Usagi and Mamoru. Roughly placed during Season 1. Usagi wants some adult experiences. She makes a proposition. Mamoru, unable to help himself, accepts. Warning: mature content.

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Chapter One: Propositions

"Mamoru!" Someone called out, a few feet behind him. He stopped, glancing back to see Usagi at the end of the block, running after him with determination, legs long and very white. "Wait up! I need to…need to speak with you!"

Out of curiosity, he let her catch up before continuing on down the street. His lips slipped into their trademark smirk, "Afternoon Odango. Where did you come from?"

"I was at the arcade when I saw you pass. I've been looking for you." She flushed at this confession, falling into step with him. She brushed some stray strands of hair away from her face before glancing up at him.

"You've been looking for me? Whatever for? Didn't get enough insults for the day?" Mamoru teased, watching her cheeks flush even more.

"Shut up, jerk." She answered, but with less venom then usual. She bit her lip, looking as if she was going to change her mind, but then she set her eyebrows into a line of renewed determination and grabbed his arm with surprising strength, pulling him into a nearby ally. She looked up at him, their eyes meeting. "I need your help."

"MY help?" This was the last thing in the world Mamoru expected to hear.

"Yes," She confirmed, her voice rising slightly, betraying her nerves. "There's this…this guy. And I know…well you're older…and experienced and I…I need you to teach me."

He hated to admit it, but he was slightly intrigued; though he feigned indifference as he sipped his coffee. "Teach you?"

Surprising him, she made the full proposition so unabashedly that he nearly choked on his coffee. Her pointed look confirmed his dangerous train of thought.

"What? You can't be serious, Odango Atama!" Laughter was the easiest reaction. He shook his head and side stepped past her to leave, but she grabbed a hold of his shirt. Angrily, he turned back to her, eyes cold. "Go home, Usagi. You're fourteen and don't know what you're asking for."

"But I do, Mamoru. I really do." She insisted, eyes clear and very serious. He realized that she had thought long and hard about this. "I know we don't get along. But that's okay. It's even better that way. It won't mean anything. And I won't tell anyone. Please, just one time Mamoru. You're the only guy I can think of. Teach me what you know. I can…can even pay you."

"I don't want your money." He was insulted she would even offer that. His eyes darkened. His expression unreadable. "Whoever this guy is, Usagi. He's not worth it. If he was, he wouldn't require you to have experience."

"But he doesn't know! This is my idea. Really, I want to learn!" She exclaimed, eager but desperate. Some of his resolve broke at the tone in her voice, but his face remained impassive. "Please, Mamoru. You don't have to teach me everything--just simple things."

"Sex isn't simple." He told her bluntly. She was too young. She shouldn't even be thinking about these sorts of things. He wondered what this guy she so wanted to impress was like. An asshole, most likely, he thought. "You don't want me to be your first. You should be in love."

She chewed on her lip and nodded in understanding. She was humiliated. She knew this was a bad idea. Knew she should have anticipated his rejection. Should have known his hatred of her was too strong to even be persuaded by the idea of sex. Should have known he would only see her as a silly girl. Should have known she was too unattractive. Stupid Usagi, she told herself. She really should have known better.

Still, she was still surprised how much his rejection hurt; hurt her pride, her vanity.

"I know. I want to be in love for that. I…just thought you would expect sex if I had asked you to teach me…other things. " She blushed and looked at the ground. Defeated, she confessed almost to the point of tears, "I've never even been kissed! I mean I don't know how. And I had thought that maybe you…"

She wanted to cry. She couldn't believe she had just said that. Could she die now? Could she just disappear down through the pavement? Oh, why was he still standing there? She didn't dare look up at him. She was afraid of the disgust in his eyes.

"Odango." Her innocence broke his heart. She was so pure. He sighed and stepped closer, lifting her chin with his free hand so their eyes could meet. Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes were huge, a liquid blue. She sniffled and looked very sullen. And he couldn't help himself. He knew this was the closest he had ever been to her and was startled by how much her presence overwhelmed him. He supposed it couldn't hurt to go along with her bizarre proposition.

"All right, Usagi." He whispered and saw the question in her eyes before he kissed her softly. Her lips were pliant under his and they tasted of lip gloss and bubble gum. She murmured a noise of surprise, before instinctively opening her mouth to his. She was surprised by how right his mouth felt against hers and wondered if all kisses were like this. A tingling began in the pit of her stomach, almost ticklish, and she giggled helplessly against his mouth.

Pulling away, he surveyed her appearance. She was pink and swollen, face completely open to his. What a cute little thing she was he mused.

She looked sheepish and started to apologize for laughing, but he shook his head and smiled. Clearly amused.

"37 C." He said, ignoring his sensible side, and lifted his coffee cup in farewell. His fate sealed.

"What?" She asked, still dazed by his kiss. She noticed that his face was different, even as his lips slipped back into their well practiced smirk.

"Apartment 37 C, Odango Atama. After school, hm? Don't be late."

"I…um…okay!" She called after him, but he was already around the corner and out of sight.