by CharmingSlayer/Lumendea

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who and gain nothing from the creation of this story

AN: This story is for Unseen Watcher who helped inspire it with one of her reviews. I hope you enjoy the story. I wrote this long before End of Time, hence it not lining up with canon.

I was an old world, an ancient planet in one of the oldest solar systems in one of the most ancient of galaxies which my people named Kasterborous. My sky was a burnt orange color that cast a golden amber glow over the world of my Time Lords. I was a proud and great world who had given life to a powerful race. My Time Lords conquered time and space itself with their glorious Eye of Harmony which I guarded within myself in the lowest levels of their city.

My two suns would shine down on my red grass covered mountains and make the snow caps shine like the domed cities of my Time Lords. The bright sunbeams spilling into my amber glow would make my silver forests shine as if on fire and at night when the suns would set my people could see my cooper colored moon, Pazithi Gallifreya. I would look away from the Death Zone and the lands of the "outsides and others" and back to the continent of Wild Endeavor, to the Mountains of Solace and Solitude and to the shining home of my people.

They mastered time and space, my dear Time Lords, but then they returned to me to merely watch the universe. My children refused to prove themselves great, they refused to change and become a true part of the universe. They were the neutrals, only stepping in when something threatened them. I watched other planets die and lose their children, knowing that mine could have helped could have saved them. Yet they stayed the same, generation after generation remained on Gallifrey unwilling to interfere and I saw them decay into corruption.

Then something horrid and wonderful happened. The Time War, a war for the whole of creation. My children, the Time Lords banded together to fight the Daleks unwilling to surrender the cosmos to them. The universe shook and many of my sisters worlds died. My children who had for so long kept themselves locked away from the universe did the incredible, they died for it. As I was burning, as my oceans boiled and the forests truly erupted into flames, I was once again proud to be Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords.