Stolen By Me

Summery: AU The four Xiaolin dragons live their life normally. Kimiko, Omi, Clay, and Ryan kick evils butt daily. But what happens when a boy named Raimundo comes to the temple and demands Ryan to return what he's stolen?

Chapter One: Just a Regular day

Kimiko, he dragon of fire, woke up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Glancing at her clock she saw it was 7:30, thus making her late.

"Shoot! I'm gonna miss breakfast!!!" She screamed to no one in particular, jumping into the shower for a two-second wash. Throwing on her robes, and quickly putting her hair up in two pigtails, she made a dash for the kitchen.

She was the last one in there that morning. Clay, the dragon of earth, Omi, the dragon of water, and Ryan, the dragon of wind, were all already there and scarfing down all the food.

"Hey, leave some food for me!" She yelled, sitting down in her usual chair.

"What do you say guys? Do we give the lady her food, or should we just keep it for ourselves? She did get here late." Ryan joked.

"Ha-ha, very funny Ryan, now give me those pancakes!" she said, playfully punching him in the shoulder. He put on a fake hurt look.

"Oww, Kimiko, did anyone tell you that you hit hard!"

"Yes, you, multiple times." She giggled, stacking eggs and pancakes on her plate. Master Fung walked in, so they all stood up and bowed.

"Good morning Master Fung! Today is the day we get to learn how to strike without seeing from our eyelids and with seeing from… not our eyelids!" Omi announced happily to, everyone else's confusion.

"I think he means learn to hit with our eyes closed?" Clay said.

"That too!" Omi replied happily. Ryan groaned. It was amazing how Omi could mess up a simple sentence.

"That is correct young monk. I expect to see you all out on the training field after your chores are done." They all groaned now.

"I hate chores!"


" I want you all to pay attention to your environment. Any sound, any small movement, must be detected for you to defeat your foe." Master Fung said wisely.

"And that's why we're blind folded." Kimiko added in.

'Precisely. I want you each to fight off each other. Use your instincts, know were your opponent is before they strike."

"Oh, that shall be most easy for me, since my tiger instincts are in top tip shape!" Omi bragged.

"That's 'tip-top' Omi" Kimiko corrected.

"That too!"

"You may begin!" Master Fung commanded. They all got into their fighting stances and waited for someone to attack. Kimiko made the first move.

"Judilette flip FIRE!" She screamed shooting a wave of fireballs in every direction.

"Seismic kick EARTH!" Clay yelled sending up a wall of rock to protect himself from the on-slaughter of fire

Omi was next. "Tsunami strike WATER!" He created a huge iceberg that was slowly melting, but it was still enough protected him from the heat.

"Typhoon boom WIND!" Ryan sent out a huge gust of wind, but it wasn't strong enough to stop the fire. Several balls pelted Ryan.

"Oww!!!! Ahh!!!! He ripped his blindfold off and started the stop, drop, and roll maneuver. Lucky for him, Kimiko had already distinguished the fire.

"Nice try Ryan, perhaps next time." Master Fung said before walking away. Ryan groaned in frustration. He was the oldest, a whole year older then all the other warriors at the temple, and he was somehow still the weakest one there!

"It was a good try Ryan." Kimiko said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You'll get it next time." Kimiko always looked up to Clay and Ryan as big brothers and Omi as the small annoying one. It hurt her to see him in so much aggravation.

"I know, it's just, I kinda hoped I would get it this time. You guys are all younger then me, and you can do more then I can!"

"Oh, that is quite true. I can do many things! I am the best of all…" Omi said, but promptly shut his mouth when he saw the glares Kimiko gave him. "…Never mind."

Ryan shrugged off Kimiko's hand and took two steps away from her, his eyes on the ground. "Yeah, whatever." His head suddenly darted upward, and his eyes dashed around. 'I thought I heard something!"

"You must be mistaken my friend, if there was anything, I would have sensed it with my tiger instincts!" Omi said.

"Yeah Ryan, I didn't hear anything either." Kimiko added in.

Just then, something pounced out of the bushes onto Ryan. Kimiko, Clay, and Omi all gasped, while Ryan tried to get back up. It was a boy! Ryan kicked him in the stomach, sending him backwards and crashing into a tree.

Now was the time Kimiko really got to look at him. He was about her age, 13 or 14, no way older then that, with light brown hair, tan skin, and the brightest green eyes she had ever saw. A golden medallion hung from his neck, a simple swirl its only decoration. He pushed himself upward and stood in a fighting stance. Ryan did the same.

"I want it back Ryan! You stole it and I want it all back!" The boy shouted.

Ryan raised an eyebrow, a surprised look flickering over his face. "Raimundo?"