A/N: Yes I know it's November, but that's just too bad. :3 I'm going to be uploading a large backlog of fics soon, and this will be the first installment. Some time back, I did a meme on livejournal for Valentine's Day. There are four mini-fics, one for a different couple. The ones that are slash (two of them) are clearly labeled in the scroll-down chapter titles, so have no fear of coming across one by accident.

This first one isn't slash. It's for a pair of OC's created by myself and Shiribot. It takes place in the TFBlogs-verse in which a warp wave caused strange things to happen, the least of which turning some 'bots into humans and vice versa. For my OC Lockout and for Shannon's OC Frostbite, this change was permanent even after the wave had passed. Not much history you need to learn for this ficlet to make sense. Just read and enjoy and don't sweat the small stuff ; )


How ironic, she thought as she walked to the ship's bridge, that he only one not celebrating the human holiday was the human. Well former human. Ok, so one of the former humans. Last anyone saw Frostbite, the normally snarky lawyer was on her way to Engineering, an eager grin on her face.

Not that Lockout begrudged her for that; it was good to see Frostbite and Wheeljack so happy lately. Whether or not that happiness stemmed from a good friendship or something more was anyone's guess, but they deserved it nonetheless.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Lock," Jazz greeted cheerfully from his seat at his console. Leaning back in the chair, and feet propped up on the counter, the black and white bopped his head in time with the radio playing only in his internal radio. Yes, the holiday was treating him very well so far.

"Same to you, Jazz," the blue and grey minibot responded. "I heard one of the computers was giving you some trouble?"

"Yeah. That one on the end," he pointed over to the one. "Sounds like a Seeker's engine every time we try to pull up a diagram."

It sounded like a problem easily rectified, but at least it would keep her busy for an hour or two. Hopefully busy enough that her thoughts wouldn't wander too much.

No such luck, of course. It was too tedious a job for that.

At first she would have done anything to return to human form. Being a robot… was so unnatural, so alien if one could forgive the pun. She'd had to relearn almost everything, from how to walk, to how to 'eat' which was a process much stranger than it seemed when the food was nothing less than liquid energy! And transforming… that was a process she'd much rather pretend came naturally. Ratchet had seen a lot of her the first few weeks after some incredibly embarrassing attempts left the young minibot stuck mid-way.

As time went on, she became more and more accustomed to her new body, and of being her former car. And the more Lockout got used to this life, the faster Melissa died. There would always be something different about her, something innately human, but already her memory failed at certain points. After a few years she'd forgotten the feel of clothes on her skin, or what her mother's turkey dinner tasted like. She could tell you what made a human attractive in the physical sense, but it had been quite a while since she'd last looked twice at one. Even her friends and family were slowly becoming foreign to a femme now getting comfortable with a life at war, risking her life for a fight she'd had no part in causing. That was what felt normal now. Not college not a minimum wage job at a trendy coffee shop. That life was for humans.

As time went by, and Lockout came to accept and even like her new life, she kept in touch with her old one less and less. The only people she ever really talked to anymore was her family, for that would never change. Only… all except her mother and grandparents stopped calling her Melissa. Even her own brother called her Lockout now.

This was probably for the best, she sighed, making her way through the software, trying to locate the problem. She and Frostbite had so far skirted around the issue, but… it wouldn't be long before their old life would come back with a vengeance. With every year gone by, with each friend getting married and having children. With every parent and sibling growing old and passing away. Life would go on around them, but for these two femmes, time had virtually stopped. It wouldn't be long now before a new world would exist, one that was unfamiliar and in which they had no place any longer.

It was this thought that bothered her most and what surely must bother Frostbite, even if she didn't say anything about it. Not to her at least.

"Hey, you alright, Lock?" Jazz asked, noting the sad pensive look on the light blue femme's face.

"Yes, I'm fine," she answered, forcing a smile to her face.

"You sure? Too good a day t' spend upset 'bout somethin'." Again she nodded, but he wasn't quite convinced. With a shrug and a smile he made some excuse and left, knowing where to go to make sure that dark mood would be lifted.

Too good a day… of course it was, it was Valentine's Day. Melissa had always found some way to make the most of it, be it with a boy or her friends or even with her family. Not this year though. The Autobots were more than welcome to celebrate the holiday in their own way. It was even nice in the way some of them creatively recreated a certain tradition to meet their needs. Yet nothing beat a bucket of Ben & Jerry's with three of your closest friends, collectively bemoaning your loveless lives. Even if she couldn't remember ice cream anymore.


Startled, the femme dropped the tool she was using, letting out a yelp. "'Latch!"

Chuckling sheepishly, the green minibot walked into the room fully. "Heh, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you."

"Didn't scare me," she replied, knowing he wasn't fooled. Yet her friend didn't push the point and for that she was grateful.

"Jazz said you were upset about something," he said, kneeling down enxt to her to help with the stubborn computer. After all, he'd done this a lot longer than she had.

"No, not upset," Lockout shook her head. Rattlelatch didn't say anything, but from the look on his face, she could tell that this also didn't fool him, but this time he wanted an answer. Well she owed him that at least.

"I was just thinking," she told him, knowing he new what that meant. Of all the 'bots on base, she felt the most comfortable around him. He was her best friend, the one who'd been her guide when all this happened, and she'd told him all of her fears about her new identity. For his part, Rattlelatch had been nothing but understanding and supportive. What they were to each other exactly she probably couldn't say. There was a definite attraction there, the wish to be more than what they were. Other hints were there as well, like embraces that lasted a little too long, or a touch or kiss in private. Yet both skirted around the subject for the most part. In her case it was mostly nerves that failed her, and she suspected the same with him.

"Y'know," he said after a moment of silence, "sometimes too much thinking is bad for you."

"So I've heard," she smiled ruefully. "Can't help it sometimes."

They were quiet again for a few minutes, finally finding and fixing the glitch in the computer. Rattlelatch's presence helped to calm the blue femme's mind, letting her focus on the task at hand. He'd always had that effect on her.

"Thanks for the help," she said when the silence had gone on too long.

"No problem," he replied, smiling a little nervously. "Anything to help."

Returning the smile, Lockout subspaced her tools and stood up to go, not noticing the sudden frown on Rattlelatch's face. He shifted from side to side as she took one step. Then another.

The blue minibot stifled a small gasp of surprise as a green blur blocked her way out. Then she felt arms wrapping around her, holding her close to the mech who owned them.

"Don't be sad," Rattlelatch murmured quietly. "Not today."

She relaxed into the rare embrace, hugging him back tightly. This was one of the things she loved about him; his ability to make her feel better, even with just a simple hug. "I'm not," she replied, kissing his cheek in gratitude. "Not anymore."

A soft smile returned to Lockout's lips as she rested her head on Rattlelatch's shoulder. Who cared if she couldn't have a true human Valentine's Day anymore? Her human Valentine's Day hadn't had him in them, and this mech was much nicer than all the tubs of Ben & Jerry's in the world.