A/N: Well here's the last ficlet of the meme. This one is slash as indicated in the scroll down ; ) For those of you who think this pairing is totally out of left field, blame Uftaki. She's the corrupter in this one! Though I must admit I do love this pair. And yes, my version of Streetwise is in love with romance novels and is a total cheeseball when he gets going. No, I will not change that : D


Aw man, he was in for it now… well and truly in it deep. It was Valentine's Day and he had no idea what to do for it.

This shouldn't be happening to him! He was Streetwise, slaggit, the smooth king of the romance novel! He knew every chick flick, love song, and romance novel known to man and mech. He should be the last one to worry about Valentine's Day plans.

Yet here he was, with one hour left to go before the end of his city route, and still no idea on what to do. Going back home now with nothing would just be asking for trouble, and Air Raid already knew his schedule, so procrastinating the return home wouldn't work either.

He'd tried to do what it was he did best and observe those around him, soaking up the culture of the humans. Yet he wasn't seeing things he didn't already know. Meals, little cards, chocolate, stuffed animals… all very nice, but nothing he could really do. Nothing practical or appropriate for a mech like Air Raid.

A half hour left to go, and desperate enough to blow his cover, the patrol car pulled up to the side of the street. There he waited until a promising-looking young couple walked by, fingers tightly intertwined.

"Excuse me," he said, causing the woman to jump back in surprise.

"Who said that?" the man demanded, for there were no other humans nearby.

"I did," Streetwise supplied as patiently as he could. "The sexy li'l Nissan to your right."

As one the bewildered pair turned their heads toward the Autobot who gave a friendly flash of his headlights. "It's cool," he assured them in case they decided to bolt. "I'm one of the good guys."

"Oh…" the male human responded dumbly. "So er… can we… help you with something?"

"Yeah actually. Ma'am, what did he do for you for Valentine's Day?"

The humans, as he thought, had certainly not expected such a question from the Autobot. It was the female though who answered first.

"He got me this," she said, eyes shining as she showed off a new golden necklace with a heart pendant in the center. Streetwise could see how excited she was by this, how happy it made her.

"Jewelry…" he mused outloud to himself.

"Why do you ask?" the man asked with a tilt of his head, apparently recovered enough from his surprise to have a conversation with a giant alien robot. A giant alien robot who was interested in Valentine's Day for some strange reason.

"Heh… well I couldn't think of anything to do, and it's getting kinda late…"

"Ah," the woman nodded in understanding. "You have someone special then?"

"Yeah," he answered sheepishly. "And I want to do something just as special, but…"

"Well something gold and shiny never fails," she said with a wink. "But it's the thought behind it that really counts."

Something gold and shiny with thought…

"it's nice and all," he admitted. "But we don't wear things like that."

"You have a big computer brain, don't you?" the man admonished him. "I'm sure you can think of something."

"There's not much time left in the day," the woman added. "So if you're going to do something, you should do it soon. There's nothing worse than feeling forgotten on Valentine's Day."

Streetwise considered this advice solemnly. No, the last thing he wanted was for his mate to feel forgotten today of all days.

"Well thanks for your help," he flashed his headlights again at them. "I think I know what to do."

"Anytime," the pair nodded. Looking at his watch, the male human frowned worriedly. "We should hurry if we're going to make the 5:00 show."

"Allow me," the interceptor said, doors opening. "It's the least I can do."

With surprised chuckles the couple accepted, having never ridden in an Autobot before. Once they were safely secure, in Streetwise tore off down the road, lights flashing. The other cars responded to the police cruiser, moving out of the way for him. What would have been a slow arduous taxi ride turned into a five minute smooth drive, and the humans were delivered safely with plenty of time to spare.

"Have a good night," he said as they got out.

"Thank you," the woman smiled. "Good luck and happy Valentine's Day."

"You too." He started up his lights again and zoomed away, knowing Prowl would scold him for using his alt. mode's perks so he could set up a romantic night rather than a matter of Autobot business. As far as he was concerned though, this was as much an emergency as any and he felt perfectly entitled to it. There was only so much time left in the day, after all, and he couldn't waste it following such silly things as traffic laws.

Once he got to the main highway headed toward the coast, it was all smooth sailing and that was when he made a private call to the object of his affections to meet him at their special spot of the beach.

It was a secluded place that he doubted Beachcomber or Hound even knew about, and that suited him just fine. Plus, as chilly as the February night was going to be, there would be no chance of humans around either.

Streetwise arrived at their beach not long before the sound of engines boomed overhead. Ever the show-off, Air Raid dived at the interceptor before pulling up and transforming at the last moment. He landed with a great flourish.

"I wish you'd stop doing that," Streetwise grumbled good-naturedly after he'd plucked his body and then his dignity up from the sand dune where he'd fallen.

"Aw, I thought you were just scared of flying," the Aerialbot cooed, helping to brush off the dune grass and sand from his lover's front. "Not of flyers themselves."

"And just for that you don't get to find out the end of 'Autumn Silhouettes' for another week."

"Oh whatever shall I do?" Air Raid gave a melodramatic sigh. "Besides, he'll obviously go for the innocent but passionate Cleo."

"Yeah I always wondered why the smart but jealous one never gets the…"

The other mech snapped his fingers in front of Streetwise's face to get his attention back on task. He was too much like an ADD puppy sometimes. "We can debate the cultural existential symbolism of that garbage you read another time. So how about you tell me why you called me out here, huh?"

The white and red grinned in delight. "You know the word existential!"


"Ok ok yeah. Why I brought you out here. Alright, so today's Valentine's Day."

"Oh really," Air Raid crossed his arms in amusement. "I hadn't noticed."

"Hush. Anyway I couldn't think of anything to do so I asked a couple of humans and they said something gold and shiny…"

Air Raid couldn't wait to see where this was going.

"…but I knew we don't exactly wear jewelry, and it would be too small anyway."

"So what did you decide to do in the end?" the warrior asked dutifully.

"I decided to give you that!" his mate pointed at the horizon where the sun was setting.

Well that was certainly unexpected. "You're… giving me the sun?" Air Raid asked, just to be sure he understood correctly.

"It's gold and shiny and big enough isn't it? And not the whole sun, just when it sets. That part is yours." Very few mechs existed who could do something so incredibly corny and ridiculous and still look so honest and joyous while doing it. Air Raid, despite all logic and not for the first time, found himself charmed.

"Just when it sets?" he chuckled, drawing his silly mate in for an embrace.

Streetwise nodded with a lopsided grin. "Yep! I'll save the rest of it for another special occasion."

Laughing, the jet leaned over for a kiss, believing him.