Note: This is a true story which happened to my cousin when he randomly turned on the TV and Deathnote just happened to be on. He came into the part when L started antagonizing Light and he actually thought L was talking to him! Of course, he just turned it off right after L's first piece of dialogue but that wouldn't be very interesting to read so I added some things that he would probably say. I also had a weird experience watching Deathnote at this scene too but my cousin's story is way funnier! Enjoy!

You wouldn't be able to see the thin frame of a boy under all of the layers of blankets but there was certainly someone there. He stirred a bit in his sleep and slowly started to rise under the heavy weight of blankets.

"Wonder what's on TV," he thought, turning it on, hoping that it would wake him up.

As with every television screen, it was black at first and than slowly started to show color as it was turned on. But the screen showed no color, it was fuzzy and had static like one of those cliché moments in a scary movie when something would randomly pop up. And it did.

The screen showed an overdramatic drawn "L".

"What the hell?" The boy stared at the fuzzy screen in front of him and proceeded to move closer. His eyes were barely open as he was still half asleep. Than something peculiar happened. The letter on the screen began to speak in an odd voice like the guy behind the microphone was a pretty heavy smoker.

"I, 'L', definitely exist!"

"Whoa, what the fuck?!" the boy started to slowly move back. "Am I going crazy or is that thing talking to me?"

"Well then, try killing me," it said.

"Wait, what?!"

It seemed like the letter, "L", was starting to talk back again.

"Hurry up and try it!"

"B-But…that's wrong!" he exclaimed, "I can't do that! You don't even have a real name!"

"Hurry up and try to kill me!" it protested.

Now he was fully awake, eyes bulging out of his sockets as he stared at the television screen. This thing was insane.

"Kill me, kill me!" it insisted. "Try to kill me!"

The boy started to panic, he didn't know what to do, he didn't want to be a murderer!

"What's wrong, can't you?"

There was a long pause. Was it finally gone? The boy moved in closer again.

"It would seem for some reason that you can't kill me." It finally answered, after the dead long silence.

By now, the boy had finally had enough.

"Okay! Fine! I'll kill you!" he screamed. He reached for the remote and turned off the TV. Immediately, the letter was gone and so was that annoying voice. "There! Are you happy now, you stupid letter?!"

And with the end of his statement the boy fell back against the pillow, muttering evil thoughts to this "L" person, and dozed off.

This is what happens when people tune into crazy rants from a person with no real identity at the wrong time.