Draco's hands were shaking, so he tightened his grip on his bouquet.

Standing, tense with excitement and not a little nervousness, his eyes fluttered closed and he left them as such, not wanting to expend energy from keeping his knees steady to open his eyes.

He couldn't keep the smile off his lips (even though his father had told him many times that Malfoys Are Somber at Weddings) as he opened them slightly to say in a barely audible voice,

"I do."

At these words, Harry opened one of his eyes, glowering in confusion at his taut fiancé.

"Again?" he groaned loudly when he realized what the boy was doing.

"Shut up!" Draco growled, turning on the boy.

Harry flopped back onto the bed, flinging an arm over his eyes to block them from the light that Draco had angled just so through the curtains to fall on his pale features as he stood in front of the mirror.

"It's still over a month off! If you keep practicing like this it's going to look rehearsed." Harry warned gravely.

"It will not. I'm a wonderful actor." Draco said loftily, shoving the bouquet of flowers back into their vase.

"Oh, yeah—you were such a convincing invalid back in third year." Harry said sarcastically.

"You said we weren't going to talk about Ancient History." Draco grumbled, although he didn't say this very loudly. Ever since their Great Schism it had yet to be decided if Ancient History was on the table or not.

It left his mind, in any case, when Harry's hands began wandering their large bed as if he were blind.

"I thought for sure I was supposed to have a fiancé in bed with me? I know he was here when I went to bed last night. Where could he have gone? Surely he couldn't have slipped out of a nice, warm, comfortable bed with his one true love to practice his acceptance speech of matrimony in front of the mirror yet again?" Harry complained, and Draco smiled.

When the blonde climbed back into bed directly under those searching hands they caught and arrested him, holding him carefully as Harry happily kissed his face.

"What time is it, anyways?" Harry murmured, snuggling close to his blonde.

"It was about seven when I started…practicing. We should probably get up soon." Draco said, but neither of them moved.

Instead, Draco pet back thick black hair and let his eyes wander the room for the millionth time.

Back when teen marriage had been common enough to warrant attention, but not common enough to warrant strict regulations, private rooms had been set up for married couples still in school. Apparently Lucius and Narcissa had had their own private quarters during their last year, and thus Harry immediately balked when he and Draco were offered such quarters. Although they were yet to be married, they had rings, and that was apparently all that was required these days. They were engaged, and in most people's eyes, that amounted to the same thing as matrimony.

When Dumbledore had explained their eligibility for the private quarters, Harry had immediately turned the man down.

Of course, it had only taken one "tour" of the proposed chambers to change Harry's mind. In truth, Harry would rather do certain things in private. Especially if Draco threatened to cut him off unless they were done in private.

Draco had nearly had an aneurism due to his intense joy at seeing his own things mingled in with Harry's. The first time he opened the wardrobe and saw Harry's school robes beside his own, he had pounced upon the Gryffindor where he stood.

There were many such revelations, and in truth, Draco was starting to feel a bit sore. Next time it would be Harry's turn, he decided.

"Forty-seven days." Harry murmured into his throat, and it took all of Draco's self control not to shove the brunette onto his back and impale himself on him.

"Forty-six if you don't count today," he said happily.

"Forty-five if you don't count tomorrow." Harry replied cheekily.

"Punk. I can't believe I'm going to marry such a punk." Draco sighed, twisting a black lock around his pale finger.

"Well, how about you join me in an expedition to the shower and I'll make it all worth your while?" Harry whispered, lips suddenly brushing Draco's.

Draco didn't need to be propositioned twice.


"Again?" Ron groaned when the slightly-out-of-breath duo collapsed at the breakfast table.

They just smiled goofily back at him.

"That's every day this week." Ron grumbled.

"Don't be jealous, Weasley. It's most unbecoming." Draco said haughtily, folding his napkin over his lap (and Harry's hand there divested).
"Well," Hermione sighed, looking up from her book on wizarding marriage ceremonies. "It's just nice to see you two are taking it so well."

"Taking what so well?" Harry asked around his pancakes.

Draco made a mental note that Harry loved pancakes, and would say ridiculous things to get his hands on some chocolate-chip pancakes. Draco made a second mental note to learn how to make chocolate-chip pancakes.

"I don't think they've noticed yet." Ron said to his girlfriend. "They've been doing it again."

"Oh, honestly! Just because the Headmaster gave you a private chamber doesn't mean you have to take advantage of it every night!"

"We know we don't have to." Harry replied.

"But it's there, so why not?" added Draco.

"Well then it'll be your own lascivious libido's faults that you haven't noticed the new addition at the Slytherin table," said Hermione.

Draco and Harry nearly got whiplash, they turned to the Slytherin table so fast.

All it took was a glance at chocolate-brown hair to get that scowl on Draco's face, and he turned back to his breakfast viciously.

"Well la-di-da. Who cares? I don't live there anymore," he bit out, stabbing his toast with butter.

"He looks ill. I guess the rumor was right, then." Harry said, turning back around disinterestedly.

"You really think he had a breakdown?" Ron whispered as if anyone would care overhearing him. It was the talk of Hogwarts as soon as everyone had gotten their fill of the Potter-Malfoy wedding.

"I don't see a tan. I doubt he was out surfing for a week."

"Trelawney said that he had died," Draco recounted. "I know that she's an old fraud, but it did rather get my hopes up. After all, she can't be wrong all the time."

"Just the vast majority of the time," Harry laughed.

They were interrupted as Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott came to visit their table (Harry suspected that Hannah and Neville had had a particularly good break together at Hogwarts, helping Professor Sprout over holidays).

"Oh—show us again!" Susan pleaded eagerly, and every eye turned to the soon-to-be-newly-weds as they blushed but complied, showing off their rings again to Hannah and Susan's squeals.

"That is just so darling!" Hannah sighed dreamily, and appeared to fan herself as she went and sat down next to Neville.

"Some girls are so overly emotional!" Lavender Brown exclaimed to Seamus.

"Have you guys finally decided what you're going to call yourselves?" Seamus asked.

"Malfoys." Potter said as quickly as he could.

"You're such a liar! I already told you, I want Potter!"

"That's what she said," sniggered Dean Thomas, but immediately regretted it as everyone within hearing blushed at his expense.

"It says 'M' on my ring, what do you want me to do? Paint over it?"

"Just shove your names together," advised Ron.

"Or pick an entirely new name. I've always liked Beaniebaby. I saw it in a store somewhere." Lavender said.

"Why not Danger?" Seamus suggested.

"Oo! Change it to Awesome!" exclaimed Dean.

"Okay," Draco said sarcastically. "We'll just have a school-wide vote and we'll base our family name off whatever wins majority, eh?"

"Everybody vote for Awesome!"

"Fuck you, Dean! Danger, everybody! It's perfect!"

That at least got the flack off them, and Draco and Harry settled down to complete their breakfast.

"I guess you guys are feeling pretty super right now. Overcoming sinister plots and dreaded relationship problems and all that." Hermione said with a smile.

"Did you guys even resolve anything?" Ron muttered.

"I'm two seconds from resolving to make you vomit slugs again." Draco said in chipper tones.

"Well," Hermione said happily, clapping her hands together. "I guess the only thing left is for Draco to meet your family now, Harry!"

"…He's already met the Weasleys. You were there…" Harry said in great confusions.

Hermione sighed, pitying herself mostly for not Sorting herself into Ravenclaw where she would be understood.

"I mean: for Draco to meet the Dursleys!"


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