A/N:This is not a one-shot, and will continue on the link provided in my profile that reads 'Rape of the Kitsune'.

In the beginning.

It was a sunrise in the month of September, but it seemed to carry a foreboding start to the village of Konoha. Then, "ARRGH!"
A blonde ninja ran out of her apartment, shaking all over in fright. Her wild yellow hair looked even wilder than before. She ran thump into a tall man with gray hair and a covered face. "Hey, Naru-chan? What do you mean by yelling and running out of your house into me?" this wasn't an ordinary ninja, he was Kakashi. The oddest part about him was the fact he was a giant!

Naruto puffed and panted. "Well, anyway, have you forgotten what the five of us are doing today?" enquired the giant.
"No, Kaka-senpai. We're going on a trip, right?" her rough voice replied. Kakashi looked down at his youngest friend. She was quite pretty, with blue eyes and brown skin, but her skin was marred by whiskers sticking on her cheeks.

"Yeah, I was afraid you'd forgotten, because they say a wild fox will have bad memories." Kakashi wagged a finger in front of her. Then he went back to reading his novel. Naruto gaped, then shouted, "Take that stupid mask off!"
"Huh, it's a part of me, and I have no intent to show my face, kapeesh?" he replied with a laugh.
"Stupid stupid stupid old giant!" Naruto thought to herself, then she suddenly thought of the incident that made her scream and run away.

A little before dawn.
Naruto was sleeping soundly in her bed, then she started rolling around. "Grr, get off, Neji." she said. If one had used something to look at her dreams, they would've seen Neji sitting on Naruto and saying in a mocking voice, "Fate has decided I'll win today, Naruto!"

Suddenly, Neji disappeared. Naruto stood up, and saw a masked ninja with spiky black hair. "Not you! Go away!" Naruto shouted and flung shurikens at him.
The figure took off his mask and smirked, "Beautiful, aren't you Naru-chan"
"Nobody but my friends may call me that!" she yelled and ran away. She thought to herself, "It's always the same, at the end that weird guy has to chase me around, and he always seems to get me! I mustn't let him get me this time"
She stopped, no sign of the youth. Naruto sat down tiredly. Then she felt herself pushed to the ground and that guy was kneeling over her! "Finally, I've got you, my fox."
Naruto screamed, "Get off, you fool!"
"You're the fool, but you're lovely." he leant down and kissed her. "ARRGH!" the vixen yelled herself awake...

Naruto sighed, she couldn't shake off the mysterious guy who prowled after her in her sleep, she started to worry that he might stalk her in the daylight too! "I heard you call me a stupid old giant." a gentle voice said. "Why'd you do that?" it asked again.
"Kaka-senpai, I meant that your wearing the mask was a stupid thing." she answered. "We should be heading for the lair, Neji, Shika and Sakura could be waiting there for us."

Kakashi agreed with the fox-girl, if they didn't get a move on, the trip might be canceled by the impatient Sakura. "Get a move on, buddy." he said and picked up his things. At the lair, Neji was tracing crosses with his fingers.
"What's taking Kaka-senpai so long? He shouldn't have any difficulty in shaking Naru-kun awake!" a pink haired girl yelled.
"You're noisy, you know." a lazy looking youth with a brown ponytail was lying down on the floor. "Naruto isn't such a lazybones, but I am. What a drag life is." he continued.
"Here we are!" a rough, but definitely feminine voice rang. Neji quickly sat up. "Ah, so the stubborn vixen is here." he laughed.

"Who're you're calling a stubborn fox!?" an orange and black blur dashed at Neji. He jumped aside and Naruto sat down, panting. Neji quickly sat on her.
"Heh, I said you're a stubborn fox because you like to try and change your destiny. But you can't change the fact you're the keeper of the fox spirit. Can you?" Neji leant in towards Naruto.
"Yuck, get off, mr destiny!" Naruto cried and pushed her friend off.
"Fox girl!" he laughed. But in his mind he asked, "Why is she acting like this? Usually if I sit on her and lean towards her she won't mind too much."

Kakashi strolled along the path. "Hey! You're late again!" Sakura yelled, her pink hair almost standing on end.
"Leave it be, he's always late." Neji smiled, he was still sitting on Naruto.
"I said get off, destiny boy." Naruto said and pushed Neji off again. She stood up but Neji tackled her to the ground laughingly. "No, you make a nice seat for me"
"Well, friends, how about the trip to the beach that you guys wanted?" asked Kakashi.
"Blech, I'm too lazy to move." Shika said. He rolled over and scratched himself.
"You're not lazy enough to scratch yourself Shika!" Sakura grabbed his neck in an instant.

"I guess that means you guys changed your minds about the trip." Kakashi said.
"We haven't!" everyone yelled.
"Let's go then." Kakashi grinned under his mask.
Naruto got up after Neji stood up from her. "Take your mask off!" she insisted.
"No." Kakashi replied, and that was that.