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By the beach, near the sea.

"By all means, let's go!" Kakashi started his teleportation spell. "Hang on to me, or to your friend who's hanging on to me." he said. The others ran towards him and grabbed his hands, arms. Naruto felt strong arms around her waist and supressed a yell. She was relieved to find that it was only Neji hugging her. "Something's wrong with Naruto, but she won't tell us. She's the sort who broods until her problem is too great to solve." Neji thought.

Kakashi and the others teleported to the beach. Wow, it had yellow white sand, clear blue water... "Yeah! Let's go!" shouted Naruto. Kakashi smiled, his little friend was excitable. But was it her personality that attracted most youths? Not that many were attracted to her, but a few wanted to be her friend, Neji among them. "Guys, you had better change into your swimming things before the water gets cold." Kakashi said. The others ran to the changing rooms scattered near the chalets.

Naruto went into the hut and used her sexy jutsu to divest herself of her jacket and pants. She came out and Neji started laughing his head off. "You look like a whore! Change back!" he gasped for air. Naruto's wild locks had grown longer and her face was no longer serious, it had the typical 'little girl' features, big sparkly eyes, little nose and mouth. They gave her a hopelessly stupid blonde look and Neji knew she was a smart blonde.

Shikamaru thought, "She looks terrible in the sexy jutsu. That hair reminds one of a prostitute." and shouted, "Change back! You look foolish."
Naruto groaned and turned back to the hut. "You don't think she thought it easier to transform into a nearly naked harlot instead of taking off her clothes, do you?" Sakura asked.
"Who knows." Shika answered and went back to sleep. His lazybones attitude got on the more active people's nerves. Sakura and Naruto were among them.

In the changing room, Naruto suddenly felt as if somebody's eye was on her. She couldn't tell who, but she was sure it wasn't Neji's eye. It was just as she had taken off her jacket, revealing a cloth band around her chest. "Take the band off." a husky whisper sounded.
"Huh?" Naruto asked. She had undone her jutsu and was now in her normal clothes and look. She laughed nervously, "I'm dreaming, this is the girls changing room."
"No, my fox, you have to take it off." the whisper sounded again. Naruto was very confused, so she took her chestband off and quickly put on her swimming half slip. Her breasts, freed from the band, looked large compared to when she was wearing her clothes. "Too bad, you have a very nice figure you know..." Naruto shouted in fear and ran out of the changing room.

"Naru-chan? What's happened?" Sakura asked. Naruto was pale with fear at the manly voice which haunted her. "You look like you heard a ghost." Sakura continued.
"Ah, uh I'm fine, Sakura." Naruto lied. She didn't want to say that a voice wanted to see her smooth bare chest.
"Liar!" the pink haired girl pointed a finger at her. She was suspicious, "Naruto's got a big problem. But what is it? Who is following her around? Neji said to me that she tried to make him get off her."
Naruto then waded into the water and let out a yell, the sea was cold! "I'm changing back into my clothes." she announced and ran back.

Around the table at dinner, Kakashi was still reading. He refused to take his mask off to eat, so he had requested that Naruto leave something for him. As usual, the young vixen had ramen for dinner. "Don't you get bored with eating that stuff?" asked Neji. He was eating sashimi and rice. The giant thought about his crush, Iruka, a she-werewolf who he met a few months back.

That night, Naruto dreamt she was arguing with Sakura, trying to deny that she had a problem, but Sakura suddenly vanished. "Uh oh." Naruto thought. "Not again." She ran off as far as she could. Far away from the youth who wanted to jump her. No such luck, she found him smack in her escape route. "Dobe." his expression seemed to say.

Naruto gasped. The youth stood up and looked at her. Suddenly Naruto seemed to see what he was thinking, "She's foolish, but so tender. I think she would make a fine mate." Naruto screamed, "Get away from me!"
"No use, I laid claims on you some time ago. Are you trying to deny that you're mine?" he stepped towards her.
Naruto shouted bravely, "Yes! I don't belong to you, go and chase somebody else!" but inside her heart was going thumpthump, a mixture of fear and -love-?

She felt her hands pinned down to her side and backed up against a tree in fear. "Hn, nice..." and she felt warm lips pressing on her own. She wanted to scream but it turned into a soft moan. "I knew you like it, hardly anyone can resist my charm after all, although there are exceptions." she heard the whispery voice in her head. "Charm of the Uchihas, that's what. And a Uzumaki has her own charm."
"Mmph grrrr." Naruto's choked reply came out because the Uchiha was pressed up against her.

Then Naruto felt somebody kicking her back and another person beating a pillow on her head. "Gya! Get off!" she shouted and woke.
"Thank goodness." Neji said, a frown of worry crossing his face. "We thought you were having a nightmare, and the nightmares were the things bothering you, so we had to wake you up." Naruto noticed he was holding a pillow. Sakura was standing close to her back.
"Tell me what you were dreaming about! You were screaming and then moaning, what on earth's wrong with you!?" Sakura yelled and shook her blonde pal.
"But I've forgotten, Sakura, maybe I did scream and shout, but I forgot what I was yelling about." Naruto said angrily. "Leave me to sleep in peace!"

"Zzzz ah ha, that away." Kakashi's pleasant voice said. The grey haired giant was asleep.
"Now what's he babbling about?" asked Naruto. Her face had a disgusted look on it.
"Hmm, must be something to do with the stupid novel he's always reading." Sakura said. The aforementioned book was on the giant's chest.
Neji rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "Hrm, I wonder if he ever takes his mask off when he's asleep"
"The last time we pulled his mask off, he was wearing yet another one." Naruto reminded him. "Hee, I have an idea, take the book away." she choked down a laugh and her normal cheerful look returned.

"You're crazy, Naru. Kaka-senpai'll go ballistic." Neji whispered.
"I'll hide it on the chalet's dining table." Naruto gave a wide grin and slunk towards Kakashi. He snored loudly. Naruto quickly grabbed the book and ran to the front room of the chalet. She placed the book on the dining table with a smothered laugh. If she had looked out of the window, she would've seen the man from her dream looking right at her.
"I know your name, Naruto Uzumaki. And I'll ensure you're mine." he whispered.

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