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Kate: How'd you get into NCIS?
Tony: I smiled.

1.02 Hung Out To Dry

One week later, a blue sedan screeched into the parking lot of the Baltimore Police Department at breakneck speed. It came to a stop in the No Parking zone and Leroy Jethro Gibbs climbed out. He stopped at the vendor, purchasing the largest, strongest coffee ever imaginable, the proceeded to enter the building, heading straight for the second floor. He frowned when he saw the man he was looking for.

"DiNozzo! What the hell are you doing here?"

Bent over a cardboard box and with his left arm still wrapped in a tight sling, Tony jumped, instinctively reaching for his gun.

"Jesus! I could ask you the same thing, Gibbs."

"You're still on sick leave." Gibbs said, fixing Tony with a patented Gibbs-glare. He pointed to the box. "Going somewhere?"

"Yeah," Tony nodded with a casual wave. "Just gotta figure out where. Somewhere warm, I'm thinking. With lots of pretty girls."

"You quit? Or get fired?" Gibbs glanced towards Vernski's office, ready to unleash some fire.

"My letter of resignation." Tony held up a plain white envelope briefly before continuing with his packing. Gibbs watched, sipping his coffee.


"I have my reasons."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow.

"Okay… so you want to hear my reasons. Well, I've been here for a while, almost two years. It's about time I moved on."

"DiNozzo." The comment was accentuated with a swift slap to the head.

Tony stopped packing to look up. "What does it matter Gibbs? You want the truth? I didn't want to do anymore interviews or press conferences, especially after the last case. I'm sick of it. Vernski gave me an ultimatum, so I'm leaving."

"He wanted you to do interviews while you're on medically-enforced leave?" Gibbs' voice increased in volume.

"Yeah, something about bandages and sympathy and positive spin. It doesn't matter. Besides, most of the cops here are convinced I suspected them of raping and murdering women. Not the ideal kind of working environment. I can't stay. I think it's a pretty good sing it's time to go when you're on a first name basis with half the journalists in town anyway."



The corner of Gibbs' lip twitched. "You're mine now."

"Yours...Gibbs, wait, what?" Tony darted after the older man as he turned to leave.

"7am Monday. NCIS office in DC. You up for it?"

Tony smiled. "Hell yes."


I'll keep this short since I've been spamming you with A/Ns for the previous 18 chapters. Thank you all for the reviews and comments and for sticking with this story all the way. You've all made me very happy :D I really hope you've enjoyed it, it's a story I've been thinking about writing for a while so I'm glad I finally did. I think my Tabby shipper-ness was beginning to show through in the end, lol. Hope everyone has a fantastic, safe Christmas! Please let me know your final thoughts of the fic, and stay tuned for whatever comes next.

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