Title: Backwards Compatible

Author: Merusa

Rating: T

Pairing: Scorpius/Rose

Summary: "He's become your everything."

Dear Rosie,

He's become your everything. His face is the last thing in your thoughts before you sleep and the first thing you think of in the morning. Your day has become wrapped up in stolen kisses in the corridor and study time together in the library.

Your mother told me, darling, and I just cannot understand this.

You've become his everything, too. You can feel it in the feverish way he kisses you, the notes you find in your bag, the protective way his arm tightens around your waist when any other boy dares to look at you. You see it in the way his eyes sadden as he walks away from you backwards, always backwards, so you can drink in each other as you walk away.

Backwards compatible, that's what you are. He falls backwards to you, always, just as you fall to him.

You are simply not supposed to work.

Rose, from the moment I laid eyes on that boy, I knew he was trouble. He is just like his father. Please, please, listen to me when I tell you that he is no good. Rose, he is just using you. You're a pretty girl. He just wants to use you.

You've known from the moment you laid eyes on him that you were meant to be together. At eleven, you couldn't identify the feeling. All you knew was a stern warning from your father, who, at eleven, was your everything. Daddy was always right. Until now.

I understand that you're a young woman now. However, you are only seventeen years old. I know that you think you know everything, but you don't. He will hurt you, I promise you that. I know young boys. I was one myself.

Scorp hurts you every day. It hurts when he walks away from you, it hurts when he pulls his lips away from yours and whispers that you have to stop, it hurts when you find a rose lying on your pillow and you wonder how he did that, and you curl up under the sheets and pretend it doesn't hurt so badly that he's not there holding you.

End it, Rose. Please, for your own good. End this before he ends it for you.

In the morning, you get downstairs as quickly as possible. He pulls you down a corridor into the same dusty classroom and holds you, and you cling to each other. You wonder how you could love this man so much, so that it hurts with every inch of you.

He pulls out a letter from his father and shows it to you. You read it quickly, read what Draco Malfoy has told his son to do with 'the Weasley girl,' and you look up at him. He grabs your hands and looks into your eyes and tells you that he'll never end this, not ever, because he loves you more then anything and you've become his world, and for a moment, you simply marvel at his words, because you are more then aware that not another person in this world has seen this side of him, ever.

You are my world, Rosie-girl. Your mother feels the same way, although she would never admit it. I love you.

Smiling sadly, you pull out the letter from your father and show him. He reads it quickly, and looks at you, and you realize that he is frightened of what you are going to say.

You go up on your tiptoes, because he is so much taller than you are, and you cup his cheek and whisper "We will have no ending, love."

Love, Daddy.