And now, without further delay, heeeeeeeere's the Americans! First up, Mr. Daniels!

Daniels walk onto the stage and sits in the chair of doom.

Announcer: Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars…

Daniels: Who's there?

Announcer: Mr. Daniels…he has a short temper.

Daniels: I do not!

Announcer: Do too!

Daniels: Shut yer face!

Announcer: Told ya so. Mr. Daniels…he's a munchkin.

Daniels: I ain't no munchkin!

Announcer: Mr. Daniels…his temper isn't the only thing short about him.

Daniels: You callin' me short?

Announcer: Yep. Shouldn't you get back to Oz, lil' munchkin?

Daniels: Damn it, I ain't no munchkin!

Announcer: Language! Watch your mouth, lil' munchkin!

Daniels: I ain't a munchkin! Stop that!

Announcer: Now you know, Mr. Daniels, a short-tempered munchkin.

Daniels: I AIN'T A MUNCHKIN!!!!!!!

A/N: next up, Henderson!