Hello! xD Rea here starting a series of one-shots and drabbles dedicated to various people. The overall theme for everything will be focused on "Thank You", and maybe a word prompt. There is no definite pairing, nor is there a specific time line because the one-shots and drabbles are written for different people.

These first four drabbles are dedicated to everyone who has supported me so far. My friends here on FF, readers, reviewers, fans... Everyone. Without the support, help, encouragement, criticism, etc. from everyone, I do not think I would have made it this far. Enjoy!

Set 01: Danke(Thank You)

By Sweet Obsidian Rain

01: Everlasting Feelings : Thrill Pair

It was times like these did Ryoma feel extremely guilty for not listening to Fuji.

He walked next to the older boy and cringed each time he saw Fuji shiver in the cold. Glancing down at himself, he played with the hems of the slightly oversized sweater that belonged to his boyfriend.

"Remember to wear something warm so you don't catch a cold, Ryoma-chan."

Fuji's words still echoed in his ears as he stared the older boy's skin, red from the cold. Ryoma cursed himself for shrugging off his lover's caring words like he often did (which usually resulted in him landing in trouble or in an awkward situation).

It was mid November now, and the cold weather was moving in quickly. Ryoma had known that the day was going to be chilly, but he hadn't expected it to be like this! He huffed silently to himself, and watched as his breath came out as white, misty vapor.

Fuji had frowned when Ryoma arrived at their planned meeting place shivering in a thin jacket that obviously wasn't keeping him warm at all. But they were already halfway from the movies, and Ryoma had refused to go back home to get something more suitable for the weather. The tensai eventually gave up and took off his green sweater, forcing the smaller boy to wear it when Ryoma shook his head, teeth chattering.


Fuji sniffed before rubbing his hands together. The sight was too much for Ryoma though, and the smaller boy reached out to an unsuspecting Fuji, pulling the tensai close to him. Wrapping his arms tight around the older boy, he mumbled into Fuji's shirt. "Let's hurry up."

The tensai stared at his lover for a few moments before he let out a light laugh. "Okay, then, Ry-o-ma-chan!"

Ryoma wrinkled his nose at the name, but let it go as he tugged at the older boy's hand. "Come on, Syusuke."

Fuji smiled teasingly. "Thanks for worrying, Ryoma-chan."

"Che. I'm not worrying."



02: Understanding : Pillar Pair

He never had to tell him those two words. Somehow, the older boy always knew and understood how grateful Ryoma was to him.

Tezuka had taught him how to find his own style of tennis. He had taught and shaped him into a strong person. He turned Ryoma into a pillar of strength for others to depend on. Lastly, he loved Ryoma loyally and unconditionally.

What more could the boy ask for?

But as Ryoma watched how Tezuka was always there for him, even when the older boy's parents threatened to disown him, Ryoma wondered if what he had done for Tezuka was enough.

"Ryoma." Boy wonder looked up and locked eyes with hazel ones before he reached out and pulled Tezuka into a hug.



"Thank you." Ryoma felt strong arms wrap around his waist as Tezuka returned the hug.

The captain gave the boy a genuine smile and buried his face into the crook of Ryoma's neck. "There's no need."

Because he always understood.


03:A Supporting Thank You : AtobeYuuta

Atobe was a person who always got what he wanted. Born to a wealthy family as the sole heir, the boy was raised to become an ambitious man, and one day, take over his father's business. But along with the wealth and fame came the responsibility and pressure that even Atobe Keigo was not ready to deal with.

Sometimes, even a king wanted to be carefree.

It was selfish, yes. But the selfish need and desire in the boy did not make him feel guilty. No, instead it made him feel connected to the ordinary people out in the world. It was an anchor that held him from being swept away by the waves of politics and money.

But there was always a certain someone who stayed by his side and supported him silently. Lending him strength and relieving him of the building stress as the young heir grew. That someone accepted him for who was, and made him drop the mask he put on for the world to see. That someone gave Atobe the breaks that he needed.

"Yuuta," Atobe called out quietly as he reached his hand out to shake the sleeping boy awake.

"Mhhmm… five more minutes, Kei…" The bed shifted as Yuuta turned on his side and buried his face into one of Atobe's many pillows.

The action made the gray-haired boy smile affectionately as he shook his head. Ah well, Yuuta probably was pretty exhausted, having stayed up all night to watch over Atobe as the young heir pulled an all-nighter for his final exam on Monday. Atobe sighed resignedly and decidedly to let his boyfriend sleep on. After all, if Yuuta went home in the morning with bags under his eyes, no doubt Fuji Syusuke would come after Atobe with all sorts of torture devices.

The Hyoutei captain gently pulled the covers over Yuuta, carefully, so that he would not wake the boy up. He leaned over and gave the sleeping tennis player a peck on his forehead. "Arigatou ne, Yuuta. Sweet dreams."

Atobe returned to reading his textbooks, occasionally taking down notes on certain areas the boy thought he needed to work on. Too engrossed in his studying, he didn't notice as Yuuta cracked open one eye to watch him. The youngest of the Fuji siblings allowed himself to smile awkwardly.

"You're welcome, Keigo."


04: Sweet Winter : (Implied) Sweet Pair


Marui slowly turned around, and was immediately tackled into the snow by his number one fanboy. "Jiroh…"

"Marui-san!" Jiroh beamed at him and held up a box. "I got something for you."

The self-proclaimed tensai blinked, still chewing on his gum. "…What?"

"I said I got something for you!" The normally sleeping boy pushed the box into Marui's hands before getting off his idol. The boy stood there, as if waiting for Marui to open the box.

"Uh… Thanks." The redhead smiled sheepishly at Jiroh before he untied the ribbon around the box and opened it. The aroma of freshly baked strawberry shortcake had Marui's mouth watering as he stared at the sweet.

"Ah!" Jiroh's sudden exclamation made the self-proclaimed tensai look up. "I have to go, Marui-san, or Atobe-buchou will yell at me!" The boy turned around, and took off, yelling over his shoulder, "See you!"

The Rikkai Dai player stared after his fanboy before his face broke into a smile. "Thanks for the treat, Jiroh."

But the boy was already long gone.


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