"Have fun tonight at the beach" Edward said sulkily. I was going to the beach down in La Push with Mick, Jessica, Angela, Ben and everyone else at school, along with kids from La Push and that meant some people of the wolf gang. Edward wasn't so happy with me going down there by myself but I had promised Angela that I would go with her and Ben.

"I wont be out long Edward just a few hours." I said trying to find the top to the bikini that Alice was forcing me to wear.

"A few seconds away from you is to long for me." He said wrapping his long, cold, strong arms around my waist and pulling me close to his cold chest, kissing my neck seductively.

"Edward I'm going to be late" I giggled. He let go or me reliantly and pulled my bikini top from out of his back pocket swing it on his middle finger.

"You jerk" I laughing and snatching it from him. "Turn around so I can put it on." I spun my finger showing him what to do.

"Bella we have been together for 2 years now you know I love you, does it really mater if I see your chest?" he asked innocently.

"Fine if you wont turn around I will." I said. I would have fought with him but I really was running late and I couldn't go just go to the bathroom because Charlie was taking a shower.

I turned around and toke my shirt off then my bra. I heard Edward take in a sharp breathe, I then felt cold fingers run across my naked back. I shivered and felt a pair of cold lips kiss my back lightly then harder as he got more into it.

I smiled slyly at myself as I slowly put by top on by breast.

"Edward will you please ties for me?" I asked sweetly.

"Bella" he complained "your killing me." He toke the strings I held out for him and started to tie them slowly. He finished and started to kiss my back again but I grasped my tub top and slipped it on. He groaned in frustration and sat down on my bed.

"Bella you will be the death of me." He said it so often that I said it with him.

"I love you and I will see you soon." I kissed him good bye and left.

4 hours later

The party had been pretty boring all night and mike kept trying to get in my pants so I had finally just left and went for a walk.

"Bella there you are I have been looking all over for you." The voice that I did not want to hear when I was all alone was no one could hear us. I knew he was drunk because his speech was slurred badly.

"Go away mike."

"Why would I do a stupid thing like that." He was right beside me holding a beer.

"Mike I'm warning you leave me alone." I sped up a bit.

"Where's you preaches Eddie?" he asked me

"Edward had to do something else tonight." I was getting very annoyed and it didn't make it any better when I tripped and landed flat on my face.

Mike was suddenly on top of me and pulling my close off.

"Get off of me." I screamed

"Shut up Bella someone will hear you." He said. He slammed his hand down hard on my mouth and I could feel my lip tiring.

I screamed and bit down on his hand; he cursed and slapped me hard in the face. I was somewhere between unconscious and conations. I could feel Mike taking the rest of my cloths off and then his I felt his grows vile lips touch my skin were Edward had never even touched. Then there was pain in between my legs. I felt Mike poor some beer down my throat it had a metallic taste and I knew it wasn't the beer.

"There now you can't tell anyone, it will be are little secret." Mike whispered in my ear. Then he got up, put his cloths back on him then put mine on for me. Then he left.

I just laid there not doing anything. I tried to scream, I tried to say anything but I couldn't. I don't know how long I was there but I finally got up and the pain in between my legs was to much I just clasped and didn't get up but finally the sun started to come up and I knew that I had to go. I got up and started to walk home.

I was numb and I didn't even realize when a car pulled up beside me and cold, strong arms were around me pulling me into the car. When he sat me down I screamed with pain it hurt so bad to sit. I curled up into a ball.

"Bella what's wrong?" he asked me. He sounded scared and worried.

I tried to tell him what Mike did but I couldn't say anything.

"Bella talk to me what's wrong? Where does it hurt?" He tried to get me to sit up but I just screamed in pain more I was sobbing and clutching my abdomen and crying.

He snatched me out of the car and stood me up, leaning me up against his chest. The pain started to subside. I wrapped my arms around Edwards's neck and cried into his chest.

He kept asking me what was wrong and every time I tried I couldn't get the words to pass my cracked and bruised lips.

He laid me in the back set and closed the doors.

We were soon at his house and he was prying the door open. He picked me up gently but urgently and ran me into Carlisle office.

"Edward, Bella what can I do for you." He said in his calm voice

"Some things wrong" he sobbed. Carlisle was instantly by my side and telling Edward to put me on the couch in his office. He did as he was told but never went away.

"Bella can you tell me what's wrong?" he asked in his calm voice but I could hear some different emotion burning strong on the surface.

I couldn't say anything I just started at the ceiling.

"Bella?" this time it was Edward speaking.

"Bella I need you to talk to me." Carlisle again, I just started at the ceiling.

"What's wrong with her?" Edward cried.

"I don't know." Carlisle started to poke me. I winced and let out a little cry when he lightly touched my rib. He slowly lifted my shirt and I could hear Edward curse.

"What happened to her?" I heard Carlisle mumble.

"That looks like a hand print." Edward said pointing to somewhere on my stomach."

"Someone must have beaten her up." That was Emmett's voice, when did Emmett come in?

"Bella love tell me who did this." Edward pleaded.

I opened my mouth to tell him but it wouldn't come out. I tried again but with the same out come.

"She's in shock." Carlisle said "I don't think were going to get anything out of her tonight Edward so I think it best to put her to bed she needs a shower fist though and her cuts need to be cleaned out."

"Well Edward it looks like your going to give Bella a shower seeing that it's only us males home tonight and I don't think you or Bella are going to want me or Jasper or even Carlisle to do it. Good luck."

"Emmett this is not the time to be messing around something is really wrong with her." Edward growled at him.

"Hey I am just as worried as you are and you know it." Said Emmett through is teeth.

"Edward calm down he is just dealing with this his own way." Carlisle said trying to keep the peace.

"You're right I'm sorry Emmett."

"It's fine." He said a little embarrassed.

"I am going to go give Bella a bath now." Edward picked me up and the next thing I knew he was taking my shoes off, then my socks.

"Bella can you take a shower by yourself?" he asked me I didn't say anything but I did mange to shake my head. I didn't even think I could stand by myself.

"Ok then Bella I am going to have to help you, is that ok?" he was talking to me like I was three but I couldn't blame him I was acting like I was three.

I nodded and he toke my shirt, pants, bra and underwear off. I just laid there not moving or caring.

He picked me up and carried me into his bathroom and set me gently in to the tube. He started the water and toke his shirt off so it wouldn't get wet or in his way. When the water was up to my neck he turned it off. He washed my hair and then my body, cursing the whole time about my bruises and cuts. When he was done he picked me up and held my close to his bare chest kissing my hair and forehead. He got a big gold fluffy towel and dried me off then laid me back on his bed. He fond some pajamas in is closet, and put them on me then put me under the blankets, turned all the lights off and then I felt two cold arms wrap around me.

"I love you so much Bella it's my entire fault I should have never let you go alone. I will never let anything hurt you ever again for all long as I live, I promise." I was so heart broken by the pain I was casing him I wish I could tell him that it wasn't his fault that it was mine all mine but I couldn't I tried but I couldn't get the words to leave my lips.

I would have to get out of this trance I was in so I could make Edward believe that it was not his fault in any way.

I drifted off into a troubled sleep.