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The next day was a repeat of yesterday with the TV's wheeled in each of the rooms and turned on and Jarod once again did another sim. He was led out of the lab and back to his cell.


Zoë's cell

Zoë sat on the mattress in the tiny cell and wondered when they would get out of this mess. How could a corporation kidnap a small boy and force him to live here? How could they keep him from a family that obviously loves him? Why? Because of the amazing gift he had. She had never imagined what he was capable when she had met him. She was amazed at what he could do while she watched him work. One some of those Sims he managed to be many people even a pilot who's plane went down. No wonder he knew all the stuff he knew when she introduced him to his grandma and sister. He is a genius.

Suddenly there was a noise in the air vent in her cell and she looked up as she saw a figure. Whoever it was kicked the vent cover off and leapt into the room. She backed up because she didn't know who it was.

"Friend, friend."

"Who are you?"

"Angelo, come with me."


"Get you out then friend."

"Who's friend? Is it Jarod?"

"Yes, friend. Come not much time." He said as went back into the vent. She went into the vent too following Angelo.


Jarod's cell

Jarod paced his cell once again. He turned to the door as it opened. Sydney walked inside and looked up to the camera to make sure it wasn't working. He then walked up to the cell and unlocked it.

"Go Jarod. Angelo already is taking Zoë out."

"Thank you, Sydney." He smiled and hugged his mentor. He then disappeared.

He stepped out of the manhole and glanced around. Zoë and Angelo were already there waiting for him.

"Thank you, Angelo." He hugged his friend.

"You're welcome."

"Why don't you come with us?"

"Can't not safe for me. Go now." He said as he slipped inside the manhole again and placed the cover on.

"I hope that he's okay." Jarod said to Zoë as he led her to a car that was waiting for them. Sydney had told him about the car. Broots had helped them too.

They got in buckled up and then he started the car and drove away.

"Who is Angelo?"

"He is a friend. He was a young boy named Timmy until Mr. Raines did an experiment on him and turned him to Angelo. He's helped me a lot in the past"

She nodded to him and stared out the window. He knew that once he made sure that she was safe and the Centre would never find her again that he could never see her again.

The End