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"It's all for you, Tenten-san," Hinata quietly whispered, wiping tears from her eyes as she tried to explain why her cousin killed himself," He wanted you to be happy."

Tenten didn't reply.

"If you lived with him," she sniffed," you wouldn't be happy. If you didn't marry, neither of you would be content with your lives."

"Oh, sure. So killing himself proved to be the only situation?" Tenten spat, looking at Hinata right in her eyes.

Hinata covered her face and fell on her knees. Out of nowhere, her husband appeared and silently said to Tenten," I would have done the same thing to Hinata if I knew she would still be happy in the end. Believe it."

Comforting her, he led Hinata out of the room, slowly sliding the door closed behind him.

Tenten felt the tears gather in her eyes once again," But Naruto," she choked, knowing he was on the other side of the door," it's better to be together with your loved one than to be apart.

"And Neji," she continued, looking out to the sky, sobbing," In the end, I'm not happy at all."

The next week, Tenten was found on her bed.

It was Sakura and Ino who wanted to see how she was doing, since Hinata and Hanabi kept on saying that Tenten hadn't eaten anything since Neji died.

When Sakura laid her hand on Tenten's forehead, she noticed…

That she wasn't breathing.

The chances of the next fic being a humor one is high. Awfully high.

I can't believe I just killed my favorite couple in Naruto! GAH!

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