's something I've noticed about RENTheads. They like to share things about that show we all love so much: mostly opinions about things like actors, songs, characters, performances...but here's one thing that we all REALLY want to talk about.

Our first time seeing RENT.

So that's why I am publishing this. I want to hear about your first times: the movie, the show, a bootleg, whatever. I want to know how so many people fell in love with this amazing show. SO, here is how I will do it. This is the first chapter. If you want to share an account of your first time, write it down and email it to me (my email address is on my profile). I will then post it (include any information you might want me to post with your email). I really want to be able to help people share this. So, my comrades...this is your forum. And by the way, I know we have forums for this kind of thing. But posting in a fic makes it seem more open and permanent. ALSO by the way, I will take down your account if you want me to. No one is being forced to share anything they don't want to. But if you DO want to...well, this is the place to do it.

And please, do not send in submissions by review. Ugh, the nightmare of it all!!