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The Sequel to "The Bet":



"Sahhka estes brahmn de callede.

Hujja cuarent salente adenal.

Schetul a purmchen furthom quale."

"Take thy blood and purify our bodies." The hooded figures raise their arms to the sky as thunder crashes in the distance.

"Take thy blood and purify our bodies." The group of four continues repeating the command as the storm grows. A bolt of lightning connects with the ground in the middle of the circle, causing the group of four to drop hands and fall to the ground.

The storm quickly rolls out, leaving the hooded figures lying on the ground. They all soon rise slowly, looking up towards the sky.

"Damnit. We we're so close!" One explains.

"Let's go guys. We can't keep Chalen waiting." The man leads the others back through a nearby forest, quickly coming upon a large, wooden house.

The group waits quietly at the door until it is opened, revealing an older man in his mid-40's.

"Ahh! Come in, come in."

The man steps aside, allowing the figures to step into the house. They pull their hoods away, revealing 4 young boys; all barely the age of 18 years. The black coats are soon thrown on various couches as the boys congregate in the living room.

Aiden, the leader of the four remains standing by the fire place. "Aiden, can I speak to you?" Chalen asks and begins walking towards a back room. The oldest boy follows behind, into the office.

Aiden sits down in front of Chalen's desk. "How did it go tonight, Aiden?"

"Well sir, better than last time."

Chalen sighs, placing himself in the leather desk chair.

"What happened?"

"We said the chant and once we were finished, the storm rolled in like last time. I really thought it was going to work this time. We repeated the 'blood' command until a bolt of lightning hit the ground in the middle of our circle. It caused us to break contact and fall to the ground."

Chalen sighs again. "You all are not strong enough. The covenant power is resisting."


"Reid." I barely get his name out as his lips meet mine again.

"Hhmm?" His hand travels up my thigh and rests on my hip.

I pull away from him. "You have to go."

His hair tickles my nose as he looks down at me from his hovering position.

"Caleb can get over it." He smirks, grabbing my neck as he kisses me again. Seconds later, Reid's cell phone blares on my bedside table.

"Fuck." He whispers out, giving me another kiss, causing me to giggle.

"Told you."

"Shut up, babe."

I smirk as he answers. "Yeah, dude?"

Reid kisses my neck while holding the phone to his ear.

"Making out with, Riles." He gently nibbles on my neck, making me giggle.

"Alright! Chill the fuck out!" He hangs up the phone and pulls himself off of me.

"Gotta go before Caleb has a coronary." He throws on his hoodie, giving me another kiss as he pulls the hood over his head.


"Guys, I felt someone use again last night. A lot." Caleb rubs his forehead as he sits down in a wooden chair in the basement of the old Putnam house.

"Do you think it's Chase?" Pogue asks.

"I don't think Chase survived that last blow I gave him, but I'm not ruling him out."

"Well if it's not Chase, who is it?" Tyler looks through the Book of Damnation.

"Who said it was a person, baby boy? For all we know it could be something else, that's not human." Reid pats Tyler's head, smirking.

"Well, look, whatever it is, it has to be stopped. We can't ignore this, guys. And no more using unless it's absolutely necessary." Caleb shoots a stern look in Reid's direction.

"Why do you always look at me?!"

"Gee, I wonder." Tyler hits Reid's shoulder.

"Reid, you're the only one out of all of us that uses carelessly."

"But you-"

"Reid." Caleb puts his hand up, silencing Reid. "I don't care what happened in the past. But now, there will be no using until we figure out what this thing is."

"Caleb, how come we can't feel it? Usually, we can tell if someone uses." Pogue states.

"I don't know. I really don't. I've looked everywhere in that book." Caleb points to the book being held in Tyler's hands.

"Wait a minute," Reid snatches the book from Tyler. "Remember when we had to fight that wolf thing? What was his name? Uhh… Wood's Hole Warlock! Do you think he's back?"

Pogue shrugs and glance at Caleb. "Could be, but could you be able to feel it when he's around?"

Caleb shrugs at Pogue's question. "I don't feel someone's presence. It feels like… there's some kind of tension. It feels kind of like something's pulling apart. When it stops, I feel drained, but I have no control over it.

"You mean it's feels like something is being ripped away from you?" Reid asks.

"Yeah. That's exactly what it feels like."


"Baby? What is going on? Why are you acting so out of it?" Reid got back from Caleb's meeting a while ago. I think he's said three words to me.

And I'm not exaggerating.

I got a 'Hey, babe' he got back and a 'nothing' when I asked him what was up. Now he's just staring at the television.


"Yeah?" He says, never taking his eye off of the TV.

I roll my eyes, bending down in front of him, grabbing his face. "What's wrong?" I ask him, rubbing my thumb on his cheek.

He stares blankly at me, before tearing his gaze away. "Someone is trying to get the covenant power again. But don't say anything to anyone. I'm sure Caleb didn't want you to know."

"I won't."

I sit behind Reid, on my bed, wrapping my arms around his waist, resting my head on his back. We've been dating now for a month and a half. And I have not one complaint. Well, at least not yet.

"What do you say we go see a movie tonight? You know, get out of Spenser for a while." He says, rubbing my arm softly.

"Mmm… can't. It's girls night."

"Ugh! But… you all always have girl's nights. You spend more time with them than you do with me!"

"Oh I do not. It's not my fault you and the guys don't have boy's nights."

He turns around, glaring at me. "Oh get over it, babe. I'll make it up to you."

"You will, huh?"

I bite my lip. "Uh huh."

He smirks grabbing my neck, pulling me into a kiss. Good God Almighty he is such a horn dog. Pshh, he probably thinks I meant that I'd give him some sex tonight. He hasn't gotten any and he sure as hell isn't getting any for a while.

Yes, Reid and I have been dating for a month and a half, and we haven't had sex. Although, I'm pretty sure it's killing Reid. I'm starting to wonder how he's gone this long without sex. Either he's very skilled at cheating on me or he's just using his hands a lot. If you know what I mean. Wink wink.

He's so going to freak when he finds out I'm a virgin. I'm not telling him unless I have to.

He slightly pushes me back, causing me to lie down on the bed. Reid hovers over me, pulling off his hoodie and throwing it on the floor. My hands travel to his lower back as his lips crash to mine again.

Then my cell phone rings.

"Damnit. Every fucking time." Reid mumbles, rolling off of me so I can answer my phone.

"Hey Sarah."

"Hey Riley! We're going to leave in 10 minutes, so meet us in our room!"

"Ok! I'll be there in a few!"

I hang up, looking at Reid. I innocently smile at him. "Uh, I got to go. We're leaving in a few minutes."

A low growl escapes his throat. "Oooo a growl. So scary. You getting those primal instincts down, babe?"

I grab my jacket, throwing it on before Reid replies to my comment. "Just be ready for tonight. The animal in me will be out. You better prepare yourself, Riles."

He causes me to laugh. "Yeah ok, hot shot."

"I mean it, short stop!"

I crinkle my nose, receiving an eyebrow raise from the blonde. Rolling my eyes, I close the door to my room, walking to Kate and Sarah's dorm for our lovely girl's night.


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