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The things that hurt the most are the things you never accept.
The pain you ignore is the pain that eats away at your heart.
The nothingness inside is the thing that kills your soul.

It had been two years since Mikan had died. Her friends still felt pain whenever they saw a reminder of her.

Hotaru had shut herself in her lab for three weeks after Mikan's death and hadn't talked since the incident.

Natsume had gone back into his shell and not even Ruka could bring him out.

Ruka had tried thirty times to escape Gakuen Alice.

Narumi had joined the AAO.

And yet life still went on.

It was Christmas time now and the whole school was busy making preparations. The second anniversary of Mikan's death had just passed and her friends were still mourning. Mikan had died on Natsume's birthday. That had hurt Natsume the most.


Faint strains of music from the Christmas ball could be heard from Natsume's perch on the Sakura tree. He was trying to ignore it, trying to ignore the memory of three years ago, when he had kissed Mikan on this very tree.

"It's still hard, isn't it?" Natsume looked down and saw Ruka standing below the tree.

"Hn." Natsume wasn't in the mood to talk to his best friend. Ruka took a look at Natsume's face and realized that. Sighing, Ruka turned and walked back to the party, worried about his friend.


Natsume's POV

"She wouldn't like you to sit out here and mope." I look down in confusion. I could have sworn that I just heard Hotaru speak. That wasn't possible; she hasn't talked since Mikan died.

Then I see her. Hotaru is standing at the base of the tree, scowling up at me.

"Leave me alone. I don't care what she would've wanted." I shoot back.

"Yes you do. You do and that's why you are out here moping. You cared enough that you died when she died." I stared at Hotaru. Who knew that she had emotions like this? I guess her emotionlessness was just a façade, like me. A barrier to block out all of the pain, a way to lie to herself, a shield.

When I snap out of my revere, I notice that she is gone.




"I know that I'm dying, so please do one thing for me."

"You aren't going to die."

"Yes I am. Please, listen."


"Please call me my name. So I can die happy."

"Mikan. Now rest. You're not going to die."

"I love you Natsume."

"I-I love you too."

But she was already gone.


Tears ran unchecked down Natsume's cheeks for the first time.

I love you too.


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