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The Unlikely

Chapter One

"Avada Kedavra."

Two simple words, created to take that of creation; Life. Life is judged by the years you live, from birth to death. What would happen, say, if the curse went wrong – reacted with an unforeseen, deadly force - and instead of taking away your years of life, took instead the years you would live? Or at least, tried to.

Not much is known about the legendary Hatake white chakra, other than it is lightning like, powerful, and extremely volatile. Chakra, like magic, flows through your body like blood as your life source. If it where to be violently disrupted, and stripped away, you would die.

However, as previously stated, white chakra is volatile, and not like ordinary chakra. Being so violently disrupted in such a way, for example, like the Avada Kedavra, would cause it to react in the same sort of violent way.

And if, perhaps, this white chakra happened to be the unseen, deadly force that made the curse go wrong, strange things would happen.

Like being sent back in time.

What if white chakra was a recessive gene, and only surfaced when – oh, just say it – violently disrupted? Maybe with an Avada Kedavra, of course.

What possibility would there be, then, that a child born from an old, powerful family would posses such a gene? And would be hit with an Avada Kedavra, before its magic matured, and was at its most volatile?

Well, it wouldn't die. But it might cause the Hatake gene to surface, spark throughout it's system and practically rebound the curse back into its caster, the sudden influx of chakra carving a lightning bold scar somewhere on the child's body – most likely where the curse struck, and the chakra first awakened.

Such an influx of chakra could also be such a shock and charge that it would overload the cells closest to it, which might be the ones giving the head's hair colour. Well, if such a thing were to happen, then it's all too likely that the child's once dark hair wouldn't be so dark anymore. But it's also unlikely that such a curse would hit anywhere near that spot, of course.

However, the resulting effect of such a magical and chakra infused conflict might follow the previously mentioned theory and bodily send the infant into the past, in an incredibly random direction and place – say, fourteen years, at least.

This infant would die fourteen years earlier than it was supposed to, but it would also be fourteen years older than it should be, at any given time.

But really, what are the chances of that ever happening?

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