot water until it turned cold, as her salty tears mixed with the rest of the water.

Padme giggled, as her husband fed her another bite of chocolate covered shuura. They were sitting on the sofa and it was early evening. Her feet were propped up on his lap, as she rested against the sofa arm, a hand resting on her very pregnant stomach. The twins were playing in their room and Kimberly crawled about on the living room floor, playing with several of her toys.

"You're spoiling me, my love," she said.

"You know I love pampering you. Besides, your ankles are all swollen. You need to keep them elevated," he said, as he rubbed her small feet.

"I know," she replied.

"Don't you think it's time to begin your maternity leave? You're eight months along with twins. Bant said it could be any day now," he said.

"I know and I plan to in a few days. There's just a couple issues coming up in the next couple days that I want to be there for. I promise just a couple more days, then I'll begin my leave," she said.

"Okay, but I'm sure it's nothing that Jar Jar can't handle for you," he said.

"Maybe, but last time I left an important vote in his hands, Palpatine was granted Emergency powers and started a war," she replied. He smirked.

"Point taken, though I doubt something like that will happen now with Bail in power," Anakin replied, as he fed her another piece of fruit.

"You know...we still need to name them. We couldn't agree on anything last night," she said, as they watched Kimberly pull herself up and toddle to her father, her caramel colored pigtails bouncing as she did.

"Daddy!" she grinned, as he swooped her up into his lap.

"Hey there, tiny angel. What do you think we should call your little brother and sister?" he asked. She pointed her tiny finger at her mother's belly.

"Baby?" she asked.

"That's right sweetheart. The babies are in mommy's tummy," Padme told her.

"You really don't want to call them David and Danielle?" he asked.

"They're nice, but they just don't seem to fit," she replied, as she thought for a moment.

"How about Logan and Lana?" she asked. Kimberly blew a raspberry.

"I agree with tiny angel. Too many L's. She'll feel outnumbered," he joked, receiving a look of disdain from his wife.

"I doubt she will ever feel outnumbered. Not with the way she has you wrapped around her finger," Padme teased him.

"Maybe not, but I think we should go with a differed letter other than L," he said.

"You know, they don't have to match," she said.

"I guess not, but it's more fun if they do," he replied.

"Okay. I guess the search for your names continues, angels," Padme said, talking to their unborn twins. Suddenly, the door indicator chimed.

"Hold that thought," Anakin said, as he stood with Kimberly in his arms.

"Door!" she called.

"Yep, someone's at the door. Let's go see who it is," he said. He opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to find Bail and Breha Organa there.

"Hello Anakin. Breha and I thought we'd stop by to see Padme. I hope you don't mind," he said.

"Of course not. You're both always welcome," he replied, as he let them in.

"Breha's been shopping again," Bail chuckled, as he carried a bag.

"It's just a few things for the children," she responded in her own defense.

"I'm sure they will love it," Anakin said.

"Can you say hi to Uncle Bail and Aunt Breha?" he asked his daughter.

"Hi!" Kimberly parroted, as she waved her little hand.

"Hi sweetheart. Oh, she's getting so big," Breha gushed.

"Bail, Breha, what a wonderful surprise," Padme said, as she came beside her husband.

"Hello Padme," Breha said hugged her.

"You're absolutely glowing," Breha said, as she pulled back to look at her friend. Padme blushed shyly.

"Thank you," she replied. She felt so bad for Breha at times, for she wanted a baby of her own so badly.

"Come in and please sit," Padme motioned them to the living area. They got comfortable on the sofas and Threepio delivered a tray with a pot of caf and four mugs.

"Mommy, is someone here?" Leia called.

"It's Uncle Bail and Aunt Breha, sweetheart," Padme responded. The four-year-old twins scrambled into the room with their usual energy and greeted their guests with hugs.

"Oh my, you're both getting so big," Breha said.

"I'm four now!" Luke exclaimed, as he held up four fingers.

"Me too and I'm older than Lukie," Leia said.

"Nah uh," he protested.

"Uh huh," she replied.

"Are not," he said.

"Am too, right daddy?" she asked sweetly.

"You're both the same age," Anakin replied.

"But I was born first, right mommy?" she asked.

"Yes sweetheart, you were born two minutes before Luke," Padme replied.

"See?" Leia huffed with an air of superiority.

"Doesn't count," Luke said. Leia stamped her foot down.

"Does too!"

"Does not,"

"Luke William and Leia Elana Skywalker, we have guests and you will stop your quarreling, lest you both wish to be sent to your rooms," Padme said sternly. Bail and Breha couldn't help but chuckle slightly.

"I brought something for you both. I got them at my last trip to the marketplace," Breha said, as she presented two color pads.

"Wow, thank you Aunt Breha!" Leia said, as she received one with fairy tale animals to color.

"Yeah, thank you!" Luke said, as he received one with spaceships and speeders to color.

"Come on Lukie!" Leia said, as they found an area on the living room floor, where they set to coloring their pictures.

"And don't think I forgot you, little one," Breha said, as she presented Kimberly with a stuffed Alderaanian snow cat. Kimberly's eyes lit up, as she accepted the plush toy in her little hands. She giggled and hugged the toy.

"Thank you Breha, you didn't have to do that," Padme said.

"I know, but I wanted to. There's a couple more stuffed toys in here for the new little ones," Breha said, as she handed the bag to Padme.

"Thank you both," Padme said graciously.

"You know how we love spoiling them. But if things keep moving along, we might have our own little one soon," Bail said.

"Then things are going well with the adoption agency?" Padme asked.

"Slow, but very well," Bail replied.

"That's great. We both really hope it works out for you," Anakin said.

"Thank you. But speaking of little ones, have you decided on names for these new ones? They'll be here before you know it," Bail said. Padme smiled.

"As a matter of fact, we were in the process of disagreeing on that before you arrived," Padme said.

"I wanted David and Danielle, but Padme shot that down," Anakin said.

"They're nice, but they don't feel right. Besides, you shot me down too. Logan and Lana are nice names, but you think that's too many L's," Padme replied.

"It is, right tiny angel?" he asked, as he bounced her on his knee. She grinned at her father in response. Bail chuckled.

"Well, I'm sure whatever you call them, they will be beautiful," Bail said.

"You know, if your adoption goes through soon, your baby will be about the same age as these two. It will be nice for them to grow up together," Padme said.

"We agree," Breha replied, with a smile.

"Would you both like to join us for dinner? We'd love to have you," Padme said.

"Oh, we wouldn't want to be a bother," Breha said.

"No bother at all," Padme replied.

"Yeah and Padme's making my mom's famous Bantha Stew," Anakin added.

"Well, in that case, perhaps we will join you," Bail smiled.

"Great. I'll go get started," Padme said, allowing Bail and Breha to spend some time with the children. She smiled at her husband across the room, as they both watched the couple interact with Kimberly.

"I know you've answered a lot of prayers for me," Padme said quietly to the Force.

"But if you see fit, Bail and Breha would make some little orphan very happy, because they would be wonderful parents. You've truly blessed Anakin and I and I request the same for my dear friends," Padme said quietly, before retreating to the kitchen...

Since Serra's decision to leave for exile, her location had been the Council's closely guarded secret, which included her former Master, Cin Dralig. He spoke to Serra often in Master Yoda's meditation chambers, for the privacy. Today was no different, as he consoled her over the Holocom following another nightmare.

"Serra, I know it is hard to believe, but these nightmares will pass in time. You are still very much healing and it will be a very long process," Cin assured her.

"I know Master, thank you," Serra responded. He smiled gently.

"You're very welcome, my padawan. Now, I'll be loading up another supply crate and be sending it on a transport in the morning. You can pick it up at Watto's shop tomorrow afternoon as usual," Cin said.

"Thank you Master," she answered.

"Well, then I shall talk with you in a few days then. May the Force be with you," Cin said.

"And with you, Master," she answered, as the transmission winked out.

Ferus Olin sparred idly with Sha'a Gi, being that he was in charge of the inept Knight's lesson today. He had made a mild improvement in the last eight months, but if it was completely up to Ferus, he would have sent the sniveling fool to Agri-Corps long ago. Ferus was only half paying attention to the spar and still managed to knock Sha'a on his backside several times.

"Pathetic," he thought to himself.

"That's enough for today. Hit the showers," he barked at Sha'a. The Knight left to do so, as Ferus dabbed his forehead with a towel. The Knight and former padawan to Siri Tachi stood at about five feet nine inches with a thick crop of jet black hair and a pair of hazel eyes. He was what most considered to be an attractive young man, with a lean, muscular build, but he was angry. He had been this way since Siri's murder and many were concerned about him. He picked up his shirt and his satchel, heading to his quarters to shower. He dropped his things on his bed, once he was there, and opened the drawer of his night stand, pulling out a holo he had framed of him and Siri together.

"You should still be here with me," he gritted his teeth to hold back the tears and shoved the holo back in the drawer, before heading for the fresher. In the last year of Siri's life, their relationship had evolved beyond that of Master and Padawan. They chose to keep it a secret and even till this day, Ferus had told no one that he and Siri had become lovers. As he stepped into the shower, he recalled their first night together and how it had happened...

He lay awake in their tent. They were currently stationed on Felucia, embroiled in a battle between the Republic and the Separatists. He'd been listening to his Master quietly cry, as she thought he was asleep. Normally, she was very strong, but Obi-Wan's rejection still got to her at times. And now they had heard about how close Obi-Wan was becoming with Sola Naberrie. The news had hit her hard and made Ferus' blood boil. She deserved to be loved. She was beautiful, kind, and a wonderful person. His attraction to his Master was nothing new to him. At his twenty-one years of age, his hormones were raging and had been since he was fifteen. But he was more than just attracted to her and he wanted nothing more than to love her the way she deserved to be loved. He was painfully aware of their age difference, but that didn't seem to matter to his heart at all.

"Master...are you going to be all right?" he asked. Siri sniffed and quickly wiped her tears away.

"I'm sorry Ferus, did I wake you?" she asked.

"No Master...I've been awake," he said, as he raised their lantern's glow.

"I'm sorry I kept you awake," she said.

"I'm worried about you, Master," he said. She smiled.

"Thank you Ferus, but I'll be fine," she said, patting his shoulder.

"Now or never," Ferus said to himself, as he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. To his pleasant surprise, she kissed back for a brief moment, before pushing him away.

"Ferus...no..." she said.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Well for one, you are my padawan. And another, I am almost old enough to be your mother," Siri replied.

"I'm not a little boy anymore, Master, nor are you my mother. I don't care about your age. The heart wants what it wants," he said fiercely.

"Ferus...we can't," Siri stressed.

"The Council does not forbid it, but strongly frowns on romantic relationships between Masters and Padawans," Siri said.

"But I will soon no longer be a padawan. You told me yourself that I am ready for the trails and that I would begin them as soon as we were recalled to Coruscant...if that even happens," he snorted.

"It will...and yes, you are ready. But if we were to be intimate, it would drastically change everything between us," she replied.

"Maybe I want it to change. Maybe I want to be more than your padawan," he said.

"Ferus..." she began.

"I love you," he blurted out. Siri was stunned by the emotion in his voice.

"Oh Ferus," she said in lament.

"We could keep it between us...at least until I'm Knighted. And who really cares what they think anyway? You never have before. I know I can love you the way you should be loved!" he said fiercely. As Siri stared at the handsome young man before her, her resolve slowly dwindled...and Ferus could feel it. He kissed her again and Siri could feel the need and desire he was feeling. It had been so long since anyone had wanted or needed her and it felt so good. As he pressed his hard body against hers, she felt herself give in and she began to kiss back.

"Ferus..." Siri rasped, as he kissed at her neck. The exuberance of his youth thrilled and excited her. It had been a long time since she had been made love to. Since Obi-Wan, she'd had plenty of sex, but not by a man that had any sort of feelings for her.

"Ferus...you must be sure about this. It really will change everything," she said.

"I know Master. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm about to be with the woman I love...at last," he said.

"Then stop calling me Master," she replied. He smirked and captured her lips in his own again...

Tears streamed down Ferus' cheeks, as he remembered the many passionate nights he'd spent in Siri's arms, kissing her and making love to her. Everything had completely changed for them after that, but it had been a wonderful change. Siri had eventually fallen in love with him as well and on the evening of his Knighting, she had told him so. That night had been filled with love and passion...

Ferus sipped at his drink, as the small celebration of his Knighting wafted around him. He saw Siri speaking to her old Master and watched, as her eyes soon locked with his from across the room. He watched as she approached him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Congratulations on your Knighting, young one. I have a gift for you. Meet me in my quarters in ten minutes. Don't be tardy," she said, as she quietly left the celebration. Ferus waited impatiently and followed a few moments later, arriving exactly on time. As he entered her quarters, he saw her standing there, dressed in a black negligee that made his eyes nearly pop out of his skull. She approached him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Ferus...I know that I have not said the words you have longed to hear, as you have said them to me," she began. Ferus lowered his head, dreading that she was about to tell him that she did not love him.

"You are a Knight now and I feel I can let you know my true feelings. I'm in love you with you as well," she said. Ferus' eyes widened, as he looked up at her.

"You...are?" he asked. She smiled.

"Believe me, I never thought I would have ever fallen in love with you...but I have. I thought maybe after we return from our mission to Tatooine, we could make it public. But for now, I think I'd like to keep it between us," Siri said. Ferus smiled.

"Me too," he replied, as he captured her lips in a kiss. It would be a long night of lovemaking for them, as the rest of their comrades remained oblivious to their togetherness...

Ferus' tears soon turned to anger, as he remembered the last time they were together. They were on Tatooine, sharing a drink in a local Cantina, when they felt a disturbance in the Force. Siri had ordered him to stay behind, telling him that he needed to complete the mission they had come here for. That was when the Crime Lord they had been tracking came in. He was forced to stay and deal with the fool, while Siri left to take care of whatever it was that she had sensed. And that was the last time he saw her. When he found her, she was dead. He assumed that she had been slain by the Sith and later learned it to be Serra Keto that had killed her after her fall to the dark side. From that moment on, he swore he would make Serra pay for killing the woman he loved. Unfortunately, after her supposed return to the light, she was kept in isolation and then left for an unknown planet to complete her healing in seclusion. But Ferus vowed to find out where she was. And when he did, he would go there to seek his revenge for Siri...