Characters needed!

And it's up yo you,

To dare step into the hellish world of,

Silent Hill.

Pray that this story becomes a good one.

So I'm asking you fans of Silent Hill

To send me some characters for my story.

Characters must be, well, normal people with no special powers.

Read below and follow instructions please, it will help a lot.

What's needed?

How many characters: 4 or 5

Must be original work, must be made by you!

Needed for Silent Hill story

Characters can have any connection to Silent Hill, if you want. They don't have to if ya don't want.

Info for characters:

Name: Up to you! -points finger at you like Uncle Sam-

Age: Between the ages of 16 - 19 yrs

Height: no higher than 6'2"

Weight: no more than 200 lbs

Eyes: what ever color, can wear contacts if wanting.

Hair color/style: Color of hair and it's style

IMPORTANT: Ranking for Stamina, Strength, Smarts, CQC & Marksmanship. 1 is being the poorest, 10 being the best.

Stamina: (1-10)

Strength: (1-10)

Smarts: (1-10)

CQC (Close Quarters Combat): (1-10)

Marksmanship: (1-10)

IMPORTANT: OPPOSITE OF THE STATS ABOVE. 1 being the best and 10 being the worst.Being able to handle things is important so try and not get confused. The words 'best' and 'worst' are bold and underlined so pay attention.

Fear:(1-10) - - - 1 being the lowest (best) and most likely to stand and fight, 10 being the highest (worst) and is most likely to run or panic and faint, or worse . . . - - - Choose Wisely.

Calmness: (1-10) - - - 1 being the lowest (best) and most likely to handle extreme stress, 10 being the highest (worst) and mostly likely to draw in attention when not needed or worse . . . - - - Choose Wisely.

Anger: (1-10) - - - Sometimes anger comes in handy and sometimes it is fatal, all depends on if the ranking is low or high. 1 being the lowest (best) for taking in others problems and using it for an advantage, 10 being the highest (worst)and the person will more likely leave the group and get killed or worse . . . - - - Choose Wisely.

Fear and Calm are different to each other. For example it one is trapped at a dead end and the entrance is blocked Calmness (if best A.K.A. lowest) will take the situation with ease while one (with worst A.K.A. highest) will most likely become stressed and soon panic which will cause fear to stir.

I hope you understand it.

(If someone has a better way of explaining that section please PM (Private Message) me, it will help a lot. Moving on...)

Other things.


ex: Lock picking, hacker, gun expert, etc...

Personal Specks:

ex: necklace (what is it?), gum, pocket knife, etc..

Personality: Tell me about their personality.

Description: Tell me about them, their life, family, etc...

Example Character:

Name: Anna Long

Age: 17

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair/style: Short brown hair, tied into two pig tails

Eyes: Hazel

Stamina: 5/10

Strength: 7/10

Smarts: 4/10

CQC (Close Quarters Combat): 4/10

Marksmanship: 3/10

Fear: 7/10 - - - Bad

Calmness: 2/10 - - - Good

Anger: 5/10 - - - Okay

Skills: good at opening locked doors with her hair clip.

Personal Specks: Hair clips, mood ring, glasses.

Personality: The most calmest person in her family, she tends to take stress and use it to her advantage by writing stories. Though she is easily frightened she tends to rub her mood ring in hopes to clam down.

Description: Anna has been to Silent Hill when she was 5 years old and hopes to see it again before she graduates high school. She's an A & B student, she hopes to excel in Journalism when she enters college.


Final words. . .

Get it?

Sounds easy no?

I have already made two characters and I need more. Rider of the Mystics made one for me, so i need a few more. Basically we have only two so far, heh, he made one and so did I.

If I accpet your character I'll let you know via PM or Email, and I'll post it on here to confirm how many are still needed.

I'll be posting the two characters I and Rider did asap, need to do a few things before I post.

So send them to me by PM or E-mail. This is my first time doing this so bear with me.

Characters must follow these standards, no exception.

When doing the Fear, Calmness and Anger please double check before sending them to me. Don't want to mess your character up.

Send characters by PM or Email.

IMPORTANT: Also if you want me to use them please tell me that you have my trust with your characters, also tell me if you want a good ending or a bad ending. Or both, up to you readers.

Thank you for your time.