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Chapter 20: Meeting The End

"Rai. Time to wake up. Come on bro, you've been sleeping for about three days." Rai jerked up from the bed he was lying in.

"THREE DAYS!!" Rai yelled, taking a few seconds to look at his surrounding. He was in his old bedroom and five people were standing around him.

Ryan chuckled. "Nah, it's only been a few hours." Rai glared at his brother angrily.

"That was not funny!" Rai growled.

"Yes it was." Ryan replied still laughing. Well, until Kimiko punched him in the arm.

"How ya feeling partner?" Clay asked Rai.

"Like I've been run over by a truck, scooped off the ground, tossed into a tornado and crashed into a cement building." Rai said, rubbing his sore... err, everything.

"…It is possible to survive all that?" Omi asked, naïve as ever. Kimiko did a face-plant.

"Sarcasm Omi. Sarcasm."


"So… Did I win?" Rai asked, the last few moments of the battle still hazy in his mind.

"Yup. You beat dad all the way to kingdom come. I don't think he'll be coming back any time soon."

Raimundo gave Ryan an unnerving stare. "Why did you help me? Back there in the battle. You could have let dad beat me, but you didn't. Why the sudden change of heart?"

Ryan shrugged, "Well, I certainly was in no condition to fight. What did you expect?"

"Truthfully, you to let me die."

Ryan chuckled. "I may hate you Rai, but I don't want you dead. And if you do die, I want to be the one to have the pleasure of doing it."

Rai growled. "Your lucky I'm hurt or your butt would be kicked to the same place dad's was." Ryan just laughed.

"Whatever you say bro. Whatever you say."

"Rai, I just got off the phone with Master Fung." Kimiko said, flipping her cell phone shut. "He'd like to offer you a spot as dragon of the wind in the Xiaolin temple!"

Rai smiled, then looked at Ryan, his expression more somber, "You realize if I take it, we'll be fighting against each other."

"Dude, we were always fighting with one another, at least now we have something worthwhile to fight over."

"Then may the best man win."

"Don't give yourself so much credit bro." Ryan joked. Rai punched him in the arm.

"Shut up."

Dojo, who had (cough) 'disappeared' during the battle, managed to find his way back to the warriors. "Are we going back or not? This place gives me the creeps… In a good way!" Dojo added quickly seeing Ryan's angry glare.

"Yeah, go ahead and supersize Dojo." Kimiko replied. Dojo grew ten times his size and the warriors climbed on.

"So, are you coming Rai? The temple sure could use someone like you." Clay said.

"Oh yes! We learn the most interesting things! It is chilly!"

"It's cool Omi."

"That is what I said. Chilly!" Kimiko did another face plant.

Rai paused before getting on and looked towards Rai. "You could come if you want ya know. You don't need elemental chi to train." He whispered.

Ryan smirked. "Thanks, but no thanks. I think I'll stay on the good ol' side of evil. Follow in dad's footsteps and all that. And your going to need someone to whoop your butt every once in a while so your ego doesn't get too big."

Rai smiled. "Don't count on it. Now that I have my wind chi, I can beat you from here to the moon."

Ryan mirrored Rai's smile. 'Don't count on it." Then Rai did something that surprised them all. He hugged Ryan.

"I'm gonna miss ya bro." Ryan, who was shocked at first, relaxed for a second, then peeled the boy away.

"Hey, don't get mushy on me. I still hate you ya know."

Rai smirked, "And I still loathe you. See ya when the next Wu's revealed."

"Don't count on winning it though."

Rai laughed and jumped after Dojo after the monks. With one last raise of his hand, Dojo took off and flew through the sky, letting Ryan slowly disappear from sight.


The other monks eagerly accepted Rai as one of there own, and he trained at the temple with them until eventually, he became Shoku Warrior.

Ryan continued to train on his own, harnessing skills he didn't know he had. His powers grew stronger and stronger and he became one of the most powerful warriors on the Heylin side.

The two brothers still fought occasionally over Wu, but Ryan had started to see that Wu are unneeded and doesn't chase after them so much anymore.

Rai's powers also continued to grow and as Shoku he had a chance to learn things about his powers and himself that he had never known. He also went on to be one of the most powerful Xiaolin Warriors, with one of the strongest teams.

Chase never returned for reasons unknown but they say he's still in hiding, bidding his time when he can acquire revenge on his two sons.

Kimiko and Raimundo end up dating and Rai has recently proposed. His brother is invited to the wedding and it is the first wedding ever for both Xiaolin and Heylins to be present.

That, of course, is another story.

And to think, none of this would ever have happened if a small amount of chi wasn't stolen, if a boy hadn't regained his memories and confronted his brother, and if the brother had never admitted 'Everything you had was Stolen By Me…'

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