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Binary Sunset: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 5/5

Anakin stood at the doorway of the nursery on their ship. They were two hours into their eight hour journey back to Coruscant and Padme was putting the twins down again. It was one of his favorite things to watch her with them like this and listen to her beautiful, soothing voice sing their children a lullaby. He yawned, realizing how tired he was. Newborns would do that, he knew, but also knew he would never change a second of it for anything. Padme finished the lullaby and peered down into the small bassinets, making sure they both were tucked in and warm.

"Sleep tightly angels," she said, as she kissed both their tiny heads.

"You never have to worry about anyone hurting you, because you have a daddy that loves you all very much," Padme whispered, as she retreated toward the door. They quietly let the door slide closed, as Anakin swept her into his strong embrace.

"Did you contact the Temple?" she asked. He nodded.

"Yes, I told them to expect us in about six hours. I told them that the mission was successful, though I did not inform them with the details. I said we'd explain when we got there. Other than that, they're oblivious to what really happened on Tatooine and about the twins," he said. She smiled and giggled a little.

"I can't wait to see their faces when we come down the ramp with them," she said, as she sat the baby monitor on the table and plopped down on the sofa with her husband at her side.

"Me either. I think they're also expecting me to bring Ferus back in stun cuffs," Anakin replied.

"I'm so glad it didn't come to that. Now Serra can heal from the wounds Grievous and Sidious delivered her. And Ferus can heal from the pain of losing Siri," she said, as she kissed him.

"Love will heal them, just like your love healed me," she said, as her eyes watered, glistening with the overwhelming feelings she had for him.

"You're right; love can heal all wounds. I'm just glad Ferus and Serra have opened their hearts again. Serra was put through hell and Ferus lost his Master. That's extremely difficult for any padawan," he said.

"Ani...Ferus and Siri were in love," she told him. Anakin raised his eyebrows.

"Who told you that?" he asked.

"Ferus did, though I had my suspicions," she replied.

"Wow. I did not see that one coming," Anakin said. She giggled.

"Women's intuition, baby. But Ferus is letting go now and I think Serra will fill that void in his heart," Padme said.

"I hope so, though I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. I'd be lost in the darkness without you by my side," he said.

"But you're not going to lose me. You're holding on way too tightly for that to happen, my love," she replied, as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his. The tender, passionate embrace lasted for several moments before their lips finally parted.

"Come on, we should take a nap while we can," he said, as they got up and joined hands.

"I agree," Padme said, as she took the baby monitor with them, before they bedded down among the massive cushions in the living area. Padme snuggled close to his chest and they easily fell fast asleep...

Anakin smiled, as he stepped down the ramp with Artoo rolling beside him. Yoda, Qui-Gon, Mace, and Obi-Wan all waited and now came in closer now that the ship's engines were cut.

"Anakin, I have two Knights on their way to escort Ferus to an isolation room. Is he aboard?" Mace asked.

"No, he's on Tatooine with Serra," Anakin responded in a nonchalant manner. Mace's eyes widened.

"Anakin, you were supposed to reprimand him. If you left him on Tatooine, then Serra is still in danger," Obi-Wan said.

"Not anymore. Don't worry, Padme and I will explain everything. Won't we angel?" he asked, as she slowly stepped down the ramp with two tiny bundles in her arms.

"Everyone...meet Jayden and Jenna Skywalker," Padme announced, as they all peered down at the wriggling bundles in her arms. Dooku smiled.

"Well, this is a story I certainly can't wait to hear," e said.

"Me either. Let's settle in the Council Room. Then, we'll take three of you to Bant," Qui-Gon responded. Master Yoda sat on his hover pad and chuckled.

"An interesting story this will be. Right I was...hmmm..." Yoda chuckled.

"Not so fast Master. We'll see just how right you were," Mace glared at the small Master. Anakin and Padme chuckled, wondering if they should tell Mace he would be eating his words.

Once inside the Council Room, the twins were first passed to Aayla and Kit, who were taking the first turn holding them.

"Begin your story now, you will," Yoda said.

"Okay. Well, we started in Mos Espa and asked Watto if he had seen Ferus. He hadn't, so we spent the rest of the day looking, before returning to ship. The next morning, we set out for Anchorhead," Anakin began.

"We ran into Serra in a Cantina there. She was not at al happy to see us and stormed out. Threepio then told us that Artoo had spotted Ferus following Serra. Ani rented a speeder and we went after them," Padme continued.

"We caught up to them outside Serra's hovel in the Jundland Wastes. Ferus was intent on killing Serra and I was about to stop him when we were attacked by Tuskan Raiders. We fought them off, but Ferus suffered a nasty blow to the head," Anakin said.

"And at the same time, I went into labor. Serra patched Ferus' wound and then helped deliver the twins right there in her hovel. Things drastically changed after the twins were born," Padme added.

"Ferus came to his senses after seeing the compassion Serra was capable of. Birthing the twins changed Serra's whole outlook on love. Now, they're helping each other heal," Anakin concluded.

"They're together?" Mace asked in disbelief.

"I know, it's amazing. Padme and I can't take the credit either. These two did it all," Anakin said, indicating the twins.

"Incredible," Dooku said, as he held his newest great granddaughter.

"Serra and Ferus said they'll return when they're ready. I gave them some local currency to deliver to Watto to get him out of hot water with Jabba, so we'll still be able to send supply shipments there," Anakin said.

"That Toydarian always was a scoundrel," Qui-Gon said.

"Well then, I guess the mission is accomplished, better than we had hoped for," Obi-Wan said.

"I'll inform Master Dralig of what has occurred and assure him that Serra is okay," Qui-Gon said.

"Anakin, you should take Padme and the children to see Bant. Then, we can all go home and surprise their grandmother's," Dooku said. Anakin nodded with a smile, as they left for the med ward, with their children in their arms. The rest of the Council hung back for a moment, some glaring at the tiny, gloating Master.

"Hmm...right I was it seems," Yoda chuckled.

"So you keep telling us," Mace grumbled.

"Yes Master, just how did you know things would go so well?" Dooku questioned suspiciously.

"Visited me through the Force, Ferus' old Master did. Planned to knock some sense into her padawan she did. Came up with this together, we did," Yoda said.

"Wait...Siri came to you and you didn't tell us?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Tell you everything, I do not. Not my keeper, you are," Yoda huffed.

"Well, it would have been nice to know this little plan when you sent my grandson and pregnant granddaughter to that horrible planet," Dooku grumped.

"Hmmm...but trust in the Force, you must always. Healed Ferus and Serra will be, through the power of love. The right people for this mission, Anakin and Padme were. All is well now, all is well. Seen to that, the All Mighty Force has," Yoda replied. The other Masters nodded.

"You're right Master," Mace admitted, along with the others who had been doubtful of the plan too. Yoda chuckled again, making the other Masters roll their eyes.

"Yes, yes, right I was, as usual. Pay up, you must now," the tiny creature chuckled, as he held out his palm. The other Masters grumbled, as they dug into the pockets of their robes. Yoda's tiny hands were soon overflowing with credit chips. Obi-Wan looked on, seeming that he had definitely missed something.

"Wait...you all bet on whether or not the mission would be successful?" Obi-Wan asked in disbelief. Kit looked at him strangely.

"Of course we bet; we always do," Kit grinned.

"But...how come I didn't know about it?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Because we'd knew you'd tell Anakin. You two can get in on the next vote," Dooku replied nonchalantly.

"You're all insane, the lot of you," Obi-Wan shook his head. Aayla smiled and patted his shoulder.

"Well, look at it this way. It keeps things mighty interesting during what would normally be boring Council meetings," she joked. Obi-Wan couldn't help but chuckle, as he watched his father and grandfather fork over several credits to the gloating little Grand Master.

Sola glanced up and saw Anakin and Padme enter.

"You're back," she said, as she did a double take, now noticing the bundles in their arms. She let out a surprised yelp, making Anakin and Padme laugh.

"What...what happened?" Sola asked.

"Well, they decided they wanted to be born in the middle of the desert," Padme replied.

"Yeah, but it all worked out. We're just here to get mommy and babies an exam, just to make sure everything's okay," Anakin added.

"Ohh...they're so precious," Sola awed, as Anakin put Jayden in her arms. Bant smiled, as she came in.

"You both can come back," she motioned to them. They did so and proceeded with the exam.

"Amazing. So, Serra is all right, you're sure?" Cin asked.

"Yes, very much so. Anakin assured me that she's better than she has been in a long time and will only improve," Qui-Gon replied.

"That boy better treat her right," Cin said gruffly, referring to Ferus. Qui-Gon smiled.

"I'm sure he will. You know Serra will keep him on his toes. If Luke and Leia are finished for the day, I think I'll take them to see their parents," Qui-Gon said.

"Yes, they're finished. They're enjoying free time with the other younglings," Cin said, as they stepped inside the play room.

"Luke, Leia, it's time for you to go," Cin called. The twins looked up and ran to their grandfather.

"Hi grandpa!" they chirped.

"Hello little ones," he said, as he hugged them.

"Come along, I have a surprise for you," Qui-Gon said. The twins chatted about what it could possibly be, as Qui-Gon led them to the med wing.

"Well...is everything okay?" Anakin asked.

"Mommy and babies are in perfect health," Bant replied, with a smile.

"You're free to leave. I sent in your order for diapers and essentials. I also ordered powdered milk, so you and others can help Padme with feeding time. A carrier droid should deliver it all in a few hours to your residence," Bant said.

"Thank you Bant," Padme said.

"It's always a pleasure, Padme. Stay out of trouble, Ani," she said playfully, as she left them. Anakin helped Padme dress and they lifted the babies from the holding crib, before exiting the exam room.

"Mommy! Daddy!" the twins chorused, as their parents came out into the waiting area. Anakin and Padme smiled at them, and handed off the newborns to Sola and Qui-Gon, so they could properly hug their two oldest children.

"Mommy and daddy missed you both so much," Padme said, hugging and kissing them both.

"Wow..." Luke said in awe, as he noticed the whimpering infants.

"Mommy, you had the babies!" Leia exclaimed.

"I sure did," Padme said, as she lifted Leia, while Anakin lifted Luke up.

"This is your new brother, Jayden, and your new sister, Jenna," Padme explained.

"I have a brother now!" Luke exclaimed.

"You sure do, buddy. Ready to go surprise everyone at great grandpa's?" Anakin asked.

"Yay!" Luke cheered. They put the twins down and accepted the babies again. A half hour later, they had all finally gathered on the landing pad and boarded a transport for Dooku's penthouse.

"Look, papa is home early," Shmi said to Kimberly, as her husband came in with Dooku, Obi-Wan, and Sola.

"Well, that's because we have a surprise for you all," he said to Shmi, Jobal, and Elana. Luke and Leia trotted inside, followed by their parents. The three women immediately spotted the bundles in Anakin and Padme's arms, and yelped in surprise, much like Sola had earlier.

"You...you had the babies?" Elana asked.

"But...that's two weeks early," Shmi said.

"Look at who their parents are. These two have to be the most impatient people I know," Sola teased.

"Here you go grandma. This is Jayden," Anakin said, placing him in Elana's arms.

"Oh...hello little prince," Elana cooed.

"Daddy!" Kimberly called in excitement, as Shmi handed her to him.

"Hey there, tiny angel," he said, as he kissed her hair.

"Mom, this is Jenna," Padme said, as she placed her in Jobal's arms.

"Oh Padme...she's gorgeous," Jobal gushed. The entire family sat down together in the living area, each taking turns with the twins. Even Ryoo and Pooja each got to hold one. Luke, Leia, and Kimberly sat with their parents, as they told the story of the happenings on Tatooine and the twins' birth, after which they sat down to dinner together.

Some time later, they arrived home and got their children ready for bed. A little past nine, they quietly closed the nursery door. All their children were finally in bed asleep. They smiled at each other and walked out into the living area. She cuddled against him, as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her forehead.

"Tired?" he asked.

"Yes, but not too tired to spend some quality time with my wonderful husband," she replied. He smiled.

"Glad to hear it. And since you can have alcohol again, I think I should go retrieve that bottle of red wine I've been saving," he said.

"That sounds magnificent. I'll meet you on the veranda, after I change," she said, heading for the bedroom. He smiled, as he watched her go, before heading to the kitchen. Once he retrieved the wine and two long stemmed glasses, he went to the bedroom and changed into his black sleep pants and matching shirt, which he left open, before he left for the rendevous with his wife on their apartment's veranda. He observed her, as he arrived. A sexy, knee length, lacy robe covered her form, red in color, and very thin. Her hair cascaded down her back in waves of chocolate and as she turned, her beautiful brown eyes beckoned him. He smirked at her and popped the cork on the wine, using the Force of course, and poured two glasses. He set the bottle down and joined her at the railing handing her a glass.

"Thanks sweetheart," she said, as she leaned against him, as he stood behind her, holding her in his protective embrace.

"It's so good to be home," she said, as they sipped at their wine.

"I know what you mean. I don't know how people stand living on that sand ball," he replied.

"There is definitely something to be said for climate control," she added. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"The binary sunset was pretty though," she mentioned.

"Yes it was. Pretty ironic how our twins were born during the setting of twin suns," Anakin replied.

"Very ironic, but in a good way," she said, as they finished their first glass and set them aside. With both arms free, they wrapped them around each other, holding one another close. His lips descended upon hers in a soul searing kiss that left her entire body tingling. Padme hummed pleasurably, as he places kisses along her neck. The last three weeks, they were forced to refrain from any lovemaking, for Bant had feared that it could send her into premature labor. Bant had her fun, making sure to tell Anakin that he wasn't "getting any" for a while. The embarrassed and crestfallen look on his face still made her giggle. Yet, it had also been three long weeks for her as well, for she wanted and ached for him, just as much. She combed her fingers through his shaggy mane, as their lips met again and again in a passionate array of kisses. Padme glided her hands over the bare, muscled planes of his chest and slowly inched the shirt off his broad shoulders. He broke the kiss, as his shirt fell to the floor.

"Padme, are you sure you're feeling up to this?" he asked.

"I feel fine," she replied, as she placed several kisses on his chest.

"You just had twins," he reminded.

"Yes I did and it's been several weeks since I've been allowed the pleasure of being with my very handsome, sexy husband," she paused, as he undid the cord of her robe and parted it, revealing a matching pair of red lace panties and a red lace bra.

"Force...you're beautiful," he uttered, as he captured her lips in his, kissing her hard and passionately. He pressed his hard body against hers, eliciting an excited moan from her throat, as he plundered her mouth. He broke the kiss long enough to sweep her into his arms, before their lips crashed together again. The passion burned hot and brightly between them as always. Their love burned hotter than any sun and brighter than any star, always, like a constant flame of eternity that could never be, nor ever would be extinguished...

Xalazar De'reux, the head of the very wealthy and notorious crime family was livid like he had never been before. His auburn hair was very short, militarily styled and he was well built for combat, like most Corellian elite. His wife, Anya, sat next to him. She was beautiful, but it was a cruel, cold beauty. Her flaxen white, blonde hair cascaded down to the middle of her back and her light blue eyes were like orbs of ice. Next to her sat their youngest son, Zachius, who was twenty-four. He had his mother's coloring and was built like his father. Devan had been arrested days ago by those filthy Jedi and they had just come from his hearing. No one had ever arrested a De'reux and made the charges stick. They were known to always get away with anything they did. But not this time. The judge had blatantly refused their handsome payoff and sentenced Devan to twenty years in Coruscant's maximum security prison. She had been so snide to remark that they were lucky she had refrained from sending him to Kessel. As if that was supposed to appease them. Xalazar slammed his fist on the table angrily.

"That Jedi brat had something to do with this, I know he did," Xalazar swore. Zachius snorted.

"The All Mighty Chosen One speaks and they bow like insolent fools," the young man remarked.

"Darling, there are whispers that Skywalker's wife specifically asked Judge Annae to take Devan's case. That little tart conspired to make sure our son went to prison," Anya spoke cooly. Xalazar snarled.

"Then the Skywalker's have made some powerful enemies. Mark my words, they will pay for this," he said. Anya smirked.

"Of course they will, Xal, my darling. And I can't wait to put them in their place. The time will come to make them suffer," she smirked.

"But in the mean time, Devan is in prison!" Zachius exclaimed. Xal smirked evilly.

"For now, my son, for now," Xal said smugly, as the door to the conference room opened. Standing there was Garret Wells himself.

"Mr. De'reux, I understand you have an interesting proposition for me," he said, as he took his seat.

"How would you like to form a little...alliance of sorts," the De'reux patriarch began.

"Well, that would depend on what's in it for me," Wells answered.

"All the funding for your little Imperial Underground that you can imagine," Xal said. Garret was intrigued.

"And what would I have to do?" he asked skeptically.

"Get my son out of prison. The people you work for did it for you and they can do it for Devan. In exchange, you have all the resources of the De'reux Empire at your fingertips," Xal said.

"We all want the same things, Mr. Wells. To see the Jedi be exterminated and to reform the Republic into the Empire that it should be," Anya added. Garret smirked mirthfully.

"Well, then I guess this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. My superiors will be in contact soon," Garret said, as he stood. Xal shook his hand and smirked as he left.

"Yes...this is only the beginning. The Chosen One and his little wife will pay for crossing me..." he sneered evilly.

A few days later...

Anakin and Padme smiled at each other, as they stood outside the Organa residence.

"I can't believe we're actually able to do this. They're going to be so happy," Padme gushed.

"I know and I'm glad," he replied, as he looked at the tiny bundle in her arms. All five of their children were with their grandparents. Just two days ago, Anakin had been on his routine patrol in the slums of Coruscant when he found the baby in his arms. The baby had been abandoned by its mother in an alley, or so Anakin assumed. He took the baby to the Temple and had her checked out by Bant. It was determined that the baby's midichlorian count was not high enough to be trained as a Jedi one day. When they had cases like this, usually they found a nice orphanage for the child until it could be adopted. But this time, he already knew of two people that wanted a child. Two people who were already parents without children. And here they stood, as Bail answered the door.

"Anakin and Padme...what a surprise," Bail said.

"Hello Bail," Padme said, as he let them in.

"What a nice surprise. Is this one of your new little ones? Where's the other one?" Breha asked, as she peered at the baby, who had a patch of brown hair and brown eyes.

"No Breha, this little one isn't ours," Padme replied. Breha's brows furrowed in confusion.

"I don't understand," she said. Anakin cleared his throat.

"A few days ago, I found this little one abandoned in an alleyway. She needs a good home and we couldn't bare to take her to an orphanage, since her midichlorian count isn't high enough to be admitted the crechling. Padme and I couldn't think of two better candidates than the two of you to care for her," Anakin said. Breha, nor Bail, could speak.

"She's yours...if you want her," Padme replied, as she placed the little whimpered girl in Breha's arms. Tears streamed down the Queen's face, as she cradled the child.

"You...this means the galaxy to us. How will we ever show our thanks," Bail asked, fighting tears of his own.

"You can raise her together into a happy, healthy little girl. And you can bring her over often, so she can play with Jayden and Jenna. That will be more than enough thanks for us," Padme replied, as Anakin put his arm around her waist.

"She doesn't have a name yet, so you had better get busy on that," he said, with a smile, in which Bail returned.

"We'll get back to you on that. And we'll be setting up a play date for her and the twins soon," Bail said gratefully. Anakin and Padme nodded, leaving quietly, and allowing the new family to bond.

"Oh Bail...she's absolutely beautiful. What will we call her?" Breha asked, overwhelmed with emotion at the moment.

"She will be a beautiful little princess. We should call her Natalie, after our favorite flowers that grow in the palace gardens at home," Bail said.

"The ones you first presented to me when you were courting me. They are very beautiful, so it's the perfect name for her," Breha replied. The baby whimpered and Breha readied a bottle from the supplies Anakin and Padme had left. Together, Bail and Breha fed her and watched her drift to sleep. They kissed her tiny head.

"Sleep well, my little one. My little Natalie," Bail whispered to his new daughter...

The End...for now.

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