Silent Hill Request

NO more characters needed at this time.

Stay tuned for the coming story,

from the town many of us love and fear,

Silent Hill.

Now keep this in mind,

I will try my best to make this story good,

and I will need support.

Those who gave me their characters must keep in mind that

I will ask you some questions about your characters later on.

Also to clear a few things up,

The story starts in Ashfield.

Also, all the characters know each other by either being friends, saw each other, helped each other at school, or just a simple hello.

What they don't know is that Silent Hill will change them all,

Some will have good endings,

Some will have bad endings,

and yet some might have both.

I will try my best to make the story good, and thanks again for the characters.

They all are cool characters!

Thank again.

Stay Tuned for upcoming story:

Silent Whisper - - a Silent Hill Story.