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They walked into the house. It was a nice sunny day and Jarod had no reason to know what was about to happen. He had finished his last pretend and had found Zoë once again. He had been there for a couple of days now. Jarod locked the door as he closed it and then walked into the kitchen to help Zoë with lunch. When they finished he helped with the dishes and they talked when they were washing and putting them away. Jarod laughed at something Zoë had said. Then suddenly the front door crashed open and Jarod grabbed Zoë's hand and led her to the back door, but as they got there they could hear glass breaking. He turned around and started towards the garage door hoping that they could escape there, but that didn't happen as Sam and another sweeper came in with guns drawn.

"Time to give it up, Jarod because you're going home."

"That's not my home, Sam."

"The Centre owns you get used to that." A familiar voice said behind him. They turned to the voice and saw Miss Parker and Lyle standing there.

"You. You're one of the men who kidnapped me to get to Jarod." Zoë cried out.

"Yes, I was."

"Cuff him and let's go." Replied Miss Parker as she trained the gun at Jarod and nodded to Sam.

"I say that we take them both."

"Please leave her out of this. She has nothing to do with anything. I'll go along quietly if you just leave her out of this. Please Miss Parker."

"Take the girl too." Lyle said.

"No, Please don't allow this Miss Parker."

"Lyle, we have Jarod we don't need her."

"I think we do to keep Jarod in line."

"I'm sorry Zoë."

"It's not your fault Jarod."

They led both of them out and into the car and drove off.

"How did you find me?"

"Like we're going to tell you how we found you." Replied Lyle

"Why both of you?" He looked to both of the twins.

"Because I want out and Lyle wants power. With me out of the way he can have the power and I won't stop it."

"You are the golden ticket, golden boy."

He knew that he would have to think of something to get Zoë out of the Centre because with her there they could use her against him. They would use her to get him to do the Sims that he didn't want to do.