Chapter 1- The Incident
I lay on my bed, quietly staring at the blank, dull ceiling. My music was playing and the house was quiet for once, Naruto wasn't yelling at me to get out and do something instead of acting like a depressed little kid. I had returned to Konoha 3months ago after fulfilling my ambition in killing my brother. I had been put on trial and proven innocent due to persuasion by Orochimaru. Now I had climbed the ranks and was at Jounin level and on break, as well as the rest of tem 7.

I could hear Naruto moving about his room next door, Sakura's was across the hall from mine and Naruto's. She had her own bathroom, being the only girl in the house. As for Kakashi's room it was at the very end of the hall. Of course all of us boys shared a bathroom.

I heard Naruto leave his room, closing the door behind him and going over to Sakura's room. I heard a silent knock and a door open. "Would you like to go with me and Hinata to the movies, Sakura-chan?" I heard him ask, I could easily hear the smile in his voice.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I have things I need to take care of. Go ahead and have fun with Hinata-san." Silence. "Maybe you should ask Sasuke if he would like to join you." She added thoughtfully.

"Alright." Naruto mumbled, sounding more discouraged then he should have, in my opinion.

I heard the door close shut with a slam click and short footsteps, then my door flew open. I glared at Naruto, sure he was my best friend and all but did he have to be so goddamn annoying?

"Wana go with me and Hinata to the movies?" he asked crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe.

I scoffed, "No I don't want to listen to you two make out the whole time I'm there." I said closing my eyes and smirking.

I heard him mumble something unintelligible and close the door, harder then necessary. My music continued to play and I relaxed listening to it. It was a rock CD. Not metal or anything, just alternative. Everyone thinks just because I seem dark and mystique I'm emo. But only those who know me well know I just am a kind of person who usually keeps to himself and feels more comfortable in my own environment, usually consisting only of Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi.

I laid there listening to the occasional shuffle of feet from Sakura's room, Kakashi was out, as he normally was. Probably reading his book and training. I thought to myself.

I heard Sakura's door open and her footsteps approach my door. She knocked gently on the door and awaited me permission to enter.

"Hn." I said keeping my eyes closed. I heard the door open and her light footsteps on the hardwood floor.
"Do you want something for lunch?" she asked, her voice soft and low. She knew I didn't like to be bothered when I was like this, relaxing and listening to music.

I opened one eye and looked at her. She gave me a crocked, apologetic smile. I sat up opening my eyes and stretched, my joints cracked, "Naruto gone?" I asked, stretching out my long legs and looking at her across the room.

"Ya, he went with Hinata." She said walking out of my room and out into the kitchen. I followed her and sat down at the table, watching as she made grilled cheese. One of my favorites.
She was quiet the whole time she made mine, the she placed them on a plate and set them in front of me, then began to make hers. I ate still watching her, "Your quiet" I stated the obvious. She turned her head and glanced at me then just when she turned it away she made a face I probably was supost to see. Maybe I was imagining things but did she look, uncomfortable?

I waited for her to say something as I took a bite of my sandwich she finally answered, "I thought you like quiet." She said, flipping her sandwich and tapping the toe of her shoe on the floor, inpatients? She seemed to be a little fidgety today.

My theory was confirmed when she glanced at the clock. "I do like the silence, when I'm by myself. I guess I've grown accustomed to you talking your heart out when I'm with you." I said smirking.

She laughed, turning off the stove and putting her sandwich on a plate, "I can understand that." She sat at her usual place across from me and took a bite of her sandwich. I took a bite out of my second one.

"Are you going somewhere?" I asked suddenly as she looked at the clock again. She made the face again, not hiding it this time.
"Not really." She hesitated, looking as if she was debating weather or not to tell me, "I was supost to…. Go on a date with… Kiba." She said looking at her plate and took another bite.

I grimaced. Kiba wasn't exactly the ideal best behaved guy. "Kiba?" I said keeping my voice casual, although I despised the thought of her going with him, he was nowhere near good enough for her.

She nodded, "Ya. But I decided not to. He just doesn't seem like my type anyway." She said taking another bite. I nodded and grunted a 'hn'.

After lunch Sakura washed the dishes as I sat and watched her. She turned around and leaned against the counter, "Well, are you doing anything?" she asked jumping on the counter and sitting on it.
"To be honest, other then bored myself to death, no." I said placing my elbow on the table and cupping it under my chin. She smiled.
"Mind coming out with me after I tell Kiba I'm canceling?" she said swinging her legs back and forth, I could hear the subtle whooshing on the air.
"Hn." I said, watching as she jumped from the counter and went over to the phone.

She dialed a number and waited. "Hello. Kiba?" she waited a moment. "I'm sorry but I'm going to have to cancel." She said tapping her foot as she listened to him ask questions. "I just can't, I'm sorry, to be honest I don't have a good excuse." One thing I admired about her is that she told things to people straight out, she didn't lie. "I'm glad you think so." She said a small smile gracing her lips. "Alright, bye Kiba." She hung up and turned to me. "He understood."

I nodded, "Where are we going?" I asked, not really caring. I stood up and pushed in the chair.

"A walk." She said as she went to go grab her jacket. it was winter and it was unbelievably freezing. I got my coat and slid it on as well. As we walked out into the cold weather I shivered inside my coat. Glancing at Sakura I saw she too was cold.

"Are we even going anywhere?" I asked as we walked down the front steps and onto the street. Sakura shrugged as we walked side by side. We walked for a while, gradually getting uste to the cold. Sakura stopped in front of a small shop. She looked at me, I nodded.

We went inside the small, but cozy shop. Inside there was an old women, no younger then 50. He hair was pure silver, pulled back into a tight bun. She smiled at us as we entered, Sakura of course smiling back.

We walked over to a small area in the back were some jewelry was. Sakura examined the necklaces. She sorted through them as I watched. The only girl I ever understood was Sakura. She was very self-conscious when it came to her looks. She never wore make-up though, which was another good thing. A lot of the other girls her age all wore make-up.

Sakura smiled as she found a necklace with a cherry blossom pendant on it. She looked through the glass of the display case it was in. I could see why she liked it. In the middle it had a small white diamond with pink diamonds circling around it as petals, all of the diamonds outlined in silver. The chain was silver as well and it sparkled and glistened in the light.

She looked at the price tag, "Oh!" she gasped seeing how much it was. I glanced at it over her shoulder. $900.00 it was expensive.
She moved on to looking at bracelets, and I stayed where I was as she moved out of sight I debated whether or not to get the necklace for her. It could be a Christmas present. I usually didn't get anything special for any of them, but this year I wanted to make up for all of the ones I missed.

There was less then a week left till Christmas and I had already gotten Kakashi and Naruto something. Finally I made up my mind to get it for her. Making sure she was still distracted by other things, I briskly made my way up to the front of the store. The woman stood there, still smiling as I came up. "May I help you young man?" she asked, eyeing me.

"Yes, I would like to buy the cherry blossom necklace in the back." I said, motioning to the back of the room where the necklace was. The woman nodded and came out from behind the desk. I waited for her to return.

Finally she came back with a small white box and placed it on the counter, typing into the computer, I gave her the money. "Is it for someone special?" she asked, I didn't miss how her eyes subtly looked at Sakura.
"Just a friend." I emphasized the just. The woman nodded, placing the box in a small bag and handing it to me. "Thank you." I muttered, tucking it inside my jacket.

I made my way back to Sakura, she was looking at a brand of shampoo when I came over. I waited patiently as she got some toiletries. The store had just about everything except food.

Finally she finished and ended up buying Shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, some bangles, berets, and toothpaste. "Thank you." She said taking her bag.

We made our way out of the small shop and back to the frigid cold. It was now snowing. I groaned, "Wonderful." I muttered under my breath.

Sakura laughed, "C'mon." she said walking back to our house. By the time we made it back it was dinnertime and Naruto was still gone. Kakashi was home though, on the couch reading.

He looked up at us from his book as we removed our coats and hung them up. I swiftly put the small bag into my back pocket, it barely fit.

Kakashi's headband was removed and his sharigan eye was closed. He raised his brow at us, "And where have you two been?" he asked as he returned to reading one of his perverted books. Sakura plopped down beside him.

"We just got back from a walk and going to the store." She said motioning to her bag of things on the floor beside the door. I quickly made my way to my room and put the small bag in a drawer only I would find it in. I made my way back and sat on a chair.

The first room you saw when you entered our home was the living room, the dinning room connected into it, the only way you could tell it was a dinning room was because the living room had carpet and the dinning room had tile and alight on the ceiling in the center.
The living room was painted a grayish blue color and the carpet was off white. The furniture (which consisted of 2 separate recliners, a love seat and 3 cushioned couch) was white. We had a large portrait of the new tem7 and another on one wall, which was small of the old team 7. In the center of the room was a glass coffee table and in a corner stood a lamp. On a small side table was another land. And a glass display table was a couple other pictures of us all we had done professionally, separate pictures and a group, a lamp stood on that one as well.
As for the dinning room, there was a large wooden table and 6 chairs around it. There was a large mirror on a wall and a buffet style table under it, which we kept our good china. In the center of the table was a bouquet of fake flowers.
We also had a table in our kitchen, which we used, the dinning room table was only for special occasions such as parties. The kitchen was a welcoming forest green color with a granted top and cherry wood cabinets and hard wood floor, like most of the house.
Upstairs only had our rooms and full bathrooms. We had a half bathroom in the hall we had leading to the back door, which extended out of the kitchen, the hall had a closet for coats and shoes. There was a laundry room with a washer and dryer and where we kept our cleaning supplies along with small storage items.

Sakura sat and closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the couch as she relaxed. Kakashi continued to read as if no one was around and I simply watched the two of them. It was nice to feel like you were with family. I had no biological family left but these people I had no blood relation to, not even related to by marriage, were even more of a family to me then my actual one had been. These people, Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura, they cared for me and helped me through my hard times, never giving up on me. They loved me, not in a sick romantic way, but in a family and friend kind of way.

Well strike that. Natuto and Kakashi didn't love me in a sick romantic way. Sakura on the other hand, may. Before I had left Konoha to chase after power to defeat my brother, she had admitted to me her undying love and had told me she would do anything for me. I didn't know if she still did love me, but either way, to be quite honest I was starting to actually like her more then I uste to. She didn't drive me insane and annoy me, Naruto now owned that job, and he did it quite well might I add. But I actually enjoyed her company. Out of all of my 'family' I like to spend time with her the most. She knew I didn't like loud noises, that I liked to be left alone when in my room relaxing, she respected me, she gave me my personal space, cleaned my room and did my clothes, she did favors fir me when I ask, she never burst through my door, or yelled, she didn't even bother me about not going out much. She wasn't anything like Kakashi or Naruto, always trying to get me to do things, she just wanted me to be happy. Sometimes I even wondered why Naruto was my best friend and not her. But the answer was always the same, She was too scared to get closer to me it seemed, scared I would break her in half again, that I would leave again and not return for a long period of time. I understood why she felt this way, but I knew I wasn't leaving again and she knew too, but to put aside that fear, would take a lot of making up and forgiveness, along with trust.

The phone rang and Sakura reluctantly got up from the couch. She went into the kitchen and picked up the phone, "Hello?" I heard her say sighing, "So you won't be home?" she asked sounding annoyed, "I don't need details." She was mad now. Kakashi looked over his book at me, looking confused, just as I did.
"No, I understand, but next time leave out the explanation as to why your in the position you in." she said he tone less angry and back to annoyed. "NARUTO!" she screamed after a second.

I heard her bang the phone back onto the receiver harder then necessary. One of these days she going to slip up and break something with that strength of hers. She came into the room looking frustrated and embarrassed. Her cheeks were flushed. "Sakura?" I asked raising a brow.

"Naruto's not making it home tonight." She grumbled.

"Because?…" I prompted her.

Her cheeks flushed darker, "He's with Hinata." She grumbled, sitting down on the couch again. I smiled over at Kakashi and he smiled back.

"Gets all the fun." Kakashi said turning the page of his book. I snickered and propped my elbow onto the arm of the chair, cupping the side of my face.

"And he started… explaining?" I asked bemused. She sighed deeply all annoyance and embarrassment gone, she nodded. I chuckled, "Figures."

She stood up and made her way to the kitchen, "I'll get started on dinner."

Kakashi and I sat in the living room as the scent of beef and soy sauce filled the room. Soon enough dinner was ready and we all sat in the kitchen eating a dinner of rice, beef with soy sauce, tea, and for desert Sakura's home made dumplings.

After dinner Kakashi went back into the living room to read and Sakura cleaned the dishes while I dried. "So…." She said as she handed me another wet plate.

"Hn?" I looked down at her as I dried the plate.

"Are you really ok with Naruto being you know….. with … Hinata?" she asked blushing lightly as she scrubbed a fork.

I chuckled, "He's a big boy Sakura, we all are, except you of course, you're a woman now I suppose. We are all 17 now Sakura, going on 18. Why worry?"

She sighed, "I don't know it's just…. I don't know…" she said frustrated with herself not being able to word it.

I nodded, "I know what you mean." I took the last plate from her and she drained the sink. She hopped up on the counter and looked at me as I spoke and dried the plate. "I worry about him too, I worry about you as well, but the thing is I know you guys can take care of yourselves. It's only natural we worry about one another, we are like siblings, Kakashi could be considered a father I suppose…" at this she giggled, "But either way, we have all been through a lot together and it is only our affection and tight bond that makes us so….." I struggled with the wording.

"Like a family?" she asked, cocking her head to the side slightly.

I chuckled, "Exactly."

I finished drying the plate and set it away with the rest. Sakura still sat on the counter, looking at me as she swung her legs out of habit. I stood besides her leaning against the counter top, looking up at her. She was only barely taller then me, standing she would have been up to my chin. She had grown her hair only slightly longer so that it just barely reached her shoulders. Her girly features had formed into more womanly curves and angles. Her face had thinned out loosing its babyish look, giving her a more attractive look. She was no longer flat chested, she had a well-developed chest and was curvy. She wasn't like Ino, were she looked close to a hooker look, she had turned out more like a model. Her pale complexion and jade eyes gave her an ever more perfect model look, most girls couldn't pull off.

I then found myself in front of her, my hands on her hips and her being only an inch or two taller then me had her hands on my shoulders. I immediately wondered what the hell I was doing! I was practically swimming in her eyes and she looked as confused as I felt. She slowly let her hands drop from my shoulders and I let go of her hips. I moved from in front of her and back sever steps away. "I'm sorry." I said running a hand through my hair and taking a deep breath to clear my thoughts.

She slouched and put her hand on either side of her and put her head down, closing her eyes, and taking several deep breaths, "It's alright." Her voice barley above a whisper.

I turned on my heal and left the kitchen. I went up stairs into my room and crashed on my bed, turning on my music and listened to it, thinking. Why had that happen? How did it happen? Why did I feel so odd? Why did Sakura react the way she did? And what in Lords name was I thinking?!…

A million questioned circled around my head. Then I heard light footsteps outside in the hall, knowing they were Sakura's, she was the only one who had such quiet footsteps, being lighter then the rest of us. I heard her open and close her door, then heard her music turn on, she like rock as well, but she had a more expanded liking. She was comfortable with any music. And she had a great voice, she sang for time to time in her room or for us if it was a special occasion.

I shook my head and rolled onto my side, I really had to stop thinking about it. After awhile I looked at the clock. It read 10:00 pm. No wonder Sakura was quiet now, she tended to go to sleep at around 9:45. I heard footsteps, but knew it was Kakashi, a door opened and closed then all was quiet, except for the occasional gust of wind. Slowly I drifted into unconsciousness.

I awoke several times in the night, either by the wind or having heat flashes. Finally the last time I had woken us I removed my clothes and was in my boxers, finally comfortable. When I awoke in the morning it was 9:00 pm. I had slept in.

I got up from my bed and went out into the kitchen. Kakashi sat at the table and was reading his book, he was fully dressed, headband and all. He didn't look up at me as I enter the Kitchen, "Morning Sasuke." He said as I opened the refrigerator and got out the orange juice.

"Hn." I mumbled to him as I poured myself a cup of juice and got out a bagel from the cabinet. I stood at the counter picking at my bagel and taking sips of juice when Sakura came in. She wore a pair of flannel pj pants with stripe on them and a tank top, her air was pulled back in a lose ponytail that hung on her right shoulder. She opened the frig and got out the carton of milk, pouring it into a glass she looked over at me, raising a brow.
"Underdressed a bit?" she asked eyeing my boxers which were dark blue.

I grimaced, "I got hot." I said finishing off my bagel.

Kakashi stood up, "I'm off." He said and disappeared. I shook my head, how odd that man was. Sakura as usual propped herself up on the counter, her drink in hand.

It was silent between us; I could tell she too was confused about the other day. That had never happen to us, we could be alone for days and nothing would happen, so why now?
She fidgeted and squirmed, avoiding my gaze on her. Finally she got down and went into the cabinet and got out a pop tart. I grimaced, "How can you eat those things?"

She laughed, "You get uste to them." She stuck it in the toaster, and waited for it to pop. I shook my head and drank down the rest of my juice, putting the cup in the sink and leaning against the counter. She turned her head and looked at me. Her pop-tarts jumped up from the toaster and she turned around placing them on a plate and sat at the table.

I sat across from her, she looked at me annoyed but she knew we had to talk. She took a bite of her food and looked at me as she did, I could tell she wanted me to start. "About Yesterday,.." I started placing my elbows on the table and placed my chin on my interlaced fingers. "I don't exactly understand what happen, and want to sort it out."

She nodded and swallowed, "I agree." She took another bite. I sighed, I knew she was going to be hard about it, but this was very frustrating for me.

"Look Sakura, lets put everything out on the table now. We both have no clue how we ended up like that and now we both are embarrassed, but we need to sort it out so we can get back to normal." She nodded again, I continued, "So then, I have a question…" she nodded again, finishing her first pop-tart, "Do you, or do you not still love me?" I asked it straight out and business like.

She tensed and went ridged, she swallowed and looked away from me, out into the dinning room, "To be honest, Sasuke… I don't know anymore." After awhile I waited for her to elaborate for me but then I realized that was the best answer I was going to get.

I sighed and ran a hand through my messy hair. "Alright then, now that that's out of the way…" I stood up and pushed in the chair. Sakura remained silent and didn't move as I made my way out of the kitchen, probably trying to figure out her emotions.

I went up stairs into my room and grabbed a towel. I went into the bathroom that us boys shared and closed the door, locking it behind me. I turned on the shower and let it warm up while I brushed my teeth. I looked at my reflex ion in the mirror and looked at the sealed curse mark on my neck. I despised the thing, it reminded me and everyone who saw it of the painful past. I looked at my face, more manly and less round, it had a boyish look to it that made all the other men jealous, I figured that's why all of the girls liked me.
I had a well-shaped body, I was muscular and well built. My eyes were an oxyn color and my hair way black with a blue tint to it. My skin was pale due to staying inside most of the time. I shook my head, taking my toothbrush I brushed my teeth and got in the shower.

I let the water run down my body, releasing all muscles and tenseness. I washed my hair and got out. I ran a brush through my soaking wet hair, when it was wet I looked like Itachi, my hair wasn't as long though. I wrapped the towel around my lower body and got out, going into my room I pulled out my usual shirt, with the Uchiha sign on the back and dark midnight blue color, but without the large neck to it, I now wore it with a V collar, I got a pair of kaki color cargo pants and boxers. After I got dressed I towel dried my hair, it was still wet but would dry soon.

I lay on my bed, not bothering to put music on and thought. So Sakura didn't even know if she still loved me? How strange. She was always so sure of her own feelings, it was not normal for her not to know. I sighed frustrated and rolled onto my side, propping my head up on my hand.

I heard the water running, Sakura must be taking a shower. After awhile I heard her shuffling around, getting dressed probably. Then I heard her door open and close. She tapped on my door lightly as usual. "Sasuke, can I talk to you?" came her voice through the door.

"Hn." I said keeping my position as she came in through the door and walked in, closing the door behind her. She pulled out my desk chair, which I seldom used and sat down, folding her hands in her lap.

"Well Christmas is tomorrow…." I nodded, "And I was going to put up decorations this year, but I wanted someone to go with me. Naruto had left a note over night that he was going to be spending the day with Hinata-san and I wanted to know if you would accompany me." She smiled slightly.

I pondered it for a moment, "Alright, just let me put my shoes on and grab my wallet." I sat up. She nodded, standing up and leaving across the hall to her room. I got my shoes on and got my wallet, putting it in my pocket and went to the front door and got my coat off the hook. Sakura was already there, jacket and all.

She opened the door and left it open for me, I closed it behind me and followed after Sakura, watching her breath come out in little puffs. My own was coming in a mist as well. There was snow all around and it was frigid out. We walked until we came to a small store and went in. Inside it was warm and toasty, there were displays or all kinds of decorations, usually we never did anything more then a tree, but we hadn't put it up yet.

Sakura walked over to some lights and I followed her. We looked at banners and small around the house things. Finally we checked out, getting some garland, lights for around the house, a small snowman centerpiece for the table and a reef. We walked home quickly since it was starting to snow again.
We got in and took our coats off and began to decorate, I put our fake yearly tree up and she untangled lights. Finally we got the tree up and the light untangled. While I put the lights up and started putting the lights and garland up around the house. On the railing to the upstairs and in the hallways on the walls. She put the snowman in place of the flower on the dinning room table. When I finished with the lights we started to put on the ornaments.
"It's nice to have more of a homey and feel to this Christmas, don't you think?" she asked as she hung up a small white basic ornament.

I nodded, "Ya, I suppose." I hung up a snowman ornament in the middle.

We finished the middle and bottom of the tree and now were working on the top, well I was working on the top mostly, Sakura couldn't reach. I chuckled as she jumped to put a couple on the tree. She scowled at me, but couldn't help laughing at herself. She was the shortest out of all of us, being a girl has its down falls. Finally after we finished that we had to put the star at the top of the tree, the last Christmas I was here for I remember Sakura always putting the star on the top with Kakashi picking her up so she could reach it.

She had the star in her hand and we looking up at the top of the tree trying to figure out how to get it up there when I picked her up. She squealed as I lifted up over my shoulders, she was light maybe weighing around 110. She was on my shoulders, cling to me for her life, I couldn't help but break into laughter. "C'mon just put it on the top." I said trying to bite back my laughter. She grumbled something under her breath sounding like 'show off' and placed it on the top.

I laughed again and dropped her on the couch. The tree stood twinkling in the living room and the star on the top glittering in the light. She glared at me as she got up and punched me on the shoulder. I chuckled again and admired our work. "I'll make lunch." She said as she made her way into the kitchen. I went up to my room and got my radio. Bring it down into the kitchen I set it on the counter and turned on some Christmas music. She laughed at me.

"What?" I asked cocking a brow.

She shook her head as she made us some ramen, "You." I rolled my eyes but she didn't see.

She placed the ramen in a pot of hot water and waited. I sat at the table and watched as she swayed to the music, I didn't dance much, it wasn't my thing. I just liked to listen to music. Finally the ramen was done cooking and she placed it in to bowls setting one in front of me and we ate in silence, except for the music.

We finished and I went to lay down on the couch and look out the window at the fall snow as she cleaned up the kitchen.

It was late when Kakashi and Naruto got back. Sakura and I had dinner by ourselves and when Kakashi got home we had some hot chocolate. I was much of a sweet person but I didn't mind coco. Naruto came home at around 8:00, an hour after Kakashi.

We all put out our present for tomorrow before we went to bed. As I lay in bed I couldn't help but be restless, tomorrow was going to be unpleasant with a party we had to see all of our friends, I didn't like parties. Eventually I fell asleep somewhere between debating whether or not to kill Naruto for making up the tradition of a party.