Father to Daughter

By: Novalee Phoenix

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"No..Nothing. It was a really good play. Thank you so much for bringing me here." Rukia got up from her seat and walked out. Isshin stood there for a moment. "What did I say?" He scratched his beard and sighed as he too soon followed after her.

Isshin walked out the main doors of the Fine Art Hall only to find Rukia standing at the bottom of the steps watching the people pass her by.

"Papa Isshin, may I ask you something?" Rukia didn't even turn around to look at Isshin when she asked him, but instead stared at a young mother and her small child. "Why are you doing this? I thought it was supposed to be a day between you and I, but it is turning out to be more about Ichigo."

Isshin smirked and walked the few steps down to stand beside her. "We are bonding Rukia-chan. We are bonding through our love for Ichigo." Rukia raised her delicate eyebrow; Isshin remained quiet for sometime as he watched the same mother and child Rukia was examining earlier. "I met Masaki when I was going to college to become a great doctor. She was an art student; a creative and energetic soul. I was enthralled by her spirit and by her zest for life." Rukia inclined her head then to look up at Isshin, who in turn nodded his head. They soon started to walk away from their previous spot. "As a doctor, I couldn't have a wild imagination, I was only allowed to see the logic in all life. Masaki changed that. She showed me life through a different pair of glasses, so to speak. Soon after we started dating, I began to act differently. I felt free. It was not long after Masaki and I started dating that she found out she was going to have a baby."

"I believe it was one of the happiest times in my life. I was soon to graduate from med school and go into internship; Masaki, in turn, was soon to graduate from her art school. She wanted to teach art to the children. But I'm afraid that dream got put aside when little Ichigo came into the world. He was such a beautiful baby boy with such bright hair!" Isshin laughed at the memory. When Ichigo was first placed into his arms, he had immediately looked back at Masaki who laughed at his expression. "My Masaki, always the creative one, named him Ichigo."

They remained silent for a while as they passed by a beautiful fountain in the middle of one of the district's many squares. "Not long after Ichigo was born, I was able to save up enough money to get us a small home. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was good enough to met our needs for the time being. While I was away at work, Masaki would stay home with Ichigo and read to him. She would read every book you can imagine to the boy and even allowed him to paint with her. I would often come home to a multi-colored baby Ichigo and a laughing Masaki. That's how our first year was. Just us two falling more and more in love with not only each other, but with Ichigo as well. He was the catalyst that brought both Masaki and I to a greater understanding and a deeper love. We wanted to make it because we never wanted to see our baby boy sad or have a horrible frown on his face."

"A little over a year and a half, I was offered a great proposition to study under one of Karakura's residential doctors. My family would have a better and safer home and a clinic built underneath our dwellings. I studied under that doctor for six months until he passed away leaving to me and my family what is now our home."

Rukia stopped walking and looked up at a smiling Isshin. "You and your wife were very happy weren't you. And you're saying that it's all because of Ichigo. Because if she wouldn't have had Ichigo, you're not sure if you would have stayed together and gotten married like you did."

Isshin smiled down at her. "Masaki changed my boring and logic filled life with humor and creativeness. She took my hand and lead me out of the darkness. Then Ichigo came and I swore to myself that I would never let Masaki go or allow Ichigo to have a frown on his face. Ichigo helped us both to grow up in life and love. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep my promise to Masaki or myself. I allowed Ichigo to become very sad. But then you came along Rukia-chan."

Rukia looked up at him, realization in her violet orbs. "Isshin, I don't…..argh!"

"Then don't say anything at all my third daughter! Papa shall always love you!!" Isshin grabbed Rukia into a tight bear hug and squeezed her to him. "Oh! My beloved third daughter!" By this time, people were giving them odd stares. Rukia was not only turning red from embarrassment but also from loss of oxygen. "Papa…please… let… me go. I can't …breathe."

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing you old goat!" A shoe imprint was left on Isshin's face as he gazed up from the ground at the previous topic of discussion.

"Ichigo! My sweet son!" Isshin stood up immediately and opened his arms as if he was going to give Ichigo a great hug, but instead ended up behind Ichigo and put him into a head lock. "Papa is happy to see you. You lousy son of mine, to attack your own father. In broad daylight none the least. Such love! Such love!"

Mizuiro and Keigo slowly backed away from the scene as people were starting to gather around the fiasco. Rukia stood up and watched both Ichigo and Isshin start to scream at each other.

"Kuchiki-san, I wasn't expecting to see you here." Rukia looked over to Mizuiro who smiled and walked up to her.

"Mizuiro-kun, hello."

"Hello! Kuchiki-san!" Keigo happily turned towards her, his arms spread eagle, and raced towards her.

"Asano-kun, hello to you too." And just as Keigo neared Rukia, a foot shot out and he feel face first onto the hard concrete below. "Oh my Asano-kun, are you alright?"

"Why yes Kuchiki-san, thank you." Keigo's painful face was only able to look up at Rukia to give her the reply before falling back down to the cement.

Mizuiro rolled his eyes at his friend. "So Kuchiki-san, how was your day? Ichigo had told us that his father wished to have a day with you." Rukia liked Mizuiro. He always seemed to be the gentlemen out of the bunch, but the nagging feeling in the back of her mind, and the obvious evil smile on his face, made Rukia rethink her reply.

"It was fun. Kurosaki-san is a real nice guy." Rukia intentionally went back to formals, but was quite taken back by Isshin when he suddenly ran up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders.

"My Rukia-chan! How could you!? After the lovely day we had together!" He sobbed into his arm. "We went to the park and even watched Shakespeare together. I even won you all those lovely Chappy items. You were calling me papa and now you don't want too. Are you ashamed of me my third daughter?" Rukia could see Ichigo's stunned face from the side and Mizuiro's slick I've-got-you-now look.

"No! No Issh….er…Papa. Don't be so upset. I meant not to hurt you." And Ichigo grimaced as Rukia put on one of her own shows. People standing around the crowd gave an 'awww' sound as Rukia allowed a tear to drop from her eyes. Isshin immediately enveloped her in a hug. "Let's go home now Papa. I think we've had a good enough day."

Ichigo let out a breathe he didn't know he was holding in until his dad and Rukia started off for home. "Your family Ichigo, is one of the most interesting people I've ever met."

"Yeah they are." Ichigo stated watching Rukia walk further away. "I'm not expecting to hear any rumors at school tomorrow Mizuiro." Mizuiro blinked and then smiled. "Why would you think I would do that Ichigo?" Keigo muttered something while still on the ground. Ichigo sighed.

"Well then guys, it was fun. But I guess I had better head on home."

"Alright Ichigo, we'll see you at school tomorrow." Mizuiro waved goodbye to Ichigo, and started to walk off. Keigo soon shot up from his spot on the ground. "Wait for me Mizuiro!"

Ichigo walked into the living area only to find his dad crying on Yuzu's shoulder while Karin glared down at him. Ichigo just walked by them not interested in what the old man did this time, instead, he was more interested in what the old man had said to a raven-haired midget who was in his room reading manga.

"Oi Rukia," Ichigo closed the door behind him and pulled up his computer chair to the bed. "How was your day?"

Rukia slowly closed the manga but didn't look at him. "It was fun. Your dad took me to the park and showed me the jungle gym where you broke your arm." Ichigo was silent as he listened. "Then he took me to the Kurakura Fun Park. He won me that Chappy over there." Ichigo looked at the looming bunny in the corner of his room and grimaced. That thing was scary enough to give even him nightmares and scare off the hollows. "He told me how much you and your little sisters enjoyed the amusement park. Urahara was there. I don't know why though."

"What else did you guys do?" He was now curious to know everything. That his dad would even take Rukia to those specific places was shocking. His dad hadn't been to the fun or Art hall since his mother passed.

"We went to see The Taming of the Shrew. It was really good. I enjoyed Kate and Petruccio." Rukia then looked up at Ichigo and smiled. "Do you think that we can go back and watch another one of Shakespeare's plays?"

Ichigo blushed a little at the intimate way that she mentioned we. His head bowed slightly. "Of course we can midget."

"Thank you Ichigo." Ichigo looked up at her through his bangs. "You know, your father said it would be okay to have a picnic."

"Oh he did? Have you decided when you wanted to do this?" Ichigo's interested voice and slight smile made Rukia look up.

She stared at Ichigo. She didn't see any hurt or anger in his eyes; she didn't even feel him tense up at the mention. "You mean, it's okay to have a picnic. You don't mind at all? I know it's something that you, your mom, and family did a lot."

Ichigo sighed. "I'm positive Rukia. It's been a long time since we've had a family outing like that. In fact, I'm surprised you even know about it. I guess dad did lots of talking."

"Yes, he did a lot of talking about you."

Ichigo looked into Rukia's eyes. "You never told me some of those things Ichigo. I found them to be wonderful and warm." Ichigo blushed and put his head down.

"I didn't think you would care about things like that."

"Why wouldn't I care? Those very things, as little as they are, is what has made you, you. I'm glad Ichigo, that I've met you." Rukia smiled tenderly down at Ichigo's bowed head. She did well to suppress her laugh and the sudden urge to kiss her now red-like-strawberry Ichigo. "Say Ichigo, you wouldn't mind telling me why no man wanted to dig deeper into the heart of Kate, the poor shrew?"

Rukia asked thinking to give Ichigo time to recover from his state. This was something that she was looking forward to her whole day, ever since Kurakura park. She wanted his opinion, wanted to hear his voice. And as Ichigo started the debate on that Kate was such a horrible person to any man, even her own father, that all men were wary of her, did the thought that she also learned about Isshin come barging into her mind. Isshin wasn't just the crazy fool he pretended to be. He was much more than that. She was glad that she had gotten to know him. By knowing Isshin, she felt she had gotten to know Ichigo a lot more. But these thoughts were quickly forgotten once Ichigo stated that she and Kate were almost the same and it was no wonder that their bitchy-highnesses never were married off. In fact, it would be a blessing if Byakuya could find someone willing enough to even take her hand. Rukia responded by giving him a swift kick to the jaw followed by much screaming and arguing.

"My, My Isshin. What a day no? Was this your plan from the beginning? To not only get to know her, but to make little Rukia-chan realize her feelings?" Urahara asked as he and his old friend sat on the roof of Isshin's home and listened to the ruckus coming from Ichigo's room.

"Why of course it was Urahara. But Rukia-chan is quite astute and figured it out towards the end. I believe it was the Shakespearian play. She looked so lonely towards the end of it."

"Did you tell her about Masaki?" Urahara took a sip from his sake cup.

"Of course I did. I believe she figured out what I was getting at towards the end though. She is just like her. She has that energy and zest for life that Masaki had. And she did the one thing I could never do." Isshin smiled while Urahara looked at him from the brim of his hat. "She made Ichigo see the world through different glasses, made him free, and she made him smile."

Urahara bowed his head down for a while and then brought up his sake cup. "Cheers to both Ichigo-san and Rukia-chan. May they both have a prosperous life."

Isshin and Urahara tapped their cups and sipped. Isshin smiled and closed his eyes. He was happy he was able to get to know the woman who had taken his son's heart, just like the woman who had stolen his so many years ago.

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