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Merci (Thank You)

By Sweet Obsidian Rain

09: OshitariAtobe : Allergy

"Keigo, I really think we should go to your place and not mine."

"Nonsense! Your mansion is as good as mine. What, are you ashamed to show me to your family, ahn?"


Atobe sniffed.

And rubbed his nose. After a while he reached down to scratch his calf before standing up to rub his eyes which were red and watering and itchy.

He then turned to glare at the offending creature in his boyfriend's arms. "Yuushi, I order you to get rid of that… that… horrible and ugly looking thing— achoo!"


The Hyoutei tensai raised a brow, amused, and hugged the 'thing' closer to him. He sighed, "Keigo, I promised my cousin to look after her until he gets back from camp."

"I don't care! Yuushi, that thing is making Ore-sama's beautiful skin.. ahh… ah… bad! Achoo!"

But Oshitari only stared as Atobe took out a purple packet of soft, lavender smelling tissues and sneezed into them. His nose itched, and he wondered how his boyfriend could stand those poisonous smelling tissues, but not the adorable pet in his arms. He stared more.

And sighed. "Keigo, if you really can't stand being around Kazu-chan, then go home. I can't just get rid of such a helpless thing." Oshitari looked down to look at the white kitten and smiled tenderly at it. "Isn't that right, Kazu-chan? Uncle Yuushi just can't abandon you until your daddy comes back, right?" The bluenet turned to climb up the stairs, expecting Atobe to leave. Yes, his boyfriend would be fuming and sulking, no doubt ordering everyone to run laps until they couldn't feel their muscles anymore the next day, but he could deal with that. He'd rather deal with a sulking Atobe Keigo than an irritated (bitchy) Atobe Keigo.

"Fine!" Twirling around, Atobe stomped out of the house and into his limousine, muttering and sniffing and scratching all the way home.



"Keigo-bocchama, your friend's maid is here. Should I send her away?" a butler announced as he bowed his head before looking up to meet the young heir's eyes.

Atobe glanced at the man, his expression dark, and his nose running. Obviously, the boy was still upset about what happened between him and his boyfriend today. "No. Send her up."

"As you wish." The man bowed and exited the room. A few minutes later, the butler returned with a familiar woman in tow.

"Tanami-san." Atobe nodded, "What do I owe this visit to?"

"Atobe-sama, Yuushi-bocchama had me deliver this to you." Walking up, he presented the boy with a box.

Staring at the said box warily, Atobe slowly reached out to take it. "What is it?"

"Allergy medicine, sir."

"Hmm. I see…"

The maid bowed and quietly excused herself, "Then I shall take my leave. Take care, Atobe-sama."

But Atobe was not listening to her anymore. He was absorbed in his own world, reading the words on the box while sniffing. The corners of his lips tugged up in a smile. "Thanks, Yuushi."

Now… To get rid of the itching…


10: Platinum Pair : Sanada

"That's Rikkai's first doubles, right? I heard they're the best pair the school has."

Niou's ears twitched as he walked to the tennis courts with his doubles partner, picking up the whispering around him.

"Ah! That's right. The Trickster, Niou Masaharu, and the Gentleman, Yagyuu Hiroshi."

"They're so strong. I wonder what their secret is."

A smirk found its way to his face.

"Yeah… how did they become partners, anyway?"

As the two entered the court, the gossiping slipped out of their hearing range. Immediately, the pair set out jogging a few laps for warm up. The club member that were there before them were still jogging. After all, Rikkai Dai was an advance school, and would expect no less from its students.

They turned around the corner in unison, passing their fukubuchou, who stood there watching over the jogging tennis players like a hawk. Yagyuu gave a brief nod, and Niou gave a half-hearted wave in greeting. The silver haired boy's smirk grew bigger when he saw Sanada's eye twitch.

"Yeah… how did they become partners, anyway?"

The question formed itself in Niou's mind, and Yagyuu, being the one who knew the other boy best, left his partner to his thoughts.

It was simple, really.

Sanada was the one who placed them together as a doubles partners.

"Niou, because you were the one who recruited him, you are responsible for being his doubles partner."

At first, he had objected, angry. Sure, Yagyuu was an interesting person, but he did not need a partner. He was a singles player. That was what he had thought.

But Sanada ignored their protests, and forced the two to play together. Niou had tried going to Yukimura, but the blue-haired captain only smiled and said firmly, "I trust Genichirou."

The silver haired boy had stormed out of the school gates, furious, until Yagyuu found him taking out his anger on a bantered tree. The "Gentleman", as many people had started calling Yagyuu, held him back from the tree. Once Niou finally calmed down, did the bespectacled boy speak, "Why not give me a chance?"

The question made Niou freeze in mid-action of retying his shoe laces. Why? The boy found himself wondering as well.

"Do you really hate working with me that much?"

No. Niou's fingers started working again, but he took his time tying his shoes.

Yagyuu continued on, noticing that his partner was not going to talk. "Can you at least try?"

Can I?

"I don't know," Niou found himself saying. I really don't.

"Then give me a chance. If you find me an unreliable partner, then I will talk to buchou immediately."

The Trickster looked up. "How do you know if Yukimura will agree?"

"I don't."

Then how can I trust you? Niou's silent question hung in the air.

Yagyuu shrugged. Just try.


And that was what started their partnership that dominated the tennis courts. Of course, they got closer as friends as well (which later bloomed into something more, but that was another story). It came along with the partnership.

So, Niou concluded, another thing that I can blame on Sanada-fukubuchou.

But if Sanada had never done that, then he would not have gotten to know Yagyuu as he did now. He would not have his precious person beside him.

Deep down, Niou knew that both Yagyuu and him were grateful to Sanada.

Not that Niou was ever going to thank the stoic boy out loud.


11: Golden Pair : Anniversary

"Come on, Oishi! You're so slow!" a certain redhead whined as he tugged on his lover's arm. The pout was obvious on his lips as he bounced impatiently, pulling harder to get Oishi to speed up.

"Eiji, calm down. I'm coming," Oishi Syuichirou said, chuckling lightly. "Where are we going anyway?"

"You'll see, nya. Just follow me!" The exclamation was followed by more tugging, and Oishi, finally getting the message, sped up to meet his love's demands.

And so the two walked, occasionally stopping when Eiji found something that excited or fascinated him— which was a lot— and ogled at it. He would point, jump, and make cute little noises that showed his enthusiasm, making Oishi laugh at his antics. But the acrobatics player would remember his purpose for the day and pull at his boyfriend's arm, saying that they would be late if they didn't get going.

Slowly, the busy streets filled with shops turned into a quiet trees and roads with cars driving by occasionally. Oishi recognized the surroundings immediately as they reached Takadai Park (1). Of course, the container was gone now, due to construction. In its place was a small bench that faced the open sky.

"What are we doing here?"

"Hoi! Sit down first," the redhead commanded before flopping down onto the green bench, wincing when his rear met with the hard metal none-to-gently. "Ow…"

Oishi's brows shot up and his hurriedly rushed to his boyfriend's side. "Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you? Any bruises?" The man continued to fuss until Eiji gently placed a hand on his arm and yanked. Oishi's knees folded, and he winced as well when his bottom met with the bench.

"Nyaa Look!" Eiji pointed at the sky, where the sun was slowly setting. "Isn't it beautiful?"

The black-haired man followed Eji's finger in response before looking at the sky. Hues of blue mixed with warm, red and orange filled his vision. Purple and brown blended in with the red and the sun, a bright yellowish gold was only half a sphere as he slowly disappeared. "Aa…"

The acrobatics player hummed, pleased. "Ne, Oishi, remember when I said I had a surprise for you? Well, this is it!"

"E-eh? Thank you, but… "Oishi paused, troubled. "What is the surprise for though?"

Eiji's expression clearly showed his horror at Oishi's question. "You mean you don't remember?" His azure eyes were wide with disbelief, and Oishi could tell that his lover was refraining from pulling his own hair in frustration.

Oishi quickly weighed his options.

He shook his head.

"Baka Oishi! How could you forget our eighth anniversary since we met here?!"


So that was it.


"Eiji, our anniversary isn't until two days later," he said, sweatdropping slightly.

The cat-like man blinked, narrowed his eyes, before opening them wide in realization. "Eeeeeeeh?!"

The sound echoed throughout the park, making birds nearby fly off in alarm. The crickets stopped chirping, and the bushes rustled. Eiji's expression was frozen as he stared at his lover.

Oishi chuckled nervously. "But thank you, anyway…?" It sounded like a question, but never mind that. "At least we get to celebrate it early."

Slowly, Eiji's face unfroze, but it was now unreadable. "Eiji…?" Oishi leaned in and poked at the redhead's cheek.

"Ne… Oishi, what's the date?"

The man sweatdropped even more.

That's just so you.

"The 26th."

But I don't want anything less.


12: YukimuraSanada : Silent Angel

"It's them. Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Genichirou."

"Heh. That Sanada doesn't even look a bit ashamed of his loss to that Seigaku first year."

"Eh… Senpai, I'm sure Sanada-senpai dealt with his lost in his own way. Besides… He has Yukimura-senpai to help him."


"Doesn't it look like Yukimura-senpai is Sanada-senpai's angel?"


Angel… angel… angel…

That word, that simple, yet complex word that that echoes in every corner of my mind.

Am I really good enough to be your angel?

No, I don't think so. I can't be your angel.

How could I be your angel, when I've done so little for you? How can I compare to the time and dedication you gave when I was away, trapped in the hospital? Compared to all the time you spent with me as I suffered, I have done nothing for you.

And yet, being near you gave me strength; it gave me the desire to live and be strong. It gave me the will to go ahead with the surgery, and fight for my life.

Perhaps… perhaps…

I am not your angel, but you are mine.

You are my angel of salvation, Sanada Genichirou, and for that, I am grateful.

For that, I shall try my best to eventually be your angel in return.

And as I looked across the court at you, your form bent over, your eyes trained on me, ready to return my serve, I found myself saying, "Just because you did all that, I'm not going easy on you, Gen."

But you did not hear as I had already served, and you were off, ready to hit the ball back as it bounced in the service box.

Ah well, I thought. Everything is fine this way, right?




1. Takadai Park- You guys know the park that Oishi and Eiji goes to a lot to sit on that big box/container thing? That's the park, I made sure to watch the anime carefully, so yeah. xD

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