Ok this story is gonna be about Riley arriving at Spencer Academy and how she became part of the group! Fun flashback time! Enjoy :)

Reid and I are laying on my bed, watching tv. Both on our stomachs, his arm around my waist, tracing circles around my hip.

"Are you okay, Riles?" He kisses my shoulder.

I nod, smiling over at him. "Oh, I'm fine. Just a little sore, but it was worth it."

He smirks. "I told you I would eventually get your hot ass to have sex with me."

I roll my eyes. "Gee Reid, you sure do know how to ruin a moment." Asshole... but he can't help it. I know it's in his DNA. And I kinda like it. *Smiles*

He laughs. "I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about this Riles."

This causes me to laugh as well. "Well Reid, I'm glad I could help you out."

"I'm telling you, I've wanted this for a while." His lips lower to meet mine.

"How long is a while?" I say kissing him back.

"Since you walked into World History on your first day." He glances at me before sending a smirk at me.

I stare at him wide eyed. "Riles, you're fucking hot. And you in that school uniform can give a guy some very dirty thoughts."

I let myself think about that day. Who knew I'd be dating that egotistical, but hot asshole.

Fuck you mom and dad. Fuck this stupid school. And fuck having to start at 7am.

I woke up to my alarm blaring at 7:20.

Well, this will make a good impression.

I throw my uniform on, leaving a few buttons open at the top. Damn these designers really wanna suffocate some boobs with all these buttons.

I grab my schedule and books. Walking to class is pretty easy since the hallways are clear. Room 128- World History. Ugh... shoot me now.

I open the door slowly, trying to sneak in, but that was a major fail.

"Ms. Morrison. I was wondering where you were. Glad you decided to come to class today." Mr. Easton stops writing on the board to greet me.

"Sorry, I uh... Got a little lost." I glance at he class before look back at Mr. Easton.

"Since it's your first day, I'll let it slide. You may take a seat by Mr. Garwin. Top row." He points to an empty seat on the end beside a patch of blonde hair laying on the desk.

I nod, walking up the stairs. Please don't trip, please don't trip.

"Mr. Garwin! Wake up and pay attention." Mr. Easton tells across the room before returning to writing on the board.

I look at my destination and see a guy elbow 'Mr. Garwin'. He launches off the desk after his elbow alarm. He reaches over and pats the other guy on the chest, hard.

"Fuck you, baby boy."

He rubs his face and his eyes meet mine as I approach the seat.

Holy shit he's fucking hot. Those blue eyes... mmm... hello hottie!

He smirks. "Well good morning, legs." His eyes shift from mine, eyeing me up and down. Scratch that... hello jackass! Egotistical bastard. Why do all the hot ones gotta be jerks?

"It's Riley, and good morning to you too." I roll my eyes taking out my pen and notebook.

"Reid." His eyes linger on me a few seconds before opening his asshole mought again. "You're new here, aren't you?" He chuckles looking at me with his head resting on his palm.

"How can you tell?" I sigh, not really wanting to get in trouble for talking.

"Well for one, you're planning on taking notes. And you 'got lost'."

He actually did air quotes. Really?

"I overslept if you really wanna know the reason. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to pay attention since I was late."

I start taking notes, not looking at the blonde wonder. Eventually I can feel his stare on me. I glance up at him as he turns his head to the front of the class.

I go back to taking notes. Minutes later, I feel him staring again.

Geez what the hell is his problem? He's very distracting.

I look away from my notes and to him. He quickly glances back to the front again, a smile playing on his lips. I cock my eyebrow up at him and play his game.

I go back to writing my notes. As soon as I feel his gaze again, I put my pen down, put my arm on the desk and put my head in it, staring right back at him. He doesn't turn away this time, just challenges me to keep looking... And I do.

His finger starts to touch his lips. Oh his lips. I didn't notice how perfect they are. My conscience yells at me. Stop it, Riley. We don't like him. We can just smell "asshole" all over him.

Our staring contest continues. I dart my tongue out to moisten my dry lips. His eyes follow my tongue and linger on my lips after my tongue disappears into my mouth.

I smile biting my bottom lip. "Do you usually do this to girls?" I question.

His eyes don't leave my lips. "No. Usually they aren't immune to the Garwin Charm. But you... You're different." His eyes finally meet mine again.

I laugh. "The Garwin Charm? Honey, you don't know anything about charm." I raise my eyebrows at him and smile.

The bell rings, dismissing us. I pack up my belongings and walk down the stairs without speaking another word. Leave him speechless... Ha the 'Garwin Charm'. What a douche.

I stop to find my locker. My combination is on my schedule. Luckily I'm close to it. These books are getting a little heavy. I empty some stuff out of my bag and shit the door.

"Fuck!" I jump as I see someone standing by my locker. Staring at me.

He laughs. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I'm Tyler. I just wanted to apologize for Reid back there. He comes off a little strong in his ways."

I smile. "Riley... Yeah I noticed that about him. Nothing I can't handle though."

"Baby boy, what are you doing bothering this lovely lady?" I see two taller guys approach us.

"Hey guys, this is Riley. I was apologizing to her for Reid's rudeness."

The tallest laughs. "Yeah he can be bold. I'm Caleb, this is Pogue." I smile at the two. "Did you transfer here?"

"Yeah, my parents decided it would be good for me to come here instead of public school. So here I am." I grab my bag off the floor. "Sorry I can't stay, I was already late this morning. Don't wanna have a repeat. It was nice meeting you!"

They all smile at me before I walk away. I hear them whisper to each other before I'm out of ear shot.

"Hey Riley," I stop and turn around to look at Caleb. "We're going to a bar tomorrow night. Nicky's. Would you like to go with us? There will be another girl there, so you won't be hanging out with just us guys."

I smile. "I don't know. Bars aren't my thing."

"This place might surprise you. Come on. Say it's a 'sorry for our friend' get together."

I laugh. "Okay, I guess." I make it to my next class without having any other problems.

Come lunch time, I'm freaking out though. Do you realize how awkward it is when you don't know anyone at lunch? It fucking SUCKS. Here I am, standing in the middle of the cafeteria, holding a plate full of food, looking for someone to sit with.

"You can sit with us." My body turns to see Tyler standing behind me, smiling.

I blush slightly, shrugging. "I don't really know anyone. So it's a little difficult to find a table."

He laughs. "I figured. Come on, sit with us. Kate will love having another girl at the table."

"Who's Kate?" I ask casually while we head to the table.

"Pogue's girlfriend." I nod, following Tyler to the table. As soon as we are in sight, I see Caleb smiling back at me. My gaze shifts to his right, seeing a patch of blonde hair. God, does he sleep everywhere?

We sit down, me in front of Caleb, Tyler beside me, facing Reid.

"How was your last class?" Caleb pops a french fry in his mouth, watching me.

"Pretty boring. American Literature." As soon as I speak, the blonde hair shoots up off the table.

"Well hey, legs. How nice of you to join us for lunch." Reid smirks at me.

"Reid... don't even start." Caleb gently hits him over the head, making me laugh. "What other classes do you have?"

I pull my schedule out. "Uhh, Pre-Calculus with Hoffman and Honors Chemistry with Yanz."

Reid smiles. "Alright, we have Chemistry class together."

I slightly smile. "Joy. What a way to end the day." I quickly look at Caleb in fake horror. He smiles, laughing slightly.

"Ms. Morrison... Is that sarcasm I hear in your voice? Most girls would love to start and end the day with me." He raises his eyebrows at me as Caleb and Tyler laugh even harder.

Pogue, and I assume Kate, sit down at the table. "Riley, this is my girlfriend, Kate." i smile at her as they get situated. He continues, "If it makes you feel any better, we all have Chemistry as last class."

I smile at him. "That does make it better. Thank you!" This makes everyone laugh, except Reid. I glance over at him, throwing him a wink. "Don't pout, Reid. It's not attractive."

He stares at me... Well, my lips. I smile, darting my tongue out to moisten them. His eyes travel up to meet mine as a smirk appears on his face. "I'm sure chemistry will be enjoyable with you, Reid. You'll be sleeping the whole time."

I smile, making everyone laugh again. Pogue speaks up, "Oooo, I think Reid's gonna have a run for his money from now on."

Caleb found me in the halls this morning. He told me that a black hummer will pick me up in the dorm parking lot to go to Nicky's.

So here I am, in tight jeans, a black rhinestone top and wedges waiting on this black hummer. It's 7:06... 6 minutes late... Doesn't seem like Caleb to be late.

I look at my phone again, 7:08... "Morrison, are you just gonna stand there and look pretty? Or are you coming with us?"

I look up, seeing the black hummer, with Reid in the passengers seat, smirking, and Tyler driving. Tyler smiles, nodding towards the back door. I slip my phone into my back pocket and walk towards the SUV. I open the door seeing that the back is empty.

"Where are the others?" I ask, climbing into the seat and shutting the door.

"They're probably already there. Caleb told me to pick you up." Tyler pulls away from the dorm steps, getting on the road.

I glance at Reid, who's looking out of the window. What's with the gloves? Who is he, Michael Jackson? Maybe he thinks its badass. Weirdo... They do look kinda hot on him...

I can see his reflection in the side mirror. I catch myself staring at him... Blonde hair, blue eyes, beanie hat... Which fits him perfectly I must say. I'm pulled out of my thoughts as his eyes lock with mine through the mirror. He slightly smirks, then winks at me. I smile at him and involuntarily moisten my lips. His smirk drops as his reflecting eyes drop to my lips. They eventually find my eyes again as the car stops in a gravel parking lot.

The mirror breaks our eye contact as the door is opened and Reid hops out. I reach for the door handle as it opens by itself, revealing Reid on the other side. He pulls the door all the way open to let me out. I hop out, straightening my shirt out. "Thanks." I smile up at him.

I didn't realize how tall he is. I come up to his shoulder, so he's at least a good 8 inches taller. He nods, shutting the door behind me. Tyler comes around the corner. "You ready, Riley?"

I look at Tyler, "Of course!" I follow them to the door. Tyler speds up slightly to get the door as Reid and I walk in. Reid breaks away to the left immediately. I let my eyes follow his figure. Dark jeans, a loose, black, long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves pushed up, the beanie and the gloves.

Damn, he's fucking hot. Very arrogant, but hot.

"He's heading to the pool tables. You wanna play with us? The others are sitting over there if you wanna go with them instead." Tyler points to a table on the other side of the bar, revealing Caleb, Pogue and Kate.

I look up at Tyler. "I'll stick with you two for now." He nods, leading me over to a pool table that Reid has already set up for a game. "You want a drink?" I climb into the bar chair beside the table.

"Uhh, a Shirley temple?" Tyler nods. "Reid, you want a drink?"

Reid doesn't say, just tosses a wad of dollars to Tyler, who disappears shortly after.

"You play pool, Riles?" Reid walks over to me, pool stick in hand.

"Riles?" I cock my eyebrow at the name he called me.

"Riles." He smirks, handing me the pool stick. "You break."

"Ohhh, no. I don't break." I shake my head at him, slightly laughing.

I hop out of the chair I was sitting in and grab the pool stick from the blonde wonder. He walks to the other side of the table, breaking the cluster of balls apart. 2 solids fall into opposite pockets. Fuck... He's serious about pool.

He misses his next shot. I study the table, knowing I have stripes. I line up, sinking one into a corner pocket. I don't look at Reid at all. This is the time to try to impress... With my below par pool skills. I study again, finding another average shot. Tyler comes back with the drinks as I miss my next shot. He sets them down on the table and disappears.

I take a swig of my drink, watching Reid set up for his next shot. He shoots in 3 more balls, leaving one more and the 8 ball to seal his win. I set my drink down and look for a shot. I end up getting two more stripes in, but miss my third.

Reid chuckles. "You're not too bad, Riles. I think I found a new pool partner." He shoots in the last solid. He glances up at me, smiling. Like an actual SMILE. Oh god... Don't smile at me. Ughh, it's fucking gorgeous.

"Corner pocket." He shoots in the 8 ball, still smiling. My eyes never leave his as my lips pull at the corners.

"Well aren't you a hot shot at pool." I smile back at him.

He laughs, walking over to me, draping his arm around my shoulders. I look up at him, smirking with my eyebrow cocked at him. "Riles, I'm a hot shot at everything. You'll learn this with time..."

"Oh, wow... Like that's not conceited."

He throws his head back, laughing. "You're gonna fit in with us just fine."

Ahhh okay.. I'm gonna end it in flashback mode... I'm making a beginnings part 2 to better explain Reid's and Riley's weird relationship-ness. So after the next chapter, we will be back in present time!


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