Hey, Gals and Guys, This is a re-up. An editing of what existed before with no new information. But I think I'm going to write more. Fifty reviews to a two chapter unfinished story have that effect on me. Let the crashish-ness continue. Also, I'm changing him to Zoro. Since beginning BNNNA, I've taken several years of Japanese and honestly, calling him Zolo makes me die a little on the inside. Thanks for all of your continued support!


Luffy was used to cravings. He constantly craved food, especially meat on a bone, a good fight, and, of course, One Piece. This, however, he was not used to craving. After all, he had only had it once in his life, and it was very hard to find in this world, so, why bother craving it?

What was it, you ask?

Grape soda-pop. Yes, Captain Monkey D. Luffy was currently suffering from a severe grape soda craving. So, he did what he always did when he got a craving: Went to bother someone else about it.

"Chooppperrr!" Luffy called, a smile on his face as he slammed open the door to the tiny storage area Chopper had turned into a medical office of sorts. Opening his eyes (which had closed when he smiled) he realized that the tiny reindeer he had been calling out to was nowhere in sight. That was odd, he blinked, he had been sure that Chopper was in here, having said that he was working on a new 'Miracle Cure'.

Still, the reindeer was easily forgotten as Luffy caught sight of something...

Something bubbling...

Something fizzing...

Something PURPLE!

What else could it be but grape soda? That in mind, Luffy bounced over to the much appreciated beaker of liquid.

"Chopper must have been hoarding it!" He exclaimed gleefully to himself. "Surely he won't mind if I have a sip though." He took a sip, and then, without thinking, downed the entire thing. He grimaced slightly. Grape soda certainly didn't taste how he had remembered it.

"Wahh?" He asked himself, eyes drooping as he bent at the waist, an arm wrapping around his thin stomach. He suddenly didn't feel so good. Funny, he never got sick, so why now? His final thought before he fell into unconsciousness was that he had hoped to hang out with Zoro today.


Roronoa Zoro was only slightly curious as to where his captain had disappeared to. Only slightly, which was why he had been searching for him for the last two hours. Mm-hmm. Only slightly. And if you suggested otherwise, he'd chop you up and give you to Sanji to make into some wonderfully tasty dish. Not that he thought Sanji's cooking was delicious or anything. Shut up.

Anyway, he was only slightly curious where Luffy was, because, well, the boy was his captain, and his... Friend, he supposed. And he did have a tendency to fall overboard if he got too excited, and as he had eaten the devil fruit... Not that Zoro was worried. Or cared. Or anything like that.

Alright, deciding to stop denying it, Zoro would admit that he was a little bit worried... And he... might care... Just a little bit. Maybe.

Ah, darn it, okay. He cared a lot. A lot, a lot. Not that Luffy would ever notice. His baka of a captain was much too thick to ever notice that his first mate might have certain feelings for him.

Still, Zoro was more than prepared to deal with that. After all, he would rather die than hurt Luffy, and a confession from him would certainly do that. So caught up in his thoughts was he that he didn't even notice as he ran into someone.

"Hnn..." Zoro said, rubbing his head, "Sorry." He looked to see if his 'road kill' victim was alright, only to see that it was Chopper.'That's ironic,' Zoro thought, then offered the reindeer his hand as he stood himself. "I thought you were going to be working all day."

"I was," Chopper said, massaging his poor antlers. "I just took a break." He smiled, "Would you like to see my new serum? It's really cool!"

Zoro thought about it, and seeing the doctor's smile, and noting that he had just tried to run him over, the swordsman forced a smile. "Sure." If Chopper noticed, it had no effect on his demeanor.


Luffy blinked his eyes as he awoke, and noticed that everything looked... Different. He couldn't really place it, but things looked sharper to him somehow. He flexed his fingers, just to test his mobility functions (not that he thought it out that way), and looked down, confused, as he heard a scratching noise.

Attached to his fingers, in the place of fingernails, were sharp, dark-colored claws. He then felt something twitch on his head, and felt that his ears had changed, becoming pointed and... Furry. Further examination of his body revealed to him that he also had a long, black tail. He was confused, but then his face broke out into a smile.


That, he decided, must have been 'super grape soda'.


Zoro followed Chopper into his medicine room, expecting to see nothing more interesting than beakers and maybe some fizzing, bubbling and purple... Er, medicine, but what he actually saw surprised him. Or rather, what he heard.

"Zoro!" He knew that cheery voice anywhere. He was not prepared, however, for the owner of said voice to launch himself at him, knocking them both to the ground.

Zoro's eyes widened as he saw Luffy above him, laying on his stomach, rubbing against him and... Purring? Maybe Luffy rubbing on him was messing with his hearing... No, Luffy was purring and...

"Oh my gods..." Zoro said in awe, right hand moving up to touch Luffy's ears... His cat ears. Luffy closed his eyes and purred louder at the contact, obviously enjoying it.

Chopper just stood in shock for a moment, and then said what both he and Zoro were thinking: "WHAT THE HECK?!"